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Morning Ticker: American bid to purchase Bari collapses, Kroenke increases shares in Arsenal and more

Bari TimBarton

So much for an American owning a Serie A club. Timothy Barton, the head of an American bid to takeover Serie A club Bari, saw the deal go up in flames yesterday as the current ownership refused to delay the process any longer.

According to ESPN Soccernet, Barton and his organization, JMJ Holdings had to meet a Wednesday deadline of initial payment under terms of an initial agreement to buy the club. Instead, they asked for more time to make the deadline and were turned down by the Matarrese family who owns the club.

"(We) announce that today JMJ Holdings has been told that talks over the sale of the majority stake in AS Bari have been suspended," the club owners said. "The Salvatore Matarrese Group will continue to offer all the possible support to Bari even in these difficult national economic times, confirming at the same time the willingness to sell the club."

Perhaps talks could reignite later on, but for now, the deal looks dead. There's plenty of other American owner-related news going around Europe as well.

Kroenke increases shares in Arsenal

Colorado Rapids owner and sports businessman Stan Kroenke took another step closer to a takeover bid at Arsenal by acquiring 80 more shares in the club yesterday. Kroenke now owns a 28.7 percent stake in the club, and is drawing nearer and nearer to the 29.9 percent mark that would require a formal takeover bid.

The American has slowly increased his stake in the North London club over the coming months, but it'll be interesting to see if he makes any further moves. Arsenal have seemed resistant to the idea of a formal takeover, with oligarch Alishar Usmanov owning a bit more than 25 percent in the club. Kroenke has a much better relationship with the club, having been invited to the club board, while Usmanov and his company have been left out.

Liverpool owners looking for new money

With debt mounting and reports of unrest swirling, Liverpool owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett recently admitted that they were looking for new investment in the club. Whether that is an outright purchase of the club from either Gillett or Hicks remains to be seen.

Given the dubious financial history of Liverpool — at least when it comes to their debt — it comes as no surprise to see other rich investors being courted by the American duo. It's likely that they are just trying to raise more money to help deal with the massive debt incurred on the club.

What do you think of the latest developments? Upset that an American couldn't buy Bari? Is Kroenke going to buy Arsenal in the near future? How would another EPL club react to foreign ownership?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. IIRC, Arsenal made a deal with Kroenke that gave him a seat on the board in exchange for promising not to sell his shares to anyone trying for a takeover.

  2. @ Kaiser

    I go to rapids games all the time and they are weak compared to other MLS games that i have been to !

    a lot of work, not necessarily money, needs to to be put into that organization. they have a nice field (in the middle of nowhere), and a good team, but the whole promotion and game day experience is hokkie.

    i don’t know what the good comes out of these ownership deals, i figure that they are really just personal investments.. but it would be great if Arsonal game to denver every summer! or Liverpool to Dallas! maybe someday they will be more open to signing American players? right now not really much of anything happens.

  3. “Arsenal have reported their largest revenue, I believe, EVER.” That’s because they have been sellers the past 3-4 years with very few puchases back. Look at this year as an example. They’ve sold Toure & Adebayor for 40 Million pounds and bought who? I’m wondering if with the new stadium and the uncertainty over the majority ownership battle between Kroenke & Usmanov, the board has put the clamps down on new purchases.

    It’s funny cause a few years ago when Kroenke bought a small stake at Arsenal, the old English stock holders were totally against this “upstart Yank”. When Usmanov purchased a fairly large stake, the same stuffy Brit’s, started courting Stan. I think Stan has doubled his stock holdings since Usmanov came into the picture. I guess them Brit’s would rather prefer an American owning Arsenal over a Russian. LOL

  4. Arsenal have reported their largest revenue, I believe, EVER. With Gazidis at the helm, they are doing very, very well. I hope these Americans will continue this success, opening more doors for Americans in the EPL employment dept. We can learn a lot from those clubs.

  5. Kroenke is increasing his stake in London, but perhaps he should focus more on improving the experience for fans back in Colorado. On the field they have a competitive team that has made huge strides for the club Clavijo used to put out there, but the Dick always seems empty! My brother lives in Colorado and has been to sevral games. He says the experience isn’t what it should be.

    Fix it Stan…Colorado deserves better.

  6. Ives, isn’t it against FIFA rules for an owner to own to clubs? Wasn’t this a problem when Abromovich was involved with CSKA?

    (SBI-Owners can own multiple clubs (see Red Bull), it’s when those teams have the potential to meet in international competition where I think an issue arises.)

  7. There goes any response I was hoping to get from the Barton camp on finding a job within his organization to help promote Bari in the United States.


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