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Morning Ticker: Beckham working on loan, Cannavaro fails drug test and more

David Beckham Landon Donovan (Reuters) 


Los Angeles, be prepared to say goodbye to David Beckham…again.

The Los Angeles Galaxy has given Beckham permission to work out a loan deal for the winter transfer window in January. The loan is expected to last until July to give Beckham the best possibility of making the England squad for the 2010 World Cup in June. 

The club, however, wants the England international to work out the deal now, so as to avoid any distractions during the Galaxy's playoff run, their first since 2005.

Tim Leiweke, chief executive of Galaxy's parent company AEG, also expects Beckham, who has two goals and three assists this season, to return and finish his career with the Galaxy.

AC Milan is rumored to be the front-runner in acquiring Beckham's services.

Here are some more stories to get your Friday going:


Juventus defender Fabio Cannavaro has failed a drug test, but the club has said the result is due to the use of cortisone, which Juventus administered to the Italian captain to treat a bee sting.

The Italian Olympic Committee's anti-doping prosecutor Ettore Tori has opened an investigation, and will hold a hearing with Cannavaro sometime in the near future to determine if he had a certificate approving the use of cortisone.


Avram Grant joined EPL bottom-feeders Portsmouth earlier this week as director of football, but he was considering an MLS option to consider before doing so.

Grant's agent revealed that the former Chelsea manager had talks with struggling New York Red Bulls, before eventually opting to make a return to Portsmouth, where he was technical director in 2006.

Just how serious those conversations were remains to be seen, because a week doesn't go by without an agent, head coach or general manager claims they or their clients are up for a job with the Red Bulls. Perhaps the most hilarious aspect of this story was the notion that if Grant would have been hired by the Red Bulls he would have helped sell tickets.


What do you think of Beckham potentially leaving the Galaxy again? Surprised by Cannavaro's failed drug test? Think Grant would have turned the Red Bulls around, or do you think the Red Bulls would have failed miserably if they had handed Grant full authority to run the club?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Galaxy are in the playoffs! Doesn’t matter who or how we got there. Beckham should be loaned out because England/Rooney will need him in the world cup. Win the world cup or win the MLS cup? I know what I’d rather win!!

  2. heres just a question for galaxy fans. If you missed the playoffs by 2-5 points this year, would you still be OK with beckham going out on loan?

  3. When is LA going to have a player as committed to WEARING the shirt as he is to SELLING them? Can’t be a happy lockerroom when someone gets to cherry pick games played and come and go as he feels. No doubt he is a good player but would you want him as a “team”mate?

  4. I hope Beckham doesn’t come on here and read a couple of these comments. He will be devastated and may hurt himself. Some of you anti-Beckham commenters need to realize how much your opinion matters and how large of an impact it has on the World.
    I just hope he doesn’t come on here and read some of these comments.

  5. If they loan Beckham out again for big money like last time, then he comes back, L.A are making out like bandits on this deal. I don’t think there is any denying that the Beckham deal has been a huge success, at least financially. I could’ve done w/out some of the hoky (sp?) marketing ploys of Lalas and the league, but overall its been great

    Many of us were critics of Beckham, and rightfully so. But I don’t think there is any denying that he is committed this year, and the team is playing very well. If he comes back after the WC, and LA replaces Donovan w/ another great player, the Galaxy are in a great position going forward

  6. I was pissed last year, but not this year. This difference is on Field Commitment. Last year, Beckham acted like he didn’t want to be here. This year, he has given his all. So with that said, I am happy to have him back for the end of next season as well.

  7. All I ask is that Beckham SHUT UP about the “I’m committed to the Galaxy and MLS,” blah, blah, blah. Do what you want, just SHUT UP. You know what you’re really committed just stop it.

  8. It sounds like we’ll have a repeat of this season next year with Beckham returning in July. As a Galaxy fan, I’m fine with this, seeing how MLS won’t have games during the first round and how the team is faring this year. If Beckham returning in July means we are in first place in the West with a playoff spot clinched, then he can come and go as he pleases.

