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Morning Ticker: DeMerit monitored, Barca eyeing Robinho and more

Jay DeMerit 2 (Getty Images) 


U.S. national team defender Jay DeMerit may soon be going under the knife.

DeMerit will be monitored over the next ten days by Watford in order to determine if he needs surgery for an eye infection in his right eye. The infection came when DeMerit accidentally cut his eye while removing a contact lens.

Here are some more stories to help start your Tuesday:


FC Barcelona's search for another left-sided option has led them to a very expensive one in Brazilian star Robinho, with reports out of Spain suggesting the European champions are close to prying him away from Manchester City.


Francesco Totti may play in another World Cup after all.

Totti is contemplating ending his retirement from international soccer, stating that he owes "so much" to current Azzurri manager Marcello Lippi. The AS Roma captain retired from international soccer in June 2007, one year after helping Italy win the World Cup.


French midfielder Patrick Vieira confirmed he will soon leave Inter Milan, but it won't be this winter.

Vieira, who has been linked with a move away from Inter since the summer, has ruled out any possibility of transfering this winter, hoping to fulfill his contract obligations before looking for a new club. The 33-year-old's current contract runs through the 2009-2010 season.

Vieira has made five appearances for Inter this season, including a Champions League match vs. FK Rubin Kazan on Sept. 29.


What do you think of DeMerit's status? Can you picture Robinho playing in Barcelona's already-dangerous attack? Want to see Totti come out of retirement? Hoping that Vieira changes his mind, and goes to Arsenal in January?

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  1. I’ve had some terrible eye infections as well due to wearing contacts sixteen hours a day. I’m trying to cut back and wear glasses at home.

    When I had my infections, even the slightest glare caused unbearable pain. Driving home on a sunny day was hellish when your eyes flinch at the slightest light.

  2. i totally agree about dos santos over robinho. idk why barca is going after robinho. but hey, as a madrid fan, i would rather they have that disruptive player over a solid player like dos santos.

  3. I’ve got my cornea twice with contacts…….and couldn’t open my eyes for two days without the help of some steroid eye drops.

    It’s as pain an injury as I’ve ever had and has made me incredibly sympathetic to the blind.

  4. I’d rather see Barca bring Dos back than sign RobinHo. RobinHo was a bit disruptive (mostly negative comments) at Real and City, Barca doesn’t need that. Dos I feel will be a better player eventually, and could share duties with Henry while learning.

  5. After Italy made that tie against ireland i already felt that Totti wouldnt miss this world cup. But it wont help Italy because the team will be even older and slower. And experience alone only gets u so far in the tournament

  6. DeMerrit is one of my favorite players in the USMNT pool. His story is inspiring and he seems like a down-to-earth likeable guy. I will be devastated if this is a serious injury…

  7. Hope DeMerrit has good vision health care!!! Considering he doesn’t live in the US, I’m assuming he does. Joking aside, I hope he gets better, with full vision.

  8. Why would Barca agree to pay Robinho £160k per week?

    He’s not worth that much, probably not worth half that. He only makes it because he agreed to go to a crappy club with unlimited money. Combine that with the British tabloids making up news, and I don’t think this story is real. He simply isn’t that good anymore, not right now at least.

  9. That would be hilarious if Robinho goes to Barca after signing for a record fee one and a half years ago for City. So much for them wanting to have a big club mentality if they can’t even hold on to their marquee signing for even two years. HA!

  10. Aaron – lol, i had the same issue… had a problem with poking myself in the eye, hence i didnt have contacts til junior year of HS oh so long ago…

    no having contacts for nearly a decade, i want laser surgery b/c i hate both contacts and glasses

  11. poor Demerit. feel for the kid

    hey France/Italy, you guys are way too old so bringing in more old guys sounds like the right prescription. do you want Brian McBride too?

  12. Ouch, I hope he gets better soon and returns to playing.

    An injury like this is why I stopped wearing contacts after trying them for several months and went back to glasses (and sports goggles for soccer). An idea of putting a foreign body directly on my eyes was a lot more unpleasant than whatever inconveniences glasses offer.

  13. @MiamiAl — That’s just a ridiculous comment. I’m not an eye professional. However, I’ve had more problems in one eye than many eye professionals have seen. As the “professional” noted, eye injuries are very problematic. This isn’t a step down to the bench for Jay. If the infection clears on its own (I didn’t have a corneal infection, but I had a loose epithelia which too months to finally start healing — such that the surgery was called off literally as I was being prepped for the OR), or surgery is able to restore his cornea without significant loss of vision — then, he might be able to resume playing soccer at a professional level. If not, his career is done. You can’t defend against top-flight players if you can’t see clearly from one periphery to the other.

  14. I’m a bigg wuss.. I get freaked out by the idea of touching my eye. Glad I don’t wear contacts.

    Hopefully they get it done now so he’s able to be on the field early 2010. I’d hate to see him miss out on a place, maybe even a starting one, in the World Cup to this. His story is pretty cool and his play backed it up this summer.

  15. As an eye care professional, I am sorry to hear about this. From what I have read online it sounds like a corneal infection. Those are very serious and sight threatening. When this story was first reported on SBI many readers posted comments like “he must have been drunk..” or something to that effect. Unfortunately, this is an all too common infection. I see cases like this frequently. All to often people think contact lenses are harmless, they are not! They are a medical device that sit directly on the cornea and surrounding tissues. Depending of the severity of his condition and the type of surgery pending/performed he could have severe visual distortions in the affected eye. The best analogy I can think of is this… his vision could be like when you are swimming and you open your eyes under water.

    get well soon Jay, I hope to see you play again


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