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CONCACAF Champions League: Match Night Commentary


The Houston Dynamo's second foray into the CONCACAF Champions League has left their quarterfinal chances to the very last matchday — with their fate in some other club's hands. And unlike yesterday's matches involving MLS squads, the Dynamo must get three points in El Salvador against Isidro Metapan (10pm, FSC) in order to have any hope of finishing second in Group A.

Even with a win tonight, Arabe Unido must lose to Pachuca in Group A action (8pm, Telefutura) for Houston to qualify. So prior to its match against Metapan, Houston could already be eliminated. Unido sits at 10 points, three ahead of Houston, put themselves in this position with a 4-1 win against Pachuca back on August. Isidro Metapan has failed to score a goal or record a point.

A win combined with a Unido loss would leave both teams tied at 10 points apiece in Group A, with Houston holding the head-to-head tiebreaker. They beat Arabe Unido 5-1 at home and drew 1-1 on the road.

If you will be watching tonight's Champions League matches, please make this your place for all pre-game, in-game and post-game commentary. Share your own thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Think Houston can get it done tonight? Will the result of the Pachuca-Arabe Unido match go the Dynamo's way?

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  1. could the announcers be even more dull when hall scored the goal. It was like oh well there is a goal from a keeper. like its normal..

  2. As a Dynamo fan that is just aweful tonight. Blame goes all the way around though.

    1. Kinnear just screwed up with the lineup. When he is going to learn that Wade Barrett is not a LM. Also, 3-5-2 really? Not just that but with Cochrane, Robinson, and Waibel?

    2. Waibel was good but Robinson and Cochrane gave them those to two goals and really hung Hall out to dry. AWEFUL performance, scale of 1-10 they get 2’s at the most. Giving up 3 to that team is just not acceptable.

    3. Cameron is a CB who will take Rico’s place next year. Anyone think Metapan has that much space if Rico is healthy? Probabaly not. Cameron needs to go to school this winter and pick Rico’s brain on how to hold down the midfield.

    4. No Holden to start? Houston started with their two best players (Holden and Clark) not in the lineup so it is no surprise it took forver to get any semblance of a flow in the midfield.

    5. No depth killed the Dynamo. The list included no Landin, Clark, Danny Cruz (although Utstruck was good), Mullan, and Weaver. I am pretty sure Hainault was on a red card and Boswell was a CD.

    6. Ching and Oduro had 6 chances and were 0-6. At least Ching created 3 or 4 for others with only Cameron finishing. Oduro is AWEFUL in the box. Although on one shot the ball was on line and then hit a bump and went wide. Field sucked.

    7. Liked that the ref was consistent but he let alot go. Very physical and I think there were some calls that the Dynamo should have gotten near the 18 yarder but you can not complain about the ref he was good.

    Oh well, guess Dom and the boys do not have to worry about a pesky tournament to start next year. Oh well, hope they show up in L.A. this weekend.

  3. If I was the players union I would show this game to the owners and say this is why the cap needs to be more, this is why we need more players. It is gross that one of the top team’s 6-8 subs + 2-4 starters cant beat the top team from El Salvador

  4. I’m pretty certain this is just a concacf/el salvadoran camera/production crew, and FSC just calls it off the feed, and doesn’t have any say in this.

  5. Seriously- is the cameraman looking for someone? Is his mom at the game? bc there has been no hot women and barely any excited fans so keep the camera on the pitch


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