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Davies injured in deadly car accident in D.C.

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U.S. men's national team striker Charlie Davies is undergoing surgery on Tuesday afternoon after being in a car involved in a deadly one-car accident late Monday night that saw one passenger killed. The details of Davies' injuries are not available yet, but his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. (An update on Davies' condition is expected by 5pm).

The accident took place on the George Washington Parkway. Sources have confimed to SBI that this is the accident Davies was involved in. This story provides more details on the accident.

Davies was in Washington D.C. with the U.S. national team for its upcoming World Cup qualifier vs. Costa Rica on Wednesday night at RFK Stadium.

"Obviously, as a team we were saddened to learn this news," said U.S. Men's National Team head coach Bob Bradley. "Our thoughts and prayers are with Charlie and his family, as well as the people in the car and the families of the others involved. As a team, we are relying on each other in a moment that has for sure hit us all hard." 

Davies' was undergoing surgery at Washington Hospital Center in Washington D.C. He is expected to be out of surgery by 5pm, after which an update on his status is expected to be provided by U.S. Soccer.


  1. Prayers for the victims. Appreciate your loved ones and appreciate every day on the planet because you never know when your number is up.

  2. then mason and rYan, there is not $hit for you to worry about is there?

    Don’t know what you’re saying, but there’s still a match tomorrow.

    You’re just being a dick for the heck of it, ain’t ya?

  3. Regardless if it’s appropriate or not to discuss tomorrow’s line up (personally, I think is inappropriate)…

    You can stop right there, because the rest of your post is you attempting to project your reaction onto others. If you don’t want to discuss things other than condolences and recovery, you don’t have to.

  4. During the course of the day, i’ve been reading everyones comments, this are really sad news, and I believe in CD, I believe this will endure his spirit and make him a warrior, we have to be positive and send good vibrations to Charlie’s family and to the families involved in this tragic incident and Ryan, nothing is certain, he can play in the Cup, I have a lot of faith in every Nats player or prospect player.

  5. I think Davies will be back for the cup his fitness is great his recovery might be between 5-8 months but it is still great to see that his career isn’t over

  6. man… that sinking feeling ive had since i first read about the accident has more than doubled. i feel so sick, and it has nothing to do with soccer… just the thought of what Charlie might feel when he comes to and starts asking questions, starts realizing what’s happened. i hope he can find perspective and move on…

  7. My condolences to the family who lost a loved one, and wishing a speedy recovery for CD. But that kind of injuries is not something you just bounce back from. He’s probably out until start of 2011-12 season at best.

    And the GW Parkway is a nightmare especially at night. It’s darker than any city street or highway, mostly because it’s located through a national/state park. It’s winding and distracting… there’s a lot of deer in the area. I only use it when driving to Dulles airport.

  8. Regardless if it’s appropriate or not to discuss tomorrow’s line up (personally, I think is inappropriate), please look at the title of this blog: “Davies injured in deadly car accident in DC”. It’s not “Who should play in Davies’ place”

    There you go, whoever discussing possible line-up is OOT. Maybe you guys can ask Ives to start a new thread.

  9. certainly the recovery and comeback of eduardo will provide some inspiration for charlie. technically different injuries, but similar nonetheless. doubt hes back for the cup (6-12 months makes it a long shot possibility) but his career looks like it wont be over, which is great news.

  10. My thoughts and prayers are with all involved. Just a horrible tragedy. He’s only 23 so I believe the physical rehab won’t be as much an obstacle as the psycholgical will be.

  11. One things is for certain, we will not see him play in the Cup. I mean are looking at Jozy/Ching pairing or even a Conor Casey pairing. Does Cunningham’s form warrant a call up. We are going to miss that speed.

  12. My stomach sank when I read this article. Prayers to out to Charlie, his family and to the other two people involved in the wreck.

    From someone who has been involved in prosecuting deadly drunken driving accidents, I hope no alcohol was involved.

  13. broken femur and tibula,hes gonna need a miracle to get back.

    Posted by: gel65

    This isn’t 1984. Full recoveries are the norm in the modern day.

  14. Can anyone confirm this as the address to send a Get Well Soon Card?

    Washington Hospital Center
    110 Irving St. NW
    Washington DC 20010

  15. I had a good friend break his femur in 2 places. An open break. He was walking in 4 weeks and running in 16 weeks. That was 2 years ago and he is currently hiking the beautiful mountains of Afghanistan on his 2nd tour.
    ChuckDeezy will be back, if he chooses to be. I’m just glad it wasn’t worse for him than it was. Femur breaks can splice arteries leading to a quick death or internal bleeding can lead to amputations.

