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Donovan wins sixth Honda Award, named Honda Player of the Decade

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Landon Donovan won his sixth Honda Player of the Year award on Tuesday, also earning Honda Player of the Decade honors in the process.

The award, which goes to the top U.S. national team player, was voted on by 221 members of the American sports media. Donovan finished with 424 points in the voting, Tim Howard finished second with 267 points and Jozy Altidore finished third with 175 points.

The honor is the third straight for Donovan, who also won from 2002 to 2004.

Donovan enjoyed one of the strongest years of his national team career in 2009, playing a key role in the U.S. team's qualification for the World Cup and second-place finish in the Confederations Cup.

What's the SBI take? Donovan is a worthy winner, though our vote would have been for Tim Howard, who had a much better argument for the award in 2008. This year, Donovan's growing leadership qualities coupled with his involvement in so many U.S. national team goals made him the pick this year for the Honda Award and Donovan should be the favorite to take home the more prestigious U.S. Soccer Male Athlete of the Year award.

What do you think of Donovan winning the award? Did he get your vote? Who would be your second choice for U.S. national team player of the decade? Who do you see winning the award in 2010?

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  1. Many dont realizie how good LD is. And how professional. I recall one game where he turned on the gas; he went thru 4 MLS players as if they were stationary then scored from an impossible angle. Reminded me of George Best against the Washington Diplomats circa 1978.

  2. All the praise now for LD. But just a few months ago he was still poorly regarded by the typical blogger. What happened? He is the same player. And actually a little slower than he used to be. Its okay but these folks now on the LD bankwagon were late to the party. Better late than never. I have said for over 10 years that LD is the first and likely last world class US player. i see nothing on the horizon.

  3. that’ll change next summer. you’ll see.
    I’m really interested to find out what “the rest of the world” really thinks. Not just a bunch of nerds from the states who think they really know what “the world thinks”.

  4. Landon Donovan wins what is probably the least significant and meaningful “best” award on earth. Donovan gets the job done by American standards, but by hose of the rest of the world, he is an o.k. player.

  5. So Donovan had the opportunity to hold his own at Bayern this past January. What did he do again? You make statements I raise questions. I actually like MLS, surprisingly, because I love watching foobtall compared to my friends who call it Mickey Mouse; it has potential to grow. US soccer needs some creativity, too vanilla in the middle, that is constructive criticism.

  6. Donovan clearly deserved it. I think the only other person who should have been in contention is Howard. The comments about Donovan not playing in Europe are irrelevent when the example of success is Dempsey who is absolutetly horrible for the US. How Dempsey’s 2 goals and no assists in 8 qualifers is even comparible to Donovan’s 9 assists alone is beyond me (of his 3 goals, 2 were PKs that Dempsey would have hit also, so I’m not even counting goals). Not to mention that Dempsey was directly responsible for giving up at least one goal (first game against Hondorus) and gave up the game winner against Brazil in the Confed Cup. Don’t know how Dempsey plays for Fulham, but if you think he has played well for the US, I’m not sure what games you’ve been watching. Its no coincidence that the US finally started maintaining some possesion in the last two games against Hondurus and Costa Rica when Dempsey was not on the field giving the ball away everytime he touched it.

  7. not at all, I don’t think anyone can be considered top 20 in the world until they have club success in europe; However, On his day he can hold his own w/ ANY player in the world, and over the years he’s proved that w/ outstanding performances in games against the likes of Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Mexico,and Portugal…

    But that wasn’t the point I was making, my point is simply that your opinion of all things USMNT, US players, and MLS is negative 100% of the time; Therefore Your opinion of Landon Donovan, or any US player, isn’t valid to me (even if I agree) and hopefully most people here, b/c I know your answer before the question is asked. You have zero ideas or thoughts on anything constructive, only criticism of what others do or attempt…

    Hence, you are a Troll. Always have been, probably always will be. so keep on hating, b/c I know you don’t have the capacity to say something objective/honest about Donovan, or the US team

  8. He won’t see the pitch at Everton. With Yakubu coming back, Saha, and Jo still on loan (who Moyes wants for next season), then Anichebe, along with Cahill, he is better off at a Wigan, Blackburn or Bolton if any EPL clubs want him; keyword if they want him

  9. According to the FIFA Castro points system designed by arsen Wenger, Landon is one of the top players in the world. INterestingly, Lucio was rated #1.

  10. We may have thought he was our most important player in 2006 but I think his performance proved otherwise. No disrespect to one of our greats but he was past it. I think an argument can be made that Landon was our most important player in 2002 even. He was electrifying that tournament.

  11. Donovan did not “FAIL” in 3 Euro attempts. Research the facts before you spout off that dribble.
    Bayer was NOT a good fit for him and he realized that. He could definately have stayed if he wanted. Bayern was a political mess and they weren’t ready to pay the MLS demands of 10 mil transfer fee. Again, Bayern would have welcomed him at the right price.
    As far as the POY award, he deserved it. Period.

  12. What about Claudio Reyna? For me he was our most important player from 2000-2006, which consitutes the majority of the decade. Our best players have been, and continue to be our keepers.

  13. Again, some of you people are just unbelievable.

    The Honda Player of the Year award is ONLY FOR YOUR PLAY FOR THE US NATIONAL TEAM IN THE YEAR 2009. Therefore, what Tim Howard did LAST YEAR for the Nats does not apply to THIS YEAR’s award.

    Second, the HonDA Player OF the Year award DOES NOT APPLY TO YOUR CLUB PLAY. Thus what Tim Howard or Landon or anyone else does for their CLUB TEAM MEANS NOTHING as to winning this award.

    The Athlete of the Year award applies to BOTH NATIONAL TEAM PLAY AND CLUB PLAY.

    Please know your facts before you lament on who SHOULD have won the award. It makes your comments and opinions have more legitimacy.

    By the way….Donovan deserved this award this year absolutely. Hands down.

  14. I think Howard deserves it. Yeah this may have been the best year of Donovan’s Nats career (what does that say about his other 5 awards) but where would this team be without Timmy. He has made countless big saves in qualifying. After six I just get the feeling Donovan wins on name regonition more than anything. Still don’t know how Dempsey wasn’t a nominee. His stat line reads like Donovans except for the assists and he won the Bronze Ball…

  15. Joke of the week?

    Weren’t you the guy that said US was going 3 and out at the confederations cup, and get Killed by Egypt who was a far superior team?

    I guess you would know about jokes. Troll

  16. I have a excel spreadsheet at home with the stats for the MNT this year. Donovan has 5 goals and 10 assists in 15 games.

    So basically… When he is on the field, the team scores.

    As much as I love Timmy, the award has to go to Donovan this year, he has been in the best form of his career.

  17. IVES, seriously, what does Landy do with the cars? I assume he’s stopped accepting them…or given to friends or family…or traded for money… Or is the gift a one-years lease deal?


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