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This weekend’s soccer on TV

Cristiano Ronaldo (Reuters)

It is a do-or-die weekend for some of the world's best players, and you will be able to watch most of it on TV.

Okay, so maybe you won't be able to watch most of it on TV, but with some help from your local soccer bar, as well as those reliable internet feeds, you should be able to see the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Thierry Henry as they try to keep their World Cup dreams alive.

The USA-Honduras World Cup qualifier is at the top of the list for American fans, but there is still plenty of other soccer to watch and follow. Along with qualifiers from around the world, there are also crucial MLS matches with major playoff implications.

Here is this weekend's schedule of soccer on TV (along with listings of top matches that aren't on TV, for those of you who want to know what time to start scouring the web):


10:30am– Brazil vs. Germany (Under-20 World Cup)

11am– Setanta USA- Russia vs. Germany

11:30am– FSC- Bahrain vs. New Zealand

Noon– FSE- Armenia vs. Spain

12:15pm– (No TV) Ukraine vs. England

2pm– FSE- Denmark vs. Sweden

2pm– Liechtenstein vs. Azerbaijan

2pm– UAE vs. Costa Rica (Under-20 World Cup)

2:30– (No TV)- Serbia vs. Romania

2:30pm– (No TV)- Czech Republic vs. Poland

2:30pm– (No TV)- Greece vs. Latvia

2:30pm– (No TV)- Belgium vs. Turkey

3pm– (No TV)- Ireland vs. Italy

3pm– FSC- France vs. Faroe Islands

3:45pm– Setanta Sports USA- Portugal vs. Hungary

4pm– Direct Kick- Toronto FC vs. San Jose Earthquakes

5pm- FSC- Denmark vs. Sweden (Delayed)

5:45pm– Setanta USA- Greece vs. Latvia

6pm– Telemundo- Mexico vs. El Salvador

6pm– ESPN Deportes - Venezuela vs. Paraguay

6pm– (No TV)- Argentina vs. Peru

6pm– (No TV)- Colombia vs. Chile

6pm– (No TV)- Ecuador vs. Uruguay 

7:30pm– FSC- New England Revolution vs. Columbus Crew

7:30pm– Setanta USA- Belgium vs. Turkey (Delayed)

8:30pm– Galavision- Tecos vs. Guadalajara

9pm– Univision- San Luis vs. Atlante

10pm– (No TV)- Honduras vs. USA

10pm– GolTV- Costa Rica vs. Trinidad & Tobago

10:30pm– Direct Kick- Chivas USA vs. Kansas City Wizards


3:30pm- Setanta USA- Ireland vs. Italy (Repeat)

5pm– FSC- Texas vs. Loyola

7pm– Setanta USA- Serbia vs. Romania

11pm– FSC- River Plate vs. Independiente

7pm– GolTV- Costa Rica vs. Trinidad & Tobago (Repeat)


What matches will you be watching this weekend? Which stars do you see stepping up?

Share your thoughts below.



  1. Zhirkov worst player on the field? That’s harsh. He looked pretty good when he almost got his team a penalty, after blowing by Boateng just before the half and forcing the youngster to hack him down just outside the box…

    The Soviet scourge just had a pretty good chance, Arshavin slams a shot right at Adler, wow another great save from Adler…

  2. Germany’s defense is playing an awfully high line and Russia has been one touch away from burning them twice in this half. I think there’s more in this game.

  3. “I like Russians though….just didn’t like Soviets.”

    That is a VERY important distinction. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (a Nobel Prize-winning Russian author who just died about a year ago) was adamant that the USSR was not Russian, and that Russian culture was oppressed as much as, if not more so, than all the others in the USSR.

    Anyway, I like the way Russia plays and for some reason I always find myself rooting against Germany. So go Russia. 🙂


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