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USA beats Honduras, 3-2, to clinch World Cup berth

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The United States will be going to the World Cup for the sixth straight time.

The Americans held off a fierce Honduran attack for a half, then broke down the Honduras defense for three second-half goals to win and clinch its place in the World Cup. Forward Conor Casey played the role of unlikely hero with two goals, his first two for the national team. Landon Donovan delivered in the clutch with a beautiful free kick to go with his assist on Casey's second goal.

What do you think of this result? Still can't believe it? Stunned that Casey scored twice? Proud of the U.S. team's performance?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I’m so happy for our guys and I’m so proud of them. I have no complaints. These guys play with heart and with grit. You can never count them out.

    Go USA!

  2. im gonna agree with goalscorer. i cant stand watchin my team chase a game. come from behind victories (even when usa wins) just arent good enough for me. congrats to casey on his first two goals. truth be told i didnt think he would ever get one

  3. I know qualifying is still in progress and its over wednesday, but when do the groups for the world cup come out?

  4. finally, it’s just one game but I think Dempsey’s absence in the middle does suggest that maybe it’s time for a change at the right mid position. We need a right mid who can get the ball into the mix. Holden can do that. Dempsey isn’t interested in being that player. He can compete for a forward position.

  5. I like the idea of us playing as if we are a goal down. Remember the way we played against Spain in the Confed cup? we didnt wait for them to pick us apart. We went after them and put them on the back foot. I think our problems are mostly mental. I didn’t see the first half but from what i saw in the second half, we knocked the ball around and kept possession until we tried some unnecessary shot. We are still giving up goals too easy by letting their wingers cross. we have to prevent that cross from getting into the middle. Remember how we got burned in Germany 06 against Czech Republic? Overall I am amazed by the outcome of the game. Time management coming down to the end was poor though. In the end we got lucky. For that I am thankful.


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