    I wish all involved could have came out that lucky but to live is to die. I don’t mean that in any rude way either.

  16. 1. My information is that neither Davies or the deceased were driving–both were passengers. The third un-named person in the car was the driver.

    2. Too difficult to speculate on the seriousness of the injuries. I know someone who broke a tibia and recovered quickly. I know someone else who “broke” a tibia in a car accident but in reality part of it was crushed, there were many small fragments, she ended up with one leg shorter than the other and never did any serious athletics again (was an extremely good college volleyball player). There is just too much of a wide range here in terms of the extent of the injuries.

    3. I was wrong when I reported there was no curfew. There was a team curfew. But the team breakfast was optional which was why Davies was not missed with his absence.

  17. Brett,

    Poor action by me, I failed to read the continuation of your post. Although my reply is what I think about the situation, it is something that needed not to be said.

  18. Listen, I can’t stress enough my feelings and emotions towards this accident and it’s effect on the family friends of the young girl who died. It is devastating to even imagine something happening to someone I know.

    “But is this an appropriate place?”

    This is an internet blog based around US Soccer, this is not the hospital waiting room, or a funeral service. So if it’s location, then this is absolutely fundamentally THE place that this issue will be discussed (now or the future, it is the place), and the unfortunate implications of having a game in ~24 hours lead it to being an appropriate time.

    Now the argument would be if it should be discussed at all. It seems to have been confirmed that Charlie Davies will survive, so I believe it is something worth discussing. I would like to get a consensus of the national opinion of our best options to replace such a vital forward for a match taking place, again, tomorrow, ~24 hours from now.

  19. Andy in Atlanta,

    Didn’t see your previous post before my last one. Just frustrated by the news, didn’t mean to offend you–just shaken. Sorry.

    Surprised how much I’m still affected by this…

  20. I don’t know if there’s anything I can add that hasn’t been said already here. I offer you this though:

    If you’re still at work, go home tonight and tell your wife/parents/child you love them.

    If you are home, go off the computer and SBI for a minute and do the same thing, if you haven’t done so already.

    This is a moment to not only communicate with our fellow USMNT supporters, but with loved ones in our own lives.

  21. “But whether it be today, or a month from now, you are going to be discussing lineups for the USMNT, and with a game taking place in ~24 hours, losing arguably your best forward, I do not see this as an inappropriate time to discuss this.”

    But is this an appropriate place? I think the well-wishers got here first, so the topic should probably stay on that in this thread. The guy just nearly died and people want to talk about who replaces him already?

    Perhaps there should be a new topic post by Ives or one of his minions.

    Now that I’ve shown I’m sincere, I will say that Bradley picked a very good time to get Holden some action, because I’d be shocked if Dempsey isn’t moved into his forward role permanently. But who has the most to gain with Davies out? Freddy Adu. If he can get some playing time and show up fit and ready to go, he’s a great replacement for Davies if we get the U-20 World Cup version of Freddy Adu. What will Bradley do? Probably more heavy doses of Brian Ching and Conor Casey. But man, how nice would it be for Brian McBride to make a comeback. If we have to play with a pure target man… Ah, I can dream.

  22. For those blaming Bradley:

    “The players were subject to a team curfew Monday night, Buethe said, and Davies apparently was in violation. There was no mandatory team function until lunch on Tuesday, so officials were not aware of the accident until 11 a.m., just as Davies’ surgery was about to begin. Bradley informed the players of the news as they gathered for lunch.” (AP)

  23. Great point by Gino.

    Nobody would even think twice about this accident if Charlie Davies was not involved with US Soccer.

    So talking about US Soccer and the implications of this accident isn’t something we shouldn’t be doing.

    Personally, look, it’s carnage, he got hurt, we are all very sad and devastated that it has happened. We are all even more traumatized that a young girl lost her life. My stomach has been turning all day, I FEEL what you all are saying.

    But whether it be today, or a month from now, you are going to be discussing lineups for the USMNT, and with a game taking place in ~24 hours, losing arguably your best forward, I do not see this as an inappropriate time to discuss this.

  24. so a guess a double break is the update. God I hope that we can heel up and rise above this! it will be a while but as a fan I will ready for him the second he is ready to step on to the grass. CD has the potential to be one of the best soccer players this nation ever saw and hopefully this is only a set back in what could be an incredible career. This year he grabbed the attention of many and gave inspiration to more that our team will be great.
    — Speedy and full recovery CD! always with us.

    Now the rest of the team, win this game for CD and the rest of squad that is out.


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