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Mid-Week Soccer on TV

Diego Maradona (Reuters) 

Several of the unclaimed World Cup qualifying berths will be locked on Wednesday as qualifying around the world wraps up group play.

There will be plenty of TV viewing options, though some of the more important matches of the day may require some web surfing for video streams. Among those is the winner-take-all match between Argentina and Uruguay, as well as the Honduras-El Salvador qualifier. Then there is the USA-Costa Rica qualifier, which U.S. fans don't actually have to go to a bar and watch.

Here is a rundown of Wednesday's soccer viewing options on TV:

Wednesday's Soccer on TV

2pm- Liechtenstein vs. Wales

2pm- GolTV- Italy vs. Cyprus

2:30pm- FSE- Denmark vs. Hungary

3pm- FSC- England vs. Belarus

5pm- FSC- Denmark vs. Hungary (Delayed)

5pm- FSE- France vs. Austria

7pm- ESPNU- St. John's vs. Princeton

7pm- FSC- France vs. Austria (Delayed)

7pm (No TV)- Uruguay vs. Argentina

8pm- ESPN2/ USA vs. Costa Rica

8pm- (No TV)- El Salvador vs. Honduras

8pm- Telemundo- Trinidad & Tobago vs. Mexico

9pm- FSE- England vs. Belarus (Delayed)

10pm- ESPN2/ESPN360/MSG- Real Salt Lake vs. New York Red Bulls


Which matches will you be watching? Think Argentina can pull off the great escape? Hoping Honduras wins so it can qualify with a USA win?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Glass

    Don’t post unless you have the whole story. Inaccurately included “a few others of the USMNT”. This is how rumors get started.

  2. Charlie Davies and a few others of the USMNT were in a car accident and it sounds like they aren’t doing well. “FreddyAdu11 OMG please pray for Charlie Davies and the people involved in the car accident in dc.” Do you know anything about this Ives??

  3. Egypt and Algeria are playing in next month’s intl. break. EPSN had it on a “What to Watch in World Cup Qualifing” story for this up coming match day for some reason. But the Africans only play one day of the break.

  4. What a fatty Mardaonna is…completely blocking out the guy behind him like an eclipse..HA!

    Good one on the hand of god comment Golfstrom..

  5. What about Algeria vs. Eygpt? That one is goign to be crazy. Egypt needs to win by 3 goals or the stay home. If they win by 2, then it goes into a crazy tie-breaker scenario.

    Love it!

  6. Greg,

    There is someone “behind” him (actually to his left, but behind him in relation to the camera shot) who he almost completely blocks except for the person’s right arm and some of the back of the jacket. I did a double-take too when I saw the photo.


  7. I’ll be at RFK tomorrow night enjoying that match but I’ll also be trying to follow the Ireland Macedonia match tomorrow when I get the chance (online I guess)

  8. Will watch ESPN2 double-header: USA vs. Costa Rica and Real Salt Lake vs. New York Red Bulls. Would have caught at least first hour of Argentina – Uruguay if it was on television.

  9. what is going on in that photo??!!

    (SBI-Looks like Maradona doing the Thriller dance, but it’s him celebrating after Saturday’s win.)


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