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Who do you think will win the 2009 MLS Cup?

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Eight teams, one trophy. Who will lift the MLS Cup in Seattle next month?

Will it be reigning champions Columbus? How about the Los Angeles Galaxy? Think Seattle can pull off the dream scenario of winning a title in its home stadium?

Cast your vote for who you see winning MLS Cup here:

Who is our pick? I went with the Chicago Fire before the season, but injuries continue to plague the Fire heading into the playoffs. My pick is the Los Angeles Galaxy, which boasts a solid defense, game-saving goalkeeper and two of the biggest stars in MLS in Landon Donovan and David Beckham. Look for LA to knock off the Crew in the MLS Cup final.

Who did you select? What do you see being in the final?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. One thing very true about sports is that what you did in the regular season, though nice, doesn’t mean a whole lot in the playoffs.

    If you need examples, look no farther than the NYRB of last year and the deal with the devil they signed for Osorio’s soul.

    More proof would be that the REV’s totally owned the Dynamo both regular season that Houston took the cup.

    Playoffs- were anything can and will happen.

  2. For all you neutrals out there- Sounders making the Final is the best possible result. I will go to the game whether we are in it or not, but I can’t promise that the other 30,000 season ticket holders will do the same.

  3. Freddy Adu was on the bench but didn’t play.

    Dumb manager had a sub left team, needed to win to stay in tournament and didn’t bring Freddy in to see if he could do something. Team drew 1-1 and was eliminated.

    Hopefully he gets some minutes against F.C. Porto on Friday.

  4. Here it is

    First round:

    RSL beats CLB 3-2 agg.

    Fire beats Revs 2-0 agg.

    Houston beats Seattle 3-1 agg.

    L.A. beats Chivas 2-1 agg.

    Second round:

    L.A. beats Houston 2-0

    RSL vs Fire 2-2 RSL wins SO


    RSL beats L.A. 3-1

    Thats a lot of goals for RSL 8 in 3 games but you’ll see….

  5. It’ll be the league propped up Galaxy with it’s special rules, grandfathers, caps, discovery selections and allocations that return to Glory. Maybe someday the Galaxy will be forced to stand on their own two feet like the rest of the league. Columbus is the best MLS team – Galaxy are the best Commissioner/Marketer/Advertising needs team.

  6. I like the Galaxy to beat Columbus in the final 2-1. Donovan scores 2, Beckham assists on 2 in front of a Sold out Qwest field. MLS can’t ask for more.

  7. Please God let the Sounders win!

    I’m not looking past Houston, because they were my pre-season pick for the title. But if we beat them I have no idea who I want to play. We looked good against LA, but they would get the home game. Chivas gave us problems, but we would get them at home.

  8. Personally, I’m wearying of the Seattle man-crush.

    I’d love a Chi-LA Final. But, I think Houston will take care of the Sounders and then upset L.A. Columbus will disappoint our Fire again this year and Schelloto will take care of business at Qwest and keep the Cup in Ohio.

    The next best thing would be Chicago beating Seattle in the Final and doing a Dolphins-style only-expansion-team-to win-the-title type dance on their field. Priceless.

  9. I don’t get the Galaxy thing. They are not the best team in the league and I can’t believe they will run through Chivas, Seattle/Houston and (probably) Columbus to win it all.

    I appreciate all that Arena has done and how he has turned around that franchise, but that’s too much to believe.

  10. Hate to say it but i voted for the Galaxy. I would love to see Columbus repeat but that has not happened since Houston did it a few years ago. i do not think Houston will pull it off and everybody else just seems like they have not had a good enough finish to pull it of.

  11. I like Seattle to win it but I’m completely biased. Seattle’s speed will be a hard match up for LA and if the Sounders have proven one thing (apart from how exciting and how good an ambassador Ljungberg is) it is that they won’t stop attacking at full speed until the whistle blows.
    Columbus has the better team, but despite home slump of late I think Seattle benefits greatly from the home crowd. That’s a loud stadium and it’s full of energy. Not to mention their coach knows a thing or two about the Crew.

  12. Seattle, LA and Houston are the best 3 teams right now, and the Crew have east on lock down.

    Since I will be at the game i gotta go for Seattle vs. Columbus or Revs (not happening) but I would not be disappointed to see LA or Houston in the final.

  13. Los Angeles and Houston are going to get dumped by Seattle. Those slow back lines are going to end it for them. Columbus beats Seattle in the final because they’re just plain better than everybody.

  14. LA has a very slow back line. If Seattle meets them in the Conference Final, look for Zakuani and Evans to play wing and make their backs look silly. I also think that the two matches played between COL and SEA prove that they match up very well indeed. That’s the final I expect (and hope for, quite frankly, as an unabashed SSFC homer).

  15. I too would like to see Seattle win. Their fans, their owners, and Ljungberg have all been great for MLS. Of course, I’d obviously like the Revs to win, but that’s really just not realistic.

    But, if I had to bet I’d say LA. I would have said Columbus last month, but they’re going into the playoffs having lost two consecutive home games, which is not promising.

  16. It’s going to be LA. Solid defense, smart coaching, and the biggest game changer in MLS – and I don’t mean David Beckham.

  17. if you guys are concerned with attendance problems in MLS you should take a look at the Beleneses game being played today..EMPTY.

    Fredy is on the field….but not Freddie(no suprise)

  18. Blablabla… everyone of u talk and talk… But all of u know that in this playoff is gonna be a surprise… NEW ENGLAND!!!! GO REV’S… We deserve it…

  19. i ppicked LA for reasons stated. that said, i hope for seattle in the final. i remember when dc made it to the final and it was RFK that year. the atmosphere was electric. seattle would be that x10.

  20. As a neutral I’m rooting for SFC and their marvelous support, I also think Ljungberg has been a better advocat for MLS than Beckham

  21. I really want to see SFC win it, but my head is telling me the Galaxy will win it just because Becks has to do something to earn back the love of his team…He did it with England, Real Madrid, and now it’s going to be with the Galaxy

  22. obviously my bias got the best of me and i picked Fire….

    as i said above, i would like to see Sounders make it to the finals to truly pack the house… Though a part of me doesnt, b/c if they manage the win in the finals then they will hold the best expansion season and the fire will lose the crown 🙁

    CLB are certainly a talented team
    Hou are deep and have a history in MLS cup
    LAG….nothing really to say here that everyone doesnt already know

  23. becknut’s hype has fallen

    personally i think Sounders making the finals playing in Seattle would be FAR BETTER….

    too bad they’ll lose to the Fire 😀

  24. I think Columbus repeats (best team ESPECIALLY if Marshall comes back)……

    ……but if I had to pick a second chocie I’d go with Seattle. If I’m a Sounders fan I’m rooting like heck for Chivas becuz if they dump the Gals and Seattle can handle Houston, Seattle will get two home games in front of that awesome crowd for the Cup.

    (Btw I’m a Fire fan – making that first sentenc particularly painful)

  25. I think victory for LA would be the best for the league. It will draw wide attention because of Beckham and with the expected strong crowd showing in Seattle the season would certainly end on a high note heading into a world cup year.


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