    Donovan, however, is a different story…

  9. Grant not joining the Red Bulls is really good news. His time at the healm of Chelsea was pretty unconvincing – unclear strategy, poor substitutions…maybe he should be the USMNT instead!

  10. Benny: “Beckham, when he is interested and committed as he has appeared to be this season (perhaps to ensure WC participation), is a better player than the Galaxy could ever hope to obtain”

    …except that Beckham isn’t even the best player on the Galaxy roster right now.

  11. Beckham haters Buck off!!!!

    We knew he was going to be loaned out again, we don’t care, we’re in the playoffs. As long as he performs well while with the Galaxy, it doesn’t matter what he does in the off season. It’s been made clear that for him to be considered for the World Cup he has to play high level football, and the only way that’ll happen is by going back to Milan ( although they are struggling at the moment).

  12. Beckham, when he is interested and committed as he has appeared to be this season (perhaps to ensure WC participation), is a better player than the Galaxy could ever hope to obtain. Sure, he needs a finisher to pair with, but he is heads and shoulders above the rest on distribution. So, I would rather have this loan deal than to lose him for nothing and not get a similar player in return because they wouldn’t have the same economic power at the box office and in jersey sales.

  13. haha, glad I’m not a Galaxy fan. I suppose Beckham is good for the league giving it exposure, but not good for the Galaxy. How many games will he actually play for the Galaxy next season?
    I wish he would just go away…they’ve sold enough shirts, LA should bring in a player that believes playing in the LA is the best thing for his career.

  14. Old Gregg – I’m with you on that. Lieweke always has his motives though, you know? I’m sure somebody in London is offering some huge concert/celebration/whatever to AIG in London if they get it..with Posh, Becks and the whole blimey crew.

  15. It does not matter how experience and intelligent a coach is if he does not have knowledge of MLS and understand how the league works he will fail as a coach in this league. Of course, the only exception is Arsène Wenger. The man is a professor of the game and can survive and strive in any league. He would be an asset to MLS. So, as a Redbulls fan, I take Avram Grant snub as a blessing.

  16. Aaron –

    I get it, but I’m still blown away that an American Executive for a American Soccer team would outright support another country getting the games. Mind boggling to me..

  17. I dont see why people are so angry about the Beckham loan. Guy wants to represent his country and is willing to do what he has to. Cant really disagree with that.

  18. Steroids likely no, but anything that helps with stamina definitely would.

    I’m surprised cortizone is on the banned list, people get shots of that for anything pain related, even poinson ivy. I’m sure he was really just using it since he’s always hurt.

  19. Gregg – I think it’s generally understood the U.S. is better suited for the 2022 WC. We’re in the running for both still, so we have a great shot.

    Keep some stories coming today SBI…it’s a Friday and I’m ready to get out of work for Oktoberfest.

  20. I love how the big american soccer news is “we almost got this guy but he went with something better!”

    it’s interesting to read about, but pathetic all at the same time.

  21. cortisone for a bee sting? i was hoping it was coke or ‘roids or something… something that could put him out for a while.

    as a Rev’s fan I would welcome Sharly Joseph back if he went on loan every winter to AC Milan! The impact that has on a players game and the fact that he returns to your club! it sucks tho for LA fans that Beckham might not be wearing Galaxy colors until july tho…

  22. Here’s what I’m interested about from yesterday..

    They Beckham news was not shocking, but Leiweke also said that Donovan’s deal should be done in the next two weeks whether he was going or staying. I haven’t heard anyone really investigating that one a little more.

    Also, freaking Leiweke was backing England for the 2018 World Cup! What the hell is that about?? It must have something to do with Simon Fuller’s puppet strings..

  23. Incredibly good news that Avram Grant did not join the Red Bulls. He may be a big name but he knows nothing about the arcane rules of MLS particularly in regards to player acquisition. Better to get someone who knows the ropes.


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