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Reports: USA to face Slovakia in Nov. 14 friendly

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The U.S. national team has yet to announce a second November friendly to go along with its match against Denmark, but reports out of Europe, including this one out of Slovakia, suggest that the Americans will take on Slovakia on Nov. 14.

Slovakian national team head coach Vladimir Weiss is quoted confirming the USA friendly in Slovakia, but U.S. Soccer would not confirm the friendly as of Friday afternoon.

Slovakia qualified for the World Cup after topping a qualifying group that included Slovenia, Czech Republic and Poland. The Slovak squad features several top European players, including Napoli star Marek Hamsik, Liverpool defender Martin Skrtel and qualifying scoring leader and VFL Bochum midfielder Stanislav Sestak.

What do you think about the USA facing Slovakia? Like the opponent? Who are you hoping to see called up?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Great news if confirmed. I’m happy for the Slovaks, one of Europe’s traditional minnows (although Czechoslovakia did win the Euro once) who topped their qualifying group. Anytime you do that in UEFA, that’s no mean feat. Should be a good, tough match against yet another style of soccer that’ll help our guys be more versatile in SA.

  2. It would be more would the club allow it? If it was getting him use to his team mates and things then that is not a bad idea about bringing him over. But the club is not likely to allow an injured player to participate in training so he would come over on his own and not train.

  3. ———-Altidore Findley
    —Donovan Torres Feilhaber Holden
    Castillo Parkhurst Bocanegra Spector

    ———Casey Cunningham
    —=Adu Bradley Clark Dempsey
    Bornstein Marshall Bocanegra Banner

    I would like to see Geoff Cameron as a sub, and either Chris tierney or Gale Agbousoumonde as a sub as well. I think for Slovakia, creativity will be needed. And for Denmark, matching up will be needed. With these lineups, we draw 2-2 in slovakia, and lose 2-1 in denmark.

  4. I think you’re right that Bradley will be in the lineup, but disagree with your seeming criticism of the choice. Bradley contributes much more to the defense than Feilhaber and contributes well to the offense when he’s allowed to go forward–as he would in a 3-5-2. Bradley actually possesses and distributes fairly well when he gets forward. Can’t comment too much on Torres because we haven’t seen him.

  5. Point is good.

    I thought Jones would be back by mid-November, but just read that he’ll be out at least through November.

    I suppose Edu is really wishful thinking, too. He was supposed to be ready by now and is (still) expected back relatively soon. He originally had targeted September. But it must be said that even if he played this weekend he’d likely not be ready for the MNT on the 14th.

  6. I think that from past world cup experiences, it is the ability to get results against mid-grade European teams what determines passage to the round of 16. Case in point are Czeck Republic in 2006 and Portugal and Poland in 2002 (note that Portugal, although strong, had been absent from the world cup for an elongated period of time and that they aren’t in the big 4 [Italy, France, Germany, England]). World cup groups are nearly always a strong, top seeded team, a mid-grade European team and lower seeds from Africa/Asia/Concacaf/Conmebol. A result against the lower seeded team, say Algeria or North Korea, coupled with a result vs a mid-grade European team is the recipe for success. The Confederations Cup was the group of death but the US was able to get a result against lower-seed Egypt (if you can call it that).

  7. Why would you want a player that is not 100 percent training with a team that he doesn’t know? What do you think that do? And why, in a million years, would his club allow such a thing?

  8. I probably won’t be snowing in Bratislava in the first part of November. I live in Vienna (like 50 miles from Bratislava) and we’ve only had a bit of snow once. It was in the 50’s today. That said, South Africa will be in the middle of winter in June so it might not be THAT bad of an idea to play warm-ups in the cold.

  9. I would like to see a start for Torres in the centre of midfield. Kenny Cooper should also be given a start. We won’t see Jones until the next international date as he’s still recovering from injury. If Edu has played 2 or 3 matches, maybe he’s worth a call-up and a 5-min substitute appearance but it may be better to let him get match-fit with Rangers before he sees extensive minutes.

    I suspect Bradley will use these friendlies to check out some of the European-based players that haven’t had a look in during the summer’s open audition of MLS talent. I would like to see Edgar Castillo and maybe Michael Orozco given a call-up from their Mexican sides.

    In Europe, Eric Lichaj, on loan at Lincoln City from Aston Villa for the next month might be a good surprise call-up. Plays left and right back, was good for them in preseason and a year-long loan was rejected over the summer because he figures in their plans sooner rather than later. A few appearances for a top 6 PL club would put him around the level of Hammers former Man. U. prospect Spector, I imagine.

