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Davies improving, leaves Intensive Care Unit

Charlie Davies 8 ( 
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Charlie Davies has shown steady improvement and on has been moved out of the Intensive Care Unit at Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C, U.S. Soccer revealed on Saturday.

Davies is still recovering from the multiple injuries suffered during a deadly car crash last week, but has been strong enough to receive and speak to guests and is set to undergo another surgery on his broken left elbow. He still may require operations for facial fractures.

Fans are encouraged to send their well wishes to Davies at


  1. tragic event, my best to all involved and their families. happy to hear he is doing better. in response to some earlier posters, i will imagine for a moment he is my brother or close friend: after demonstrating my full support in his recovery and being assured he will survive, i would totally ream him out for his decisions that night. yes hindsight is 20/20 and yes curfew seems a minor rule on an off night, but breaking that rule at the least undermines the authority of coaches and team leaders among the players. of course he didn’t deserve the tragedy that followed and i continue to wish him the best and certainly hope he can return to form in the future.

  2. Throwing in my support for Chuck d- an inspiring player and seemingly really good guy. Hard to believe people are so inhumane and cold that they can believe Charlie doesn’t deserve our support because he was out past freaking curfew.

  3. I thought he had permission to be out late because he wasn’t going to play because of a pulled hammy. Regardless, where did some of you nerds grow up? Never snuck out past curfew to holler at some chicks?
    Better than fighting pitbulls, or getting robbed by transvestite prostitutes isn’t it?
    Cut the kid some slack.
    Get well soon Charlie.
    I’d be happy to “welcome” him leaving the hospital if I had an opportunity.

  4. I was thinking about what J and ClayG said-what was going on with Charlie out at 3:15 a.m. when the team’s curfew was 11:00 p.m. However, when someone is so seriously injured only his personal health matters right now. I’m sure Charlie himself has had time to question his decision (like, “Man, if I didn’t go out this wouldn’t have happened.”), so there’s no need right now to say anything.

  5. J and ClayG share sentiments with a (only) a few out there. true friends are unconditional. the kind that visit you in the hospital regardless of fault (they dont even ask). the kind that will visit you in prison. true friends are unconditional.

    J and ClayG are the overprotective kind of people; you know, vindictive, ur a bad example so stay away from me, etc. Im glad they are a small minority (but i had someone tell me the same thing in reaction to this – he was out past curfew).

    We are the land of the 2nd chance, of falling down 7 times and getting up 8.

    Chuck D, we will help you get up once more!

  6. We all wish he hadn’t gotten in that car. But if you think a 23 yr. old kid whose team just made the world cup, who is more full of life than anyone on this board will ever be, AND who DOESN”T have a game the next day is going to let something as silly as his “fiduciary responsibility” keep him from breaking such a simple rule as curfew, I want to know what you’re smoking.

  7. I agree with J. Usually such an outpouring of support is reserved for those who were not at least partially culpable for their actions. Davies had a fiduciary responsibility to his fans, coach and teammates and instead chose to grossly violate team rules, resulting in tragedy. I hope we eventually find out what went down. I wish he hadn’t gotten into that car.

  8. j- because it was an accident
    – because he is one of ours
    – because our support CAN make a difference in his recovery
    – because it is a way to show we care about our fellow humans
    ……Honestly, no one knows why he was out late, what caused the accident, etc. We do know that a shining star of the USMNT, who is a hero to many because of his outstanding play, has been injured in an accident and needs our support. I don’t think anyone is treating him like a ‘hero’ because he was in an accident – just showing their support in a positive way.

    C’mon Charlie – fight the good fight, good luck in your additional surgeries, and know that we are pulling for you.

  9. J, the great thing about the fans that left him all those get well soon comments, is none of them from what i saw put,

    “oh davies, why were u being irresponsible” or “why did u violate ur curfeew”, we’re all just happy he is doing fine

  10. J – we don’t know the details of the crash. Sure, he was out past curfew, but that doesn’t mean he deserves this! Even if the driver was going too fast or whatever, it still doesn’t mean we should wag our fingers at them.

    He’s not being turned into a “cult hero” – he’s being supported by his teammates and his fans. How does that not make sense to you?

  11. He refused to go to MLS a few years ago, why would he go now? MLS actually were going to pay him more than Hammarby, but he knew that MLS would never develop him.

  12. i’m glad he’s alive and i feel terribly for the other people in the accident, but i don’t understand why he’s been turned into some kind of cult hero. this was the result of irresponsible actions that they brought on themselves.

  13. Hey guys, i got this dope thing that translated that whole page for me to english from french, the Google toolbar it is, it may come in handy for when there are other articles we want to read

  14. Think when davies is ready to make a comeback he will start with the MLS and see where that leads him ?? he is still very very young

    Why would he go to MLS? He is under contract with Sochaux.

  15. Anyone else in the DC area want to meet up and cheer him on when he leaves the hospital?

    He’ll be back at Sochaux next season. I put him closer to the 6 month return than 12 months.

    @Tim thanks for that link, it was inspiring to see. When I just saw it there were 48 pages.

  16. Think when davies is ready to make a comeback he will start with the MLS and see where that leads him ?? he is still very very young

  17. great news to hear! hopefully his recovery will not face any difficulties and he’ll be one hundred percent again at the end of it. praying for him.

  18. Yo ives,

    whats the limits of Hyperbaric oxygen therapy? I remember hearing that it can cut your healing time in half and now can be used to healing broken bones.

    Also, would you like to go halves on a hotel room for the world cup?


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