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FC Dallas parts ways with GM Michael Hitchcock


With seven teams now finished the regular season and now playoffs to plan for, the attention turns to 2010. That can include a myriad of things — from a new stadium to a brand new coach. FC Dallas, who ended the season one win away from the playoffs, didn't do enough to save General Manager Michael Hithcock's job, as the club parted ways with him today. is reporting that owner Clark Hunt has decided not to renew Hitchcock's expiring contract for next season. Hunt shared the news in a letter to season ticket holders, explaining the decision and what steps the will take The club goes further to announce that it won't hire a new general manager as a replacement, but instead will appoint someone as a Technical Director to work alongside Schellas Hyndman.

It's no shock to see changes in Dallas, though it looks like Hyndman won't have to worry his job security, despite the fact Dallas missed the playoffs for the second year under his tenure (though to be fair, his first full year was this year). Whoever they hire to work as Technical Director will have to see eye-to-eye with the coach, something worth keeping an eye on as the offseason gets underway.

What do you think of the news? Surprised that Hitchcock is out while Hyndman is still in?

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  1. Cunningham’s “hot streak” is not all it seems to be. He is an extremely frustrating player to watch who converts very few of his opportunities. Cunningham has benefited from of a vastly improved attacking midfield. SH deserves a huge amount of credit for turning this thing around.

  2. At least Dallas is keeping the US U-20 MNT pool active. I wish more teams would make more of an effort to sign US youngsters and not old big name foreigners.

  3. 1. Hitchcock was mediocre and was responsible for ditching Steve Morrow (who did a good job getting results with a tough schedule and a young side). I see no problem in letting Hitchcock go.

    2. FCD is not nearly in as good of shape as people think. Cunningham was on fire (duh) and when you’ve got a guy who in the last third of the season is getting a goal nearly every game (average-wise) that makes up for a lot of ills. Can Cunningham continue that? Highly unlikely. His career has consisted of hot streaks (this isn’t the first) but not a good guy in the locker room and then cold streaks and he gets traded.

    3. No surprise about Cummins.

    4. Some teams are going to make some terrible coaching choices this offseason. What MLS has repeatedly shown is that you really benefit from having a coach who knows the league, has experience working with Americans, can recruit well from the Carribean and Central America, and knows the talent in the league well. It’s a very short list of people who have all that AND are good coaches. Guys like Denis Hamlett and Dave Sarachan (who were lambasted by their fans in their previous jobs) are likely to get offers to coach especially since Spencer is picky and Mariner is gone back to the UK. Expect Soehn to get the boot and join Nowak in Philly (which would make a good staff: Nowak, Soehn and Gros plus the GK coach). I wouldn’t be surprised if Smith in Colorado is fired, Kreis (if RSL loses in the first round), NYRB goes for someone other than Richie Williams, KC goes for someone other than Vermes, Preki leaves Chivas, and possibly Hamlet leaves Chicago. That’s half the league’s coaches turning over.

  4. This was the right decision. It was only after Hyndman took control and began bringing in his own guys that the fortunes of the team turned around.

    I’m not a huge SH fan, but you can’t argue with what he was able to do once he rid the team of some real dead weight.

  5. Who would be a good Technical Director? I know what a Head Coach does. I know what a General Manager does. What are the exact responsibilities of the Technical Director? If Hyndman has to work closely with this guy then I guess he would have significant input into who gets the job. Hyndman tends towards cronyism with his players and maybe this Technical Director will be someone he has worked with in the past. Unfortunately, he has been in the professional game a very short time. I suspect that there will be other Head Coaches let go fairly soon (Soehn, etc.); perhaps the new FC Dallas Technical Director will be one of them.

  6. If they keep the core of the team together, I think they can be good next year. After they sold Cooper Cunningham caught fire and the team was on a roll.

  7. ugh, they should have canned both of them! At least this is a good start to cleaning house. If the Hoops get off to another slow start next season Shell-us shoudl follow Hitch out the door.


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