    In Davies absence, Feilhaber’s team-mate Jeremiah White should be given a look, as should a couple other forward options with some speed – a recall for Eddie Johnson to check on his progress and help him audition for a January loan move from might be a good idea and while we’re checking out in-form MLS goalscorers maybe Jeff Cunningham should have a look along with Mr. Clean.

  10. 3-5-2 are talking..

    Altadore Dempsey
    Donovan Holden
    Edu Jones
    Castillo/Bstein Boca Dolo/Spector

    could be interesting.. wonder what timmy would have to say about that?

  11. I love the opponent. Here’s my wishlist:

    1. Play in Europe.

    2. Torres starts.

    3. If they’re healthy, Edu, Jones, & Castillo see action.

    4. Dempsey & Altidore start up top.

    Bonus: If Edu, Jones, & Bradley are all available, try a 3-5-2.

  12. Even if Jones is not 100% … could he still join the team for very light training (or none at all) and build some rapport with the US players & coaches? Is that allowed by FIFA? Would his club be agreeable to it?

  13. i agree going up vs. Ivory Coast or Cameroon would be a great test. maybe when our back line is a bit more settled (hopefully by spring) having Bocanegra, Castillo, Spector, Churundolo, etc. (i wish gooch) going up against Drogba, Kalou or Eto

    also as we saw in the U20’s and a few WCs ago playing vs. Korea would be great.

  14. Good friendlies against quality, qualified European opposition. Now US Soccer just needs to schedule a couple of South American and African teams.

    BTW, during the Chicago game last night, the commentators mentioned a possible DaMarcus Beasley call-up? Anyone think that is even remotely likely? I know we need speed, and I’d love to see guys like EJ and DMB back in form, but it’s a bit of a reach right now. Still, I guess we’re only 8 months away….

  15. I think that Slovakia and Denmark are great November friendlies!!! I am hoping that Castillo gets a call up for this one and also a long shot EJ call up. Even though he has not been playing with Fulhams first team he is getting minutes in the reserve games and I would like to see how much he has developed and lets face it…we need his speed.

  16. kudos to U.S. soccer. These are quality opponents and a good barometer of where the squad ranks. I think they are slight underdogs in both these matches (even if they played at home). These sides would all consider themselves fortunate to get out of their group in the WC. Real good to see us play these sides rather than The very top Euro clubs.

    We really want to play England again? I’d rather we set a more reasonable measuring stick to gauge our progress. These matches do just that. Well done.

  17. This game will be a good gauge on those ranking systems (usually useless). Personally I think the US is much closer in quality to Denmark and Slovakia than the rankings show (maybe even weaker than Denmark, at least on paper). This will answer those questions. Excellent friendlies.

  18. actually it will be winter time in South it might be better to play in colder climate.

    Spain vs US was ~35 degrees at kickoff

  19. yes! this was one i was hoping for. another WC group winner from European qualifying to test ourselves against. of course, with our pieced-together backline it may not be much of test.

  20. I like it. I would also like to see us go up against an asian or African country, just to see how we adjust to different playing styles.

  21. Skrtel is a legit defender, and scary as hell. Will give our strikers real trouble/challenege, which is good for them!!! I’m glad I’ll be able to watch this match, because I’m going to be at the airport for the denmark match and not totally sure what the airport bar tv situ will be!

  22. Good match, this is the type of team like Ghana or the Czech Republic that we will need to beat to advance in the World Cup. I would still like to see a match in the U.S against a Ghana or Ivory Coast to help us prepare for next summer but this is a good match up. I wonder if the game will be in Bratislava or on a neutral pitch. I’d rather a neutral pitch in a slightly warmer locale playing in the snow in Bratislava won’t be a good indicator for South Africa.

  23. hopefully the plan is to get each of the possible teams 2nd tier (not top 10 in world) Euro teams, 1st tier top 10 in the world team, and maybe an african or south american.

    I think it would be smart to focus against what our group could look like

  24. it should be two good matches that allow the US to try some new defenders and let some hungry new comers try to prove that they can step up and be counted on.

    i do want to see castillo, jones (if healthy), and more of torres.

  25. Two good games on the road.

    Denmark is ranked 27 and Slovakia 33 in the latest FIFA rankings…and that is out of 203 teams worldwide….the USA is still #11.

    Will give us a chance to look at replacements for Davies and possibly Gooch…and play on the road to get ready for South Africa….look forward to two good match’s against quality opponents…:)

  26. Good opponent. They’re good enough to provide a real challenge, but not a top pot team which will allow us to take a better look at some of our options. Hope to see Edu, Castillo, Jones and Torres as much as possible.

  27. I like it. Slovakia is a big, tough, fast team that is unlike any we face in CONCACAF. It’s good preparation for SA. Overall I’m very pleased with the calibre of opponents the USMNT has chosen for friendlies.


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