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USA vs. Honduras: The Pre-Match Tailgate (Updated)

The U.S. men's national team will take the field tonight in San Pedro Sula with a chance to clinch its berth in the 2010 World Cup, but it will have to beat a strong Honduras squad to do it.

We are still several hours away from the match but it is certainly not too early to start talking about the match. Feel free to make this your place for the pre-game discussion on the match. I will be checking in throughout the afternoon so stay tuned for news and notes from San Pedro Sula as the day goes along.

Share your thoughts, opinions and potential web stream options in the comments section below (PRE-MATCH Commentary after the jump).



6:35pm– For those of you who hadn't heard, I will be doing a live commentary of tonight's match on I will provide a link when I put up the Match Commentary post at 9pm.

With that in mind, I will be posting a Cover It Live link here shortly to give me some practice with the tool before using it for tonight, so stay tuned.


6:30pm– Mexico is leading El Salvador, 1-0, early in their game. Hondurans are watching that one closely, hoping against hope that Mexico ends El Salvador's slim World Cup hopes (El Salvador could slide into fourth with two wins and two Costa Rica losses). An El Salvador loss would eliminate El Salvador, this making it possible that Honduras could face a less motivated El Salvador team in the final match.


6:25pm– Okay folks, I have arrived at Estadio Olimpico in San Pedro Sula and you would think the game was in four minutes and not almost four hours. The two main seating sections are almost full already and the crowds are building outside.

The city has been buzzing since the morning, with traffic choking the streets, flags and banners waiving and Hondurans looking visibly excited and happy about tonight's match. The night life in San Pedro Sula was quieter than normal, with some business owners suggesting that Hondurans are saving their energy for tonight's parties (yep, they're feeling confident).

How would I describe the stadium? Really it's just a bigger Estadio Saprissa with a running track around the field. The stadium operators were smart enough to put a tarp on the field so it wouldn't get waterlogged, though truth be told, it only rained for a short while. Right now the skies are clear and I don't see any rain on the horizon (of course, it's more than three hours until kickoff so that could change.)


  1. Eh… Jeff was every bit the Ugly American, but I wouldn’t quite say that the Honduran FA has “nothing” to do with this situation.


    I’ll never understand why peole would label their own countrymen with derogatory insults….assuming this Mason idiot actually is an american.

    FACT: Honduras is a third world shithole,whether you want to admit it or not.

    Anyways,their team sucks and if the US can’t beat them,then the USA sucks too.

  2. I would. They sold the rights to who they wanted, and likely without knowledge of the high price/closed circuit plan. But hey, to each his own, not looking for a beef.

  3. Blanco – goal. Is this the same Blanco that all of the Mexican fans said the MLS can have him because he is too old and cannot play anymore. 🙂 Besides the new coach I think Blanco has really made Mexico the best team in CONCACAF right now.

  4. This has NOTHING to do with the Honduras FA. Repeat, NOTHING!


    Eh… Jeff was every bit the Ugly American, but I wouldn’t quite say that the Honduran FA has “nothing” to do with this situation.

  5. Jeff, really? Is this the first time you’ve checked in on the tv availability story? This has NOTHING to do with the Honduras FA. Repeat, NOTHING!

  6. the honduras soccer federation is a bunch of pu**y’s for not broadcasting this game. I hope the US pounds their thrid world butts in to the ground. Honduras sucks.

  7. Considering the present volatile Honduras/US political situation and the fact that Honduras already has been involved in a Soccer War (1969 with El Salvador), will this game be the MATCH that will ignite another war? Probably not….but we’re still undefeated in our San Pedro Sula stadium.

    Que VIVA HONDURAS!!!!!

  8. sorry typo, scare the goalie so much that he cannot do his job
    btw there is that answer to the question where did all the bees go, to mexico

  9. Anybody watching this ridiculous bee situation in the Mex-El Salvador game?

    (the goal El Salvador is defending is absolutely swarming with bees and they’re trying to fumigate it to be able to resume the game)

  10. I’m just afraid we run into a buzzsaw of emotion tonight… soccer being the one thing a divided country can rally around, their first shot at qualification in 28 years, great team… yee-yikes!

  11. Los Angelenos: do I have to worry about getting to the Cock n’ Bull early? I was planning on getting there around 6, which I was hoping would be enough. How crowded do things like this usually get?

  12. @Isaac
    my reasoning is that BB isnt playing torres even as a sub so we are not likely to see him starting today. The last time he played for the national team was in the costa rica match right? Thats why i am saying holden and benny are the first choices for replacing that spot. I also think torres is a far better choice for replacing clark or michael bradely. He is far better in the middle.
    Tactically i might want to see something like this:
    or instead of the diamond play the center backs together. Reasoning for this set up is based on team chemistry as well as energy. Torres should work well as the attacking midfielder and ching-holden-clark-donovan should have good chemistry. Ching, holden and clark are very used to the diamond formation from the dynamo.

