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USA vs. Honduras: Where will you be watching?

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As we close in on three days until the win-and-you're-in World Cup qualifier between the United States and Honduras on Saturday, it is time to start discussing where U.S. national team fans will be watching the match.

This question is a more important one for this match than most thanks to the fact that the match is only being shown via closed circuit, forcing U.S. fans to find a place to watch it.

SBI will be in San Pedro Sula covering the match and for those of you either can't watch the match, or find viewing options on the internet, feel free to make SBI your place to follow the match. I will be doing a live commentary of the match on on Saturday night so be sure to check that out as well.

The number of venues showing the match in English on closed circuit is now up to 29, while there remain almost 200 Spanish-language viewing opportunities throughout the country.

Where will you be watching the match? Planning to make the trip down to Honduras? If so, let us know. If you have already settled on a viewing option via closed circuit, or if you want to drop a plug for a venue showing the match, please share the info in the comments section below.


  1. Boycott this crap, true that the bars already paid for it but if no one shows up then they won’t pay for it next time and this whole venture will fail. I can’t believe this is happening in 2009…

    (SBI-Boycott these viewings and you just might wind up hurting the chances for soccer fans to see other soccer games at venues that decide it just isn’t worth investing in soccer. The boycott theory is short-sighted in my opinion. Don’t punish the American bar owners who took a chance in order to cater to American soccer fans. The real key to ending this whole situation is to start watching more soccer on TV so that the ratings needle moves enough to make it worth the while of networks like ESPN and FSC to buy the rights.)

  2. I am going to hear the Spanish radio and root for USA and watch the goals online. It will be fun. I don’t want to go to a Spanish bar and get shot (I am exagerating of course) for rooting for USA. GO USA!

  3. Hush,

    You can check out the bigsoccer/FCDallas thread or go to the American outlaws website and click on dfwamericanoutlaws link. or go to the FCD SG Inferno website. THere’s also a site showing all the bars showing the match in English or spanish.

    (Not sure what the Soccer Ives “link” rules here are.

  4. some crazy named irish bar in the illadelph. drinking game:

    a combo of bornstein giveaways/nice crosses from holden (hopefully more of the later)

  5. I thought about watching the match at the nearest available bar a Spanish broadcast (40 miles away – $15 cover).

    Now FC Dallas has stepped up with the Dallas metroplex’s only English language broadcast and with no cover – still a 55 mile drive but the atmosphere should be fantastic.

    Good PR for FCD even if they don’t make a dime. I expect a rocking, overcrowded Stadium club and plenty of $$$$ spent, because there is nowhere else to go for the game.

  6. i don’t think i have or will ever say this again, but i wish i was in foxboro for this. the revs/crew game followed by the CBS joint, sounds like a good day.

    I, temporary living in CO, will be at the Bulldog in Denver.

  7. I’ll be boycotting this match. If I can’t find an internet feed than so be it.

    Anyone who thinks a boycott is ineffective is fooling themselves. If these bars take a bath, the company selling will absolutely know about it. This is an industry. Ignoring the reaction among consumers is possibly the worst business plan imaginable.

    And there’s no viable comparison to 2001 here. The cost of broadcast rights, and the vocal reaction on the net, are lightyears away from what happened 8 years ago.

  8. CHAROLTTE, NC – Connolly’s on 5th in uptown Charlotte is now getting the English feed of the game and for $10 per person. Queen City Outlaws will be going there rather than Don Pedro now.

  9. I live in Utah and I have no option but a two hour flight or an 8 hour drive. I know Utah may not be on the USSF radar, but we had 17,000 last night for an RSL friendly in near freezing weather. We can’t even get one location around here? Even my mormon mom would pay to see it in a bar if we could. This is ridiculous.

  10. It looks like I won’t be watching it i Spanish or English anywhere since the closest place is an hour away. I’ll pray that Ives doesn’t have spotty internet at the stadium and I’ll follow his reports (hopefully).

  11. CBS Scene at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA after the Revs beat the Crew!

    Thanks to the Revolution and American Outlaws Boston!

    ($15 or $10 for Revs sth’s or AO members)


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