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Who do you think will win the 2009 MLS Cup?

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Eight teams, one trophy. Who will lift the MLS Cup in Seattle next month?

Will it be reigning champions Columbus? How about the Los Angeles Galaxy? Think Seattle can pull off the dream scenario of winning a title in its home stadium?

Cast your vote for who you see winning MLS Cup here:

Who is our pick? I went with the Chicago Fire before the season, but injuries continue to plague the Fire heading into the playoffs. My pick is the Los Angeles Galaxy, which boasts a solid defense, game-saving goalkeeper and two of the biggest stars in MLS in Landon Donovan and David Beckham. Look for LA to knock off the Crew in the MLS Cup final.

Who did you select? What do you see being in the final?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I doubt Seattle fans will be really excited to cheer for LAG. Chances are if the Sounders don’t make it they’ll favor the Eastern division winner.

    In fact, the only chance Seattle will show up for LAG is if they are playing DC.

  2. Ah, is your pride bruised ’cause I mentioned Seattle as a “space filler?” They’re still a 1st year expansion team. Sure they’re good, but they’re filled with old Dynamo Players and old men like Freddie and Kasey (who are playing quite well). Until they win a major Championship they’re just a space-filler bro.

  3. Dude, Columbus won the MLS Championship last year and won the Supporters Shield two years in a row AND are still in a major international tournament. So yeah, they’re on fire.

  4. It’s an embarrassment because soccer is meant to be played on grass, just as football and baseball should never be played in domes.

  5. Agreed.

    What America needs, and wants to see, is New England defeating Chivas in PKs in the final. Jay Heaps will get his revenge.

    GO REVS!

  6. OH and Seattle is a space filler? and RSL is dangerous, especially at home. Home and Home series looks awful scary for Columbus. Do some research before you make such asinine comments.

  7. How exactly is Columbus on fire? You haven’t scored a goal at home since September, you went lost 3 of your last 4 league games, and only scored 1 goal in the last 4…

  8. Whew! What a tough call. Columbus is on fire. Chicago is dangerous. The Galaxy are determined and have the best player in the MLS (Donavan). Chivas are like little pet dogs nipping at your heels, all bark and no bite. New England has Shalrie and Coach Nicols and that’s about it, everyone else is injured. The Dynamo are like sleeping lions full of experience but…. they’re still asleep so who knows when they’ll wake up, if ever. The rest of the teams are just space fillers.

    So, now, my pick. If Houston wakes up, they’ll win it. Otherwise it’s a toss up between Columbus and the Galaxy.

  9. I am a houston fan, but I have hard time completly believing that they will be able to win the cup because they have almost never used the same line up throughout the entire year. The amount of times the team has actually used the same line up in consecutive games throughout the season is 3 times. Though that means that as things drag on they look better because they are used to playing with mix match line ups, they will not be able to start as strong as they could because their best 11 is not always playing together. So if houston gets past seattle, then all bets are on houston for me. If not then I have columbus winning the cup over seattle. I wouldnt be suprised if seattle gets a few calls their way just to rake in some extra money (no offense to seattle fans). Though I agree they could probably beat LA with their speed even without the refs help.

  10. I love my Columbus Crew and I think we’re better than the rest of the league but we’re def not hot right now and that’s not good in a 1 and done format

  11. Columbus has an easier time of it in the East, so I’m penciling them in from the East. Chivas and Houston don’t look to be in form at the moment, so I guess I’ll take LA (reluctantly) in the West. Chad Marshall’s status seems to be up in the air right now, so I’ll say 2-1 LAG over the Crew in the final.


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