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USA to face Denmark on Nov. 18 in Aarhus

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The U.S. men's national team wasted no time scheduling an opponent for a November friendly after qualifying for the 2010 World Cup.

The U.S. team will travel to Europe next month to take on fellow World Cup qualifier Denmark on Nov. 18 in Aarhus. The announcement came just three days after the USA qualified for the World Cup with its 3-2 victory vs. Honduras.

Having qualified for the World Cup, our focus is now on continuing to improve as a team as we build toward next summer,” said U.S. head coach Bob Bradley. “Denmark is a very strong opponent. They proved their quality throughout the qualifying campaign, and this match provides another great opportunity to face quality opposition in a road environment.”

Denmark qualified for the World Cup on Saturday after defeating Sweden, 1-0, to top a loaded qualifying group that included Sweden and Portugal.

What's the SBI take? Considering the fact that many world powers are either already committed to mid-November friendlies, or facing the prospect of November World Cup qualifying playoffs, Denarmk is as strong an opponent as the U.S. team could hope for, and facing a strong European opponent on the road will provide valuable experience.

What do you think of this friendly? Happy with the opponent, or were you hoping for a higher-ranked nation? Think Benny Feilhaber will get the start with the game being played in the home of his club team?

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  1. This will be a good road test for us. The U.S. traditionally underachieves on European soil, barring Poland. Denmark has proven they are a quality side, winning a group that includes Sweden and Portugal. We should schedule as many matches like this as is reasonable between now and next summer.

  2. @Mike

    It has already been confirmede that It’s the Danish A-Team and not some danish C-team…

    Unlike most other countries, then Denmark have an actual League NT playing B/C-friendlies, but they have their own squad and schedule. It the Danish League NT the US have faced in the past, but this time it’s the A-Team and the “real deal”, so you can be sure your your not going to see a Danish B/C squad.


  3. It’s not the US Soccer team if we don’t play a Scandinavian country every winter, yet another lovely game against a country that will likely bring their B/C team.

  4. With the match between South Korea and Denmark on the 14th in mind, hopefully South Korea and the US can ask an African team to travel to Denmark for a double header?

    Nov. 14th:

    South Korea @ Denmark

    (US vs African NT)

    Nov. 18th:

    US @ Denmark

    (South Korea vs African NT)

    Just a thought…

  5. The last round of matches for most African Countries is on Nov 14 and there’s alot at stake for the second place teams whom get into next winter’s African Cup of Nations tournament.

  6. Teams we could play on the 14th:

    Switzerland or Greece (whoever wins group)
    Slovenia or Slovakia (whoever wins group)
    Croatia or Ukraine (whoever misses playoffs)

    etc… etc..

    If we really want to reduce travel, Norway is free and Sweden almost certainly will be. They are the closest neighbors of Denmark.

  7. If we’re calling this a tune up, then it wouldn’t be so bad to not have Landon in Denmark. God forbid he have to miss a WC match for any reason, it’d be nice to have game experience against a quality opponent without him in there.

  8. Good point regarding MLS and the intl calendar.

    Would be a shame for Landon and Holden to miss this game.. Suddenly I’m rooting for LA and Hou to fall apart.

  9. Quality opponent ranked 16 in FIFA in the latest rankings…good to play those sort of teams on the road…expect mostly a European based team to be picked for this match…

  10. Sorry for my ignorance, but isnt that into the MLS playoffs?? Or the MLS cup should be settled by then? The team could potentially be without the likes of Donovan, Rogers, Ching, Casey, Marshall, did i say Donovan!

  11. This is perfect. Any team that can end ahead of Sweden and Portugal after a vigorous qualifying campaign is exactly who we want to face. Hopefully both teams bring strong squads.

  12. @Stephen Meli – The friendly against Netherlands was said to be in March, not this fall, so I have no reason to believe that this is in lieu of that match.

    @Judging Amy — Bendtner certainly thinks that he is a superstar. Daniel Agger and Christian Poulsen are also young quality. They have a sprinkle of veteran leadership in Rommedahl and Tomasson (formerly of AC Milan).

  13. I’d like to see a US friendly against the Netherlands to see if our brute force and athleticism can cope with skill and flair. Plus, it’s the best test I can think of for the US defense.

    Oh man, I was just reminded of the best call ever, during Euro 2008: “It’s a Dutch oven and the French are toast” — classic.

  14. My wish list:

    1-African team

    2-Croatia(or whatever decent Euro team that doesn’t qaulify for WC 2010.)(i.e. Ukraine/Portugal/Sweden)

    3-CONMEBOL 4/5/6 place finisher.

    ALL GAMES PLAYED ON THE ROAD, with the exception of last WC tune up game in the States. It’s for the USMNT’s own good. No cupcakes!!

  15. Had a chance to watch Denmark v. Sweden last weekend. This will be a very difficult matchup for the U.S., and a really good challenge. As long as the run-up includes quality opposition like this I will feel better. (memories of last time around watching us bumble against Latvia at Rentschler Field.) This is a more promising start.

  16. this is a PERFECT match/venue prior to the WC. A consistently strong side in an atmosphere that isn’t necessarily hostile (South Africa as a venue won’t present many lopsided crowds for the US). A good chance to build beat a quality opponent (as most will agree Denmark is).

  17. Brilliant match-up! Anyone who says we need to be playing better-quality opposition are severely underestimating the difficulty of playing a strong European team on their home pitch; Denmark are a quality side on a great run of form. I’d love to see us book another friendly against an African country like Ivory Coast or Ghana, but this is a great start.

  18. If you don’t think Denmark is any good you are too into the big name nations, I personally doubt we beat a full strength Denmark squad in Denmark (though I hope we do!)

  19. and i dont think playing south africa is a good idea. we did that already and we won. granted, that was a little while ago now, but i would much rather test us against Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Cameroon, or Ghana.

  20. Aarhus… in the middle of the street..

    Posted by: Jules


    The Danes will be a great opponent, a strong opponent who relies on team play, strong work ethic, and finishing opportunities. Reminds me of another team I know.

  21. what is this with “lets call up the Danish based players just because we play Denmark” talk!? we need the team we are bringing to SA, plus maybe a few other prospects, to make this trip. i dont want to see another Beckerman move like we did against El Salvador.

    in any event, good team to play against. will test us for sure. and i totally agree we should play against a team from africa in africa and then host australia. it would be nice to schedule something against a top Euro team and a South American team too. as for Mexico, that would be the lowest priority for me.

  22. This is a good game to have before the World Cup. Denmark is a team that has what it takes to make it to the Round of 16. With this game, its a good game to get us ready to maybe play a top 5 country just before the World Cup. I would love to see the US get a game against Germany next Spring. Let Go USA!!

  23. I’d also like to see us book a game against a more naturally athletic group……like an Ivory Coast, Cameroon, or Ghana before the WC.

  24. Success breeds more success, or at least respect. We did well at Confederations and we’re qualified for WC, so maybe this indicates our rep is increasing.

  25. I remember reading things from Bradley saying he always wants to test his players in the biggest of ways (ie: England, Spain & Argentina last year) in order to prepare them. I think it’s already paid off when you look at the results we’ve been able to get. I’m really looking forward to seeing them play some interesting matches.

    I could not agree more with the need to play an African team. Ghana, Nigeria or even South Africa (in South Africa) would be great tests. It’d be interesting to see them play Russia or maybe Australia too.

  26. Great opponent! much better than Latvia. I hope USSF would schedule opponents from Africa and South America like Ghana & Chile, those would also be great.


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