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MLS Playoff Race (Through Week 30)


Chivas USA joined the Playoff Qualifiers Club this week after its 2-0 win vs. Kansas City on Saturday, a result that seriously dented the Wizards' already-slim playoff hopes.

Chivas USA becomes the fourth team to qualify for the playoffs, leaving four spots up for grabs with two weeks to go. Chicago can grab the No. 2 seed in the East and become the fifth team to clinch a berth with a tie vs. New England on Saturday. Seattle and Colorado can clinch berths with victories this weekend.

New England dropped points for the sixth time in seven games, keeping alive the playoff hopes of several teams, including KC, D.C. United, Toronto FC, Real Salt Lake and red-hot FC Dallas.

The best race may just be for the No. 1 seed in the West. The Galaxy, Chivas USA and Houston Dynamo all stand on 44 points, with Chivas USA still having a game in hand. Los Angeles currently holds the series lead over both teams and therefore has the top spot right now. Houston plays LA and Chivas to close out the year so there is still plenty to be decided in the West.

Here is a closer look at the playoff race:




(*)Columbus………..49 points

Chicago…………….41 points


(*) Los Angeles……..44 points

(*) Houston………….44 points


(*) Chivas USA……….44 points (27 matches)

Seattle……………….41 points

Colorado……………..40 points

New England………….38 points


Toronto FC……………36 points

D.C. United…………..36 points

FC Dallas……………..36 points

Real Salt Lake………..34 points (27 matches)

Kansas City Wizards…..32 points

—(*)-already qualified for playoffs, all teams have played 28 matches unless otherwise noted—



Columbus Crew vs. Colorado Rapids

Chicago Fire vs. New England Revolution


Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Seattle Sounders

Houston Dynamo vs. Chivas USA

<p ——————- <p This week's slate of games boast loads of playoff implications. Here is the rundown: <p WEDNESDAY

<p New York Red Bulls at Real Salt Lake


<p Real Salt Lake at Toronto FC <p Chicago Fire at New England Revolution <p Columbus Crew at D.C. United <p Colorado Rapids at FC Dallas <p Seattle Sounders at Kansas City Wizards <p San Jose Earthquakes at Chivas USA


<p Los Angeles Galaxy at Houston Dynamo

<p —— <p What do you think of the playoff race with two weeks to go? See FC Dallas beating the Rapids? Think the Revs look ripe to fall out of the playoff spot? Think the Galaxy can hold on to the No. 1 seed in the West? <p Share your thoughts below.


  1. @Rory

    When 5 teams from one conference make it then the 5th seed in that conference gets 4th seed in the other conference playoffs regardless of if they have more points than the 3rd seed.

  2. I agree with F.C. Dallas being a great story leading up to playoffs. Hopefully they will get in. If Casey plays this Wednesday, I doubt he’ll go 90 on Saturday. But you never know. It will be interesting see the top two contenders for the Golden Boot facing off this late in the season.

    Also hopefully the Fire will clinch this weekend!

  3. I agree this has been the most entertaining MLS season by far (even though some might argue that’s not saying much). With two weeks left, every team except New York and San Jose is still competing for something whether it’s a playoff spot, conference title or Supporters’ Shield. As the league grows, it actually means something to make the playoffs.

    On another note, I’m somewhat stunned how bad the Eastern Conference has been this year. It is quite possible only two teams from that conference will make the playoffs. Last year, the Western Conference was terrible.

  4. Even if FC Dallas fails to qualify for this years playoffs, I’m glad to see they’re finally playing up to their potential. Who would have thought the Hoops would have made this push even with Kenny Cooper leaving mid season? Hopefully this will draw more fans out to Frisco to fill up all those dreadful empty seats.

  5. I am loving the FC Dallas story. Colorado v. Dallas is the game to watch on Saturday. I am putting my money on Dallas getting the win with Jeff Cunningham continuing his hot streak and Conor Casey looking a little wobbly from his national team adventure. That would set up a sweet season finale for Dallas against Seattle! Great stuff!!

  6. It’s amazing how much the change in format has added drama to the season. This is as good as a single table with out actually having a single table. Good job MLS.

  7. You would need riot police for the LA/Chivas USA.

    You would only need HDC security for LA/Seattle.

    Either way, the MLS playoffs in the West will be epic.

  8. Chicago and New England just love playing each other in the playoffs. To bad Twellman is still hanging out on the bench with injuries, I’ll never forget his bicycle a couple year backs.

    As great as a LA v Chivas serious would be, a LA v Seattle would be just as good.

    No Handball United would be even better. Look forward to knocking them out of the playoffs for good when they visit KC.

  9. The FC dallas story is why I love MLS, this team was dead and out and now they are on a remarkable run they are winning games and right now who wants to play them? I second the LA v Seattle is a MONSTER first round I am soo excited but imagine LA v CHIVAS for the chance to play for the MLS Cup this is crazy!! Great for MLS most definetly the best lead up to the postseason ever.

  10. I am pulling for a Seattle/LA first round matchup. I have a feeling that Seattle could probably open up the whole stadium for that game.

  11. Completely irrelevant to this post, but…

    Freddy Adu is getting his 1st start in European club football today for Belenenses against Nacional at 3:15 EDT. GO FREDDY!

  12. When you look at the remaining games, there really is a chance for Dallas to make it. There is also a chance for a once competitive Chicago team to blow it and miss out.

  13. Toronto’s tie was a disaster, to lose in Extra Time like that. This team just can’t get it right. Hope the franchise doesn’t go the way of my red bulls

  14. RLW2020, I agree that NE really doesn’t deserve to be in the playoffs. The sad thing is that neither Toronto or DC are doing anything about it…

    Anyone else thinks it’s absolutely nuts that FC Dallas could get in the playoffs? I love/hate the MLS…

  15. as much as it kills me to say it, NE does not deserve to be in the playoffs. the look like sh*t and are backing into the postseason. If TFC could stop killing themselves with last second collapses they could make some noise, but thats doubtful. stupid canadians..

  16. Excited about the supporters shield probably coming back to Columbus. 5 points ahead of second place, Columbus would need quite the breakdown against DC and NE to lose the shield. I just hope just once this season, we can see their projected starting lineup all in at the same time.

  17. At this point, all that matters is who qualifies, not where in the playoff table they end up. Home field advantage stats from the regular season seem to be thrown out the window during the playoffs (prime examples being Red Bulls last year and Galaxy in 2005). The playoffs are another season unto themselves. At this point all that matters is who makes it in and then who has the determination to make it through to the final.


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