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Edu faces racist taunts from Rangers fans

Maurice Edu 1 (Reuters)

Maurice Edu didn't play in Rangers' embarrassing 4-1 UEFA Champions League loss to Unirea Urziceni on Tuesday, but he made news nonetheless after accusing some Rangers fans of racially abusing him after the match.

Edu is sidelined with a knee injury, but attended the match at Ibrox. After the match, Edu was allegedly the target of racist taunts by Rangers fans, an incident Edu revealed on his Twitter page on Tuesday.

The incident has already been condemned by the Rangers Supporters Trust, which represents the club's supporters.

What do you think of this incident? Starting to think Edu should leave Scotland? Wondering when we will see him back on the field?

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  1. They should stamp out racism in all leagues. did FIFa investigate whether caucasian players may safely live and play in Zambia? Angola? There should be balance in all leagues. Europe should stop all immigration until the problem is solved. The Platini protocols requiring teams to have a mostly native population staffing their rosters will probably stop much of the taunting or hurtful vituperation.

  2. True! but you don’t see us throwing bananas during a game and taunting with racial slurs! Shoot!… if I went to a Bears vs Packers game and someone in the stands yelled the “N” word in the middle of the game, I could guaranteed you, that there would be some serious repercussions! sorry, but we are nowhere near the european racism in sports. I went to Spain (the town of betis) and words can’t explain the racial tensions there,.. simply, woW!

    God bless this country. I never experienced racism acts in any sport I have attended in the U.S.

  3. “Can’t understand a group of fans that would do something like this to their own player. ”

    Probably the same sorts of people that would call their own President a “n-“.

    My experience has always been that racism trumps anything else.

  4. It would be tempting to post something cheeky..perhaps the following: It is a shame that he is not a Libyan terrorist, then maybe the Scotish would show some love. That would be over the top though.

    To be srious for a moment, I always thought Europeans were above all of this nasty racism business (at least against blacks). I have heard many stories of black Americans going over there and being treated as they should be–as equals. Maybe it is a case of “the good old days that never were” or maybe it is just another lousy export from the USA….

  5. 1. It probably wouldn’t be the same thing; I doubt they would reject him because he was white. But I don’t know much about the Cote d’Ivoire or Gambia. Neither do you. 2
    . Even if they rejected LD because he was white, given the history of white enslavement, colonization, rape and murder of Africans and people of African descent and its enduring legacy today, I would say anti-white racism wouldn’t quite have the same bite. You know, the history might be relevant here: ever think why racism is a lot worse than disliking short people?
    3. Even ignoring points 1&2, what’s the point of your comment? That they do (or “might do”) heinous things, so it’s okay for us to do heinous things as well.

  6. The true scum of Scotland are the minority of wannabe hooligan fans of both Celtic and Rangers who want to perpetuate a rivalry that is meaningless in the present day. You’ve probably never even set foot in Glasgow.

  7. ya this is the the last straw. i think when things keep going badly, you just need to move on. he has some talent but i would like to see him play somewhere else, not some garbage league like SPL.

  8. I suppose that the irony of condemning the racist actions by a handful of fans while using an outdated, derogatory and discriminatory term for Rangers fans as a whole is beyond your level of comprehension.

  9. IVES!! What kind of question is this??????

    “Starting to think Edu should leave Scotland?”

    Is there some racism-free paradise country that they didn’t tell me about in my geography class???

  10. Europe prides itself on being more socially “advanced” and more liberal than the US … but when it comes to racism, they lag behind. Part of it is their history and the diversity of the various ethnic groups and nations that exists there. Disputes are still going on today, just last year Russia and Georgia got into it. If NATO didn’t get involved, the former Yugoslavia states will probably still be fighting it out.


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