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Onyewu suffers torn patellar tendon

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U.S. national team defender Oguchi Onyewu will be sidelined for around three to four months after suffering a torn patellar tendon in his left knee during the U.S. team's 2-2 tie vs. Costa Rica on Wednesday night in Washington D.C.

Onyewu was challenging for a corner kick in the 83rd minute when his left knee gave after he tried to plant it. He immediately went to the ground and both he and Costa Rican players began waving for medical attention.

The time table for recovery from a torn patellar tendon ranges from three to four months, which would have Onyewu potentially returning to action in January or February.

What do you think of this development? Hoping Jay DeMerit recovers quickly from his eye injury? Think Chad Marshall or Jimmy Conrad can pick up the slack in the meantime?

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  1. 3-4 mos? Good luck with that. If he in fact has a total rupture of the Patella Tendon, he’s looking at about 12 mos until he’s back playing soccer. It took Cadillac Williams (TB Buccaneers) 13 mos for same injury. I tore my Patella tendon in mid May & still am several months from being back to normal. Of course I’m 46 & don’t have the resources as a pro athelite. I wish him the best of luck.

  2. Contrary to a previous poster, a torn patellar tendon is FAR! worse than any variety of ligament tear. For a number of physiological reasons, pro atheletes rarely recover more than 75 to 80% of their pre-injury self after a torn patellar tendon (see what happened to Ahman Green, FORMER all-pro RB with the Green Bay Packers).

  3. Considering how much playing time he’s getting with Milan, 50 bucks and an Olive Garden coupon ought to cover the compensation.

  4. FIFA rules seem to absolve the U.S. and stipulate that when a player is called up for international duty “the club with which the player concerned is registered shall be responsible for his insurance cover against illness and accident during the entire period of his release. This cover must also extend to any injuries sustained by the player during the international match(es) for which he was released.”

  5. this has officially turned us on our heads….this is horrible

    davies and onyewu out for a LONG time

    i vote for cunnigham to replace davies(finishing and speed was not there the other night), and i think BB has got to look at the likes of omar gonzalez and michael orozco right now…not to start but for depth due to injuries of onyewu,demerit, and marshall right now

    parkhurst and califf can be looked at again as well….havent showed well in recent times, but you may want to try it

    and i for one am not a fan of jimmy conrad and clarence goodson…..i would take gonzalez and orozco b4 them

  6. Same injury McBride had at Fulham a couple of years ago. He was hurt in August and was back playing by first team football by christmas. Get well Gooch!!!

  7. I’m sorry if I am repeating the sentiments of others as I haven’t read all the posts, but I am absolutely disgusted by the comments made by Galliani. He claims that the US should pay Onyewu’s salary during the duration of his recovery. His remarks are senseless. Instead of supporting one of his players after a tough injury, all he focuses on is the on the financial aspect. Is Onyewu seen as only a financial burden to AC Milan? Do national team federations demand that club teams compensate them when one of their players is injured during a club competition?

    I am disgusted. How classless can you get.


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