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FC Dallas and San Jose tangle in crucial match tonight

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The MLS playoffs don't begin for another three weeks but tonight will offer us an elimination game with some playoff-like drama.

FC Dallas visits San Jose tonight (10pm, Direct Kick) in a match both teams need to win in order to maintain any realistic chance in the MLS playoff race. San Jose will be eliminated from playoff contention by anything but a victory, while FC Dallas would be reduced to needing to win its final two matches, and needing several other teams lose matches, to keep its playoff hopes alive with a loss tonight.

It just so happens that these are two teams enjoying strong late-season runs after both were terrible in the first half of the season. FC Dallas has posted a 3-1-1 record in its past fivematches, scoring 14 goals in those five matches. San Jose is on an even better run, posting a 4-0-2 mark since the All-Star break, with the two draws coming of a pair of stoppage time penalty kicks by the Colorado Rapids.

FC Dallas can pull to within two points of the final playoff spot with a victory tonight, while the Earthquakes would still need to win its final three matches and have six teams drop multiple matches to sneak into the playoffs.

What do you see happening tonight? Think San Jose will pull out the win at home, or is FC Dallas' offense just too tough to stop these days? Can you see either of these teams will get into the playoffs? Did you just remember to set your MLS fantasy team?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Slyboy – you obviously do not understand offsides. While your argument is that Cunningham was in an offsides position when the ball was played to McCarty is wrong as Cunningham was parallel with the last SJ defender. The fact is even if he had been in an offside position at that point, there was no offside call because he was not interfering with the play, not interfering with an opponent and did not gain an advantage by being in an offside position. By the time Cunningham become involved in the play he was onside because the ball was now nearer to the goal then he and a SJ defender had played him onside already.

    It was a very correct no call.

    Fifa Laws of the Game:


    A player in an offside position is only penalised if, at the moment the ball

    touches or is played by one of his team, he is, in the opinion of the referee,

    involved in active play by:

    – interfering with play or

    – interfering with an opponent or

    – gaining an advantage by being in that position

    Your are welcome for the time I spent educating you. Anything to help the needy

  2. Objective my ***, You got screwed by a call playing against us, fair enough. Go look at the last goal by Cunningham, he is clearly offside ( i even made a clip on mlsnet, but i can’t seem get a way to get a link to it), and never goes back to an onside position before receiving the pass from Dax “Hall Monitor” Mcarty.

  3. Slyboy – you are wrong on both counts.As an objective observer, I can tell you it was clearly offsides and you won’t get handling calls when a playing is turning away from the ball and his arm is not extended. I thought the game was called pretty fairly. The ref let them play, but kept it from getting out of control.

  4. FCDfan – Take off your blinders, his elbow was clearly not at the side of his body and obstructed the flight of the ball. And no it was not offside, go look at the replays.

    I don’t think San Jose did enough to merit winning the game, but that is the second time the Quakes are totally fudged by the refs against Dallas.

  5. well Dallas won. With a big help from the MLS refs. Clap clap clap. Missed an obvious handball and took away a clear breakaway that was onside.\

    Ugh you don’t know the laws of the game. I suggest you read them. Ball to elbow of a player moving away from the ball is not a handball and SJ was clearly offside..

  6. Dallas was the better team and won their 3rd in a row. Should have been 4-1 if Cunningham would’ve put away a couple of early sitters.

  7. (SBI-Overstate much? Dallas could very well run the table the way it is playing, and if that happens, Dallas will be in the playoffs. San Jose’s chances are far smaller, pretty remote actually, but they’re still mathematically alive so you can’t say they’re eliminated.)


    Dallas will probably not run the table. But even if they did, they would still need multiple teams in front of them to play poorly enough to be passed. They have to pass FOUR teams to get to 8th place and chances are at least one of those teams will play well enough to stay ahead of Dallas.

    My chances with Cindy Crawford are better than Dallas chances at the playoffs.

  8. I meant a full court-length shot.

    If Dallas or San Jose makes the playoffs I should probably expect Cindy Crawford to show up at my door demanding a date.

    She’s getting kinda long in the tooth, so it could very well happen!

  9. These teams are both eliminated.

    Technically they have a chance.

    Technically I could go to a basketball court and hit a full court-length pass then go to a golf course and immediately hit a hole in one then win the big Powerball drawing and then find out my most terrible enemy has been struck by lightning.

    But it’s not very likely.

    (SBI-Overstate much? Dallas could very well run the table the way it is playing, and if that happens, Dallas will be in the playoffs. San Jose’s chances are far smaller, pretty remote actually, but they’re still mathematically alive so you can’t say they’re eliminated.)

  10. The Quakes have only been 4-2-2 since the All-star break. They have a loss at New England and at home to Colummbus. They’ve been better in the second half but not that good.

  11. Winning this game is a tall ask for San Jose given the number of injuries and absences they are dealing with, especially in the middle of the pitch. Ramon Sanchez, Andre Luiz, and Simon Elliot are all out of the picture, instead of starting in the midfield. Jason Hernandez, the Quakes clutch center back, is likely to be in the treatment room instead of in the line-up. It’s a very weakened squad for this match.

    That said, Yallop has got San Jose playing as an ensemble on a common set of principles, so who knows? Maybe they can grit out the win on sheer team work.

    If Jeff Cunningham were to have the flu, that would help as well

  12. KCB – The problems was that the main driver of the late season surge last year, Huckerbee, was hurt this year AND a huge number of the best performers during the stretch, such as Ronnie Obrien, Jose Lima, even James Reiley were either dumped or not signed. We were a substantially worse team at the beginning of this year than we were at the beginning (never mind end) of last year.

    This year’s surge can be capitalized on next year IF they upgrade on Corrales and either teach Convey how to play or dump him for someone with even half a heart.

  13. Didn’t San Jose do really well down the stretch last year too? Look how far it got them this year.

    Next year guys, next year.

  14. Can Dallas handle the small field? That is the real question.

    Consider against KC they had a 2-1 lead, but lost because of lack of focus on the corners and free kicks. Does the lack of Pablo and insertion of Hernandez make the difference in overall intensity?

    We’ll know in 11 hours.

  15. Nothing can withstand the power of the human will if it is willing to stake its very existence to the extent of its purpose.(B.D.)

    Can anyone stop Cunningham?…probably not!

  16. One of the few times I, as a Galaxy fan, will cheer for San Jose. I think their chances of making the playoffs are pretty much zero, so I want them to beat FCD and give Seattle and Toronto a better chance to make the playoffs. I’d love to see these two great supported clubs make it to the post season.

  17. never mind the playoffs for the Quakes. more excited to see how well they’ve come together over the last 6 weeks. oh yeah- first?


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