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Donovan named MLS player of the week

Landon Donovan 4 ( 

Landon Donovan was named MLS Player of the Week after scoring the game-winning goal in the Los Angeles Galaxy's playoff-clinching 1-0 victory vs. Chicago last Friday.

Donovan's award is the 10th of his career and first in a year, since week 28 of 2008.

Think Donovan was the easy pick this week? Who would you have voted for?

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  1. did anyone see Landy pull down the defender before he went on to score that goal? I guess there is skill in getting away with it.

  2. @robin in atlanta

    Why would a guy who gets paid to score goals miss on purpose, no matter who is passing him the ball? Even if he doesn’t like Beckham, Donovan loves to score and he loves to win (anyone who has seen him plays knows that). Know what you are talking about, before you post crap like that.

  3. Ben Olsen was my player of the week for his precision pass to the Chivas defender’s head. Way to get yourself thrown out of a game Benny!!

  4. In other news, according to the Guardian rumour mill (warning!!!), Fulham is interested in signing Brek Shea.

    Yes, I almost coughed up my cheerios. Keep in mind that the majority of those predictions don’t come to fruition.

  5. I’m close to certain anyone who is happy about Deuce being injured has been a supporter of the USMNT for less than 6 months.
    It’s plain ignorance. Dempsey has brought more to the USMNT in the last 4 years than any player outside of maybe Donovan.

  6. I’m not going to beat the “LD needs to go to Europe” drum… Rather, the “I’d love to see LD in Europe” drum. Or Mexico.

    I can’t help but think when i’m watching my Cottagers, that LD is better than a lot of the players i’m watching. Faster, fitter and more gifted.

    It’s purely for American Pride reasons that i would love to see him take it to the next level.

    He’s gone come January. It’s just a matter of where.

  7. Little hmooby,

    You sadden me with your ignorance. Dempsey is just as vital to the USMNT as Donovan. Do you so quickly forget all that he has done for the team, including his heroics this past summer? I’m sick of this John Harkes-ism that has spread. Although I am all for other players, like Holden, getting a chance to show what they can do, I can assure you that Dempsey’s presence will be sorely missed (if not by ignorant fans like you, at the very least by his teammates).

    Have a wonderful day!

  8. Becks to me was the player of the game. he set up so many plays, so many sweet passes. Donovan should have had 2 goals but couldn’t finish the first open goal.

    but POTW usually goes to a goal scorer, not a playmaker, unfortunately

  9. good for landycakes… even better for the USMNT that dempsey is out with a shoulder injury. now we dont have to watch him mope around the pitch for 90 minutes.


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