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UEFA Champions League: Your Running Commentary


Kaka faces AC Milan and Bordeaux takes on Bayern Munich in today's marquee match-ups in the UEFA Champions League.

Here is today's TV schedule:

2:45pm- FSC/FSE- Real Madrid vs. AC Milan

2:45pm- Setanta USA- Chelsea vs. Atletico Madrid

4:45pm- Setanta USA- Real Madrid vs. AC Milan (Delayed)

5pm- FSC- Chelsea vs. Atletico Madrid (Delayed)

6:30pm- Setanta USA- CSKA Moscow vs. Manchester United (Delayed)

(NOTE- All of today's matches can be seen on DirecTV via the Sports Package)


In case you missed it this morning, here is our preview of today's UEFA Champions League matches.

If you will be watching today's matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. hahaha Bayern Munich. Can’t score a goal. Only way to get in the scorers sheet was a Bordeaux own goal. And I can’t believe Bordeaux missed 2 PKs.

    Again….ahhahahaha Bayern Munich.

  2. That was me…I’m eating some crow now. It still think it was a sloppy mess dictated by goal keeping errors and lousy passing…but it was exciting and Milan was a lot better than I thought they would be.

  3. I’m just going to eat my healthy helping of crow now. 🙂

    It was a BIT more of a contest than I thought.

    (I still think Milan is crap though…but we’ll see).


  4. Sorry, that was a bit harsh. I can understand you would think this would totally be an ass-whooping, but I guess you never know. It does seem like the end will be good since Real just tied it though…

  5. Hey, I stand by the remark. Clearly it hasn’t turned out the way I’d expect but really, I didn’t expect the game to be made up of 3 keeper mistakes. It’s still not a good football game.

    But yeah, I do remember.

  6. It’s amazing how awful Atletico Madrid are right now. United should totally get Aguero now, he’ll be begging to leave come January…

  7. CSKA – United was on FSC at 12 noon so it’s recorded and will be available when I get home. Check FSC (and MSG in NY) for replays

  8. I’m pretty uneducated when it comes to EU futbol besides the major players and matches but this guy named Clarence Seedorf caught my eye when he turned a ball really well and had a couple good crosses.

    I looked him up and all these AC Milan fans on a forum board bash him and say he’s the first to get booed amongst all the players. Usually I feel I have a good eye for talent but I guess not. Maybe he’s expected of more as he wears the #10 usually meaning he is one of the best players on the team.

    Says on his wiki that the national team coach wouldnt play him in 2006 WCQs as he favored other players.

  9. …maybe he’s just not surprised by it. It’s not as if Dida hasn’t made that the norm the last five years. It’s a wonder he’s survived in top flight competition this long.

  10. There was a time in my life when I pronounced it “Reel” Madrid…how was I supposed to know? They never used to talk about soccer teams on US tv…

  11. Dida COMPLETELY scuffed the handling on that shot from Granero. He looked to have control of it but as he brought it to his chest, he hit it on his thigh, and it bounced for Raul, who rounded the keeper and put it in the net.

  12. This is so funny listen to the fox bozos trying to hype this Madrid-Milan game. How can they say that this game, played in Madrid, should even be interesting? Milan is a shell at this point.

  13. I was just watching the game in a bar over here in Belfast, and truly, it looked dire. ManU never looked out of control, but the game just was not fun to watch. It seemed like the pitch took away all of the speed of the game, on both sides. Just a muddle.

  14. For real, the Brazilian twins are injured more often then they play, it’s a shame. It’s comforting to know that United still wins regardless of who is out there and where it’s being played. They were missing at least four starters today. It’s gonna be sweet when they are all healthy and they start playing at their best…

  15. These fan updates are so much better than the ESPN gamecast.

    The way my office is set up it’s potential professional suicide to try and watch online. Once I get an office…that hopefully changes.

  16. I’m watching united/CSKA on SoccerNET and Valencia just scored in the 84th. United were pouring on the pressure. Valencia hit the post from 18 yards out minutes earlier.


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