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Jones injury woes worsen, will miss at least six more weeks after latest surgery

Jermaine Jones (Reuters)

Jermaine Jones' injuries woes have gone from bad to worse.

After feeling pain in his surgically-repaired leg, and sitting for three more weeks with the hope of having the pain subside, Jones has now undergone another surgery. This time he had the metal plate in his leg removed, a procedure that will sideline him for at least six more weeks, German newspaper Bild reported on Wednesday..

Jones had surgery on Tuesday to remove the plate inserted in late June to heal a shin fracture, but the plate was causing pain that halted two attempts to return to practice with Schalke 04. Now he is out for at lest six weeks, meaning he will miss most of the rest of the year for Schalke 04 and will now have no chance of joining the U.S. national team during any potential November matches.

"He wants to continue with the Yanks to South Africa, but that is currently far away," Schalke 04 manager Felix Magath said of Jones.

What do you think of this latest development? Starting to worry about his career? Wondering if you will ever see him in a USA uniform? Still holding out hope that he will be ready by the 2010 World Cup (assuming the United States qualifies)?

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  1. Dont care if he is injured. That is Schalke problem. Has nothing to do with America. He aint American. It woould be travesty and an injustice to sacrifice one of our American born and developed players for this carpetbagger. Lets adhere to the spirit of a national team. Lets have some dignity and loyalty to the kids that came thru college, MLS/USL, ODP. Ie representative of America. This way we will have a full accounting of the true progress of US player development and the people in charge at the USSF. I wont cheer for this team if Jones is selected over an American. No way.

    Posted by: advocat | October 08, 2009 at 10:13 AM

    Jones didnt have a father. He was abandoned and raised by a single (German) mother. The baby daddy is in question actually. Who really knows who the baby daddy is. There is no paternity test so far. Many scams like this have been perpetrated to falsely obtain US passports. If I were a prospective US player, I would demand a paternity test because he is depriving an American player a lucrative opportunity; and a lawsuit. He is not representative of the US soccer system and it is a fraud to even consideer him. The last thing the US needs is more fraud as Washington DC is producing enough already. At best the baby daddy abandoned the family to Germany. That aint good enough for me. The US team FOR US Americans.

    Posted by: advocat | October 08, 2009 at 04:40 PM
    Advocat I have had enough of your s**t about Jermaines Jones. It’s the same crap over and over and over. Get it through your head! Jermaine Jones already had an American passport prior to the FIFA eligiblity ruling! His parents were married at a time and Jermaine, his mother and his father all lived in the United States (Greenwood, MS & Chicago) for a period of time during Jermaine’s childhood

    Baby daddy? Are you using that term because Jermaine is black? No paternity test so far? Who is even asking for that? US Americans? You sound an awful lot like that Miss America girl from South Carolina. Advocat, you’re effin mental.

  2. Stuart Holden grew up in Houston; exactly where he plays American pro soccer. He played american hi school soccer. he played American college soccer. He played for American youth club soccer. His father coached youth soccer, donated time and money to American soccer. stuart played for 20,000$/year in the American MLS. Stuart has been playing on the US team in many meaningless games- except for country. He is earning his keep. He has added value to the MLS and the Us soccer development. His father and mother pay american taxes and work in America. His father and mother dont get a government check like the purported Jones baby momma and baby daddy. The Jones situation is more like a Jerry Springer episode.

  3. “Never did anything for the MLS, USL, college soccer help any American in the Bundesliga. Did the purported baby daddy do anything for US soccer? A season ticket holder? Coach? Donate time? ENergy? Effort to US soccer? Zero”

    Other than play for the US team you could say the same for Jon OBrien and Earnie Stewart.

  4. If Jermaine Jones moved to the US tomorrow he would be eligible to serve as President of the United States in 2023.

    Stuart Holden, on the other hand, will never be eligible.


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