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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Lionel Messi (AP) 

World Cup qualifying takes center stage today as qualifiers around the globe and throughout your TV listings.

European qualifiers dominate the early portion of Saturday's viewing options, with Denmark-Sweden an Russia-Germany headlining. South American and CONCACAF qualifying take place tonight.

If you will be watching today's action on TV (or online), please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump):


11am– Setanta USA- Russia vs. Germany

11:30am– FSC- Bahrain vs. New Zealand

Noon– FSE- Armenia vs. Spain

12:15pm– (No TV) Ukraine vs. England

2pm– FSE- Denmark vs. Sweden

2pm– Liechtenstein vs. Azerbaijan

2pm– UAE vs. Costa Rica (Under-20 World Cup)

2:30– (No TV)- Serbia vs. Romania

2:30pm– (No TV)- Czech Republic vs. Poland

2:30pm– (No TV)- Greece vs. Latvia

2:30pm– (No TV)- Belgium vs. Turkey

3pm– (No TV)- Ireland vs. Italy

3pm– FSC- France vs. Faroe Islands

3:45pm– Setanta Sports USA- Portugal vs. Hungary

4pm– Direct Kick- Toronto FC vs. San Jose Earthquakes

5pm- FSC- Denmark vs. Sweden (Delayed)

5:45pm– Setanta USA- Greece vs. Latvia

6pm– Telemundo- Mexico vs. El Salvador

6pm– ESPN Deportes - Venezuela vs. Paraguay

6pm– (No TV)- Argentina vs. Peru

6pm– (No TV)- Colombia vs. Chile

6pm– (No TV)- Ecuador vs. Uruguay 

7:30pm– FSC- New England Revolution vs. Columbus Crew

7:30pm– Setanta USA- Belgium vs. Turkey (Delayed)

8:30pm– Galavision- Tecos vs. Guadalajara

9pm– Univision- San Luis vs. Atlante

10pm– (No TV)- Honduras vs. USA

10pm– GolTV- Costa Rica vs. Trinidad & Tobago

10:30pm– Direct Kick- Chivas USA vs. Kansas City Wizards


  1. how in the world does Gutierrez get in the starting line up of this team






    and they would have qualify 3 games ago

  2. San Jose get a goal in stoppage time to draw with TFC 1-1. TFC looked solid all day, but San Jose dominated the last 15 minutes or so, and got a deserved goal. Chad Barrett was so poor up front today they switched him with DeRo and put him out as a winger in the second half. I think TFC is done. Not mathmatically, but they are basically done.

  3. All I know is Germany beat Russia in Moscow playing on a very unfamiliar surface with only 10 men for the final 20 minutes. Not many countries could pull that off but yet the Germans always prevail. They deserved the win and a place in South Africa. End of story

  4. Azteca Stadium tonight is the loudest I’ve ever heard a stadium. Even through the mikes of the pregame commentators it is deafening.

  5. Texas-1836
    I am thinking of going out there after the Honduras vs El Salvador game… Hopefully two hours or so will be enough to get in to watch the game.

  6. Apparently Jair Marrufo(USA) is the referee in Saprissa.[Árbitros: Jair Marrufo (EE. UU.), Charles Morgante (EE. UU.) y Ricardo Morgan (Jamaica):from Costa Rican newspaper La Nacíon, While Trinidad is taking youngsters and would be expected to lose, this is not exactly a smart decision by Concacaf. I’m not impugning the referees, just think the federation should avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

    Meanwhile, the fences between the field and fans at Azteca won’t be there[], and Aguirre has seen fit to remind the fans of El Tri’s bad reception in El Salvador, and ask them to have their presence felt[]. No, he didn’t incite them to bad behavior, but it might not be the most judicious thing to do.

    Also, los cuscatlecos have been training in Querétaro, around 6500ft altitude, for a week. We’ll see if that helps them.

  7. Neither New Zealand or Bahrain should qualify because Oceania should not even be a confederation in FIFA. I move to eliminate Oceania and make New Zealand/ any other Pacific Islands put into either the OFC or CONCACAF (after all, Hawaii is pretty close to the likes of Guam and Tahiti, right?)

    Posted by: Johnny | October 10, 2009 at 03:38 PM

    ……You’re joking right?

  8. Hungary just crashed one against the crossbar just before the half, just after Carvalho misses a free header, looks like Portugal will go up 1-0 at the half…

  9. There have been some awesome games today. Hoping USA-Honduras lives up to the standard. Denmark-Sweden had an incredible atmosphere.

  10. Denmark just scored a huge goal to go up 1-0, if it ends like this, Portugal’s hops at a playoff sport get a massive boost and Denmark qualifies for the WC…

  11. Neither New Zealand or Bahrain should qualify because Oceania should not even be a confederation in FIFA. I move to eliminate Oceania and make New Zealand/ any other Pacific Islands put into either the OFC or CONCACAF (after all, Hawaii is pretty close to the likes of Guam and Tahiti, right?)

  12. Just asking questions – it seemed like an odd decision. God forbid I ask questions on a thread, huh? Some people need to relax and go buy some class.

  13. Ireland is up on Italy, 1-0, in a very exciting match. Ireland looks good today.

    I have to say that Hondurans have it good when it comes to watching soccer on TV. I’ve seen Germany-Brazil U-20s, England-Ukraine, Germany-Russia, Spain-Armenia and now Italy-Ireland.

  14. Ives (and anyone else who might know):

    Has the US line-up been announced yet for tonight’s match? I can’t seem to find it anywhere online.

    Also, was the roster cut down for the match with respect to subs/those not dressing?


    (SBI-Lineups never come out until an hour before the match starts officially. Some of it leaks out sometimes, but we won’t know the 11 until about 9pm ET)

  15. @Yossarian,

    Get your facts straight. They sold the rights. The closed circuit company is making money of off it.

    Honduras did their end of the deal. People need to stop blaming Honduras for this.

  16. Chase,

    I was just asking a question. It doesn’t seem possible to me that the Honduran FC would make more money in closed circuit, selling it to a few hundred U.S. souls at $20 per head rather than selling the rights to ESPN. What are they going to make – a few grand? You’re telling me the ESPN bid wasn’t for more than a few grand? I don’t know what’s going on – I don’t have any inside information but it seems like it was a decision made not for the sake of economics but some other agenda. I know that there is massive political unrest at the moment and sometimes soccer can become a pawn of politics. I was wondering if anyone knew if the two situations were somehow connected, if it was simply an innocent, asinine decision, or whether there is some way that they are actually making more money on this than it appears? No reason to take offense, I was just asking.

  17. @Yossarian,

    What do FIFA mandates that allow the host the FA of the host of the qualifier to negotiate television distribution rights have to do with the “mess our country is in”? You logic is just a little off…

  18. gene-sf
    I’m not sure this is your position, but it might be.

    Most fans and officials want something more than a ‘soft’ foul in the box to earn a PK. I believe you are with the majority here. But what constitutes soft? Do we want the referee to determine that?

  19. michael wright,

    Come down to Charlotte. Connolly’s on 5th is showing it in English. $10. Queen City Outlaws will be there and should have good attendance there. I’ll be there around 930, but others will be earlier. Call me if you need directions. 7046492674.

  20. michael wright,

    Ives put up a post earlier in the week with links to bars showing the game, links for english or spanish.

  21. News from Honduras: Grant Wahl robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight.

    No word on whether robber looked like David Beckham or Simon Fuller.

    (SBI-You know, I came up with the same joke when it happened but figured it was too soon to tell it. Grant’s okay though, so I’m sure he’d get a laugh out of it.)


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