  13. The company selling the broadcast does not have a functioning website. The domain is for sale. What a joke!

    Go USA! It will be a tough match but I think we can pull out with at least a draw if not a victory.

  14. Such a crock the way this game is being shown, or not shown.

    I really don’t want to go to Wednesday’s game worried about securing a spot for S. Africa. Let’s get it done tonight boys!

  15. Jay, Goff said rumor was Schoen and Hudson, since its the same company that supplies Gol its spanish rights.

    Ives, you said you were doing a running commentary for ESPN. Is that the gamecast one with the auto refresh?

  16. Blag,

    Your first point about Benny isn’t making any sense to me. Like I stated, Benny’s best performances have come off the bench for the USA and the reason he’s performed well is because he can use his touch, skill, and vision to weave around the tired legs of the other team. The same can be said for Holden. On top of that, Torres has looked good in his starts for Pachuca lately. I like Holden a lot but I don’t think there will be much of a drop off between his service, and Torres service, which is pretty good from what I’ve seen.

    I just think this is the kind of game Torres fits so well into. Although, Maybe Torres shouldn’t go out wide, as the threat down the flanks from the other team is pretty big so maybe something like this:








  17. i dont trust these bootleg internet sites for this game, i love this team too much to gamble…im got my prepaid ticket for Madison Square Garden’s “play by play” bar (25 bucks after ticketmaster fees)

    Chuck..i think Nevada’s should be OK since many of the South American WCQ’s will be over 2 hours before the US game starts..the argies and brazilian fan boys should empty out by then

  18. agree with Isaac and Blag…

    Torres is better technically and tactically than Holden. However, Holden has creativity and confidence at this stage. Hopefully BB will wake up prior to WC 2010…assuming results go our way.

    Go USA

  19. Anybody watching the game at OCP in LA….do you have to be 21 to get in???I really want to make it and see the season finale vs. the Smurfs,but I’m only 19

  20. it may or may not work, I am going through the day believing justintv and will fail me so i wont be too disappointed later on

  21. Note from Norwalk, CT —
    I’m looking forward to wearing my USA jersey into a Honduran-filled bar called Dorado, one of three places in this state to broadcast tonight’s game. “Come early,” said the bar manager when I called him this morning. Know anyone who’s making a serious drive for this match?

    One of the best things about this sport is it’s always fun to watch with the competition.

    The television rights saga is a clear disappointment for expanding interest, but if there’s a silver lining, it’s the excitement of enjoying this game with the most dedicated fans in the country.

    Bring it home, USA!

  22. @Isaac
    though that is not bad thinking another way to look at is Holden and Benny have atleast come in as a sub while Torres has not. So if he does plan to use Holden as a sub Benny would be his top choice for starting. However I prefer to think BB will start out with Holden and give his team most likely the best chance of avoiding the early goal and possibly getting one. Holden is probably our best free kick taker in my mind as well as crosser, which combined with Ching and Altidor and Davies could be a very good combo as you see Holden and Ching hook up alot in dynamo games.
    So if BB is playing by chemistry he will start ching and davies up top with holden on the field. I know many people dont like ching, but you would be starting two players who constantly play together and that chemistry just might count for something. Ching can do alot of good when he has good crossing believe or not (i am sure many people dont believe me) and he could potentially spring davies onto an attack run.

  23. im gonna try, and trying to hedge my bets.

    as for the match i want to see Spector at LB. after seeing Bornsteins overhead kick against T & T i lost all hope. also i want to see Benny as the other CM with Holden on the right. I think Bennys creativity and skill on the ball will help more than having Rico out there simple playing defense. As for Holden his work rate and crossing skill are top-notch as well as his ability on free kicks.

    What I expect tho is Clark and Bornstein to play as well as Holden out wide. I think the match shakes out with a 2-1 win for the Good Ol’ Boys or a 2-2 draw. Either way if this happens we will be in the World Cup.

    Lets Go Yanks!

  24. Los Angeles! – Watch at the OCP in Carson, CA. Right across the street from the Home Depot Center. $15 gets you in and includes 1 free beer and a ticket to the LA Galaxy – SJ game on Oct 24th!

  25. CHARLOTTE, NC – Watch the game at Connolly’s on 5th in English. $10. Queen City Outlaws will be there. Come join us to watch our boys qualify tonight!

  26. I was thinking just a little bit more about the replacement for Dempsey and I have to say it might be Torres.

    No, I don’t think Torres is a better option than Holden or Feilhaber but tactically speaking it’s the smart thing to do.

    Think about it this way: Holden and Feilhaber have had their best Qualifying performances for the USA coming off the bench. The reason being with the other team tired, Holden and Feilhaber’s energy changes the pace of the game and allows the USA to control the game a bit better.

    The other reason is Torres is pretty comfortable in Central American enviroments and will bring a calming presence in midfield that will help us keep possession. So I’d go with this:








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