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Zizzo suffers potential season-ending injury

Sal Zizzo 

Hannover 96 midfielder Sal Zizzo will be out of action for a substantial amount of time after tearing an ACL on Monday.

Zizzo tore the ligament in practice after his foot got caught in the turf, and it is expected to take six to nine months for recovery, potentially ending the American midfielder's season.

Zizzo made one appearance for Hannover this season, coming off the bench in the team's 1-1 draw vs. Mainz on Aug. 15.

What do you think of this news? Think Zizzo should come to MLS once he heals up, or should he continue at Hannover 96?

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  1. Yes – “that Steadman guy” and his partner Hawkins have built quite a reputation in international football circles, haven’t they? They’ve worked on van Nistelrooy, Ronaldo (brasilian), Leonardo, Del Piero, Michael Owen, Oliver Kahn, etc, as well as other athletes like A-Rod, John Elway, Joe Montana, Martina Navratilova, Bode Miller, on and on.

    I know this cuz I also went to them. They’re in network! 🙂

  2. Apparently this crowd has not been following Zisso very well. In the second half of last season he was a regular bench player for Hannover and made several substitute appearances. The coaches were very high on his development. It has been a similar situation this season, although his appearances have been a little less.

    He definitely should have been given a look by Bradley at the Gold Cup. If Hannover coaches still like him, he should stay in Germany.

  3. I’m with Michael F. I don’t see what the injury has to do with whether or not he should stay. He seemed to be making progress. He should continue to tough it out.

  4. I remember in 2007 at the u-20s this guy was going straight at people on the wings and winning 1-v-1 battles on a consistent basis. He still was able to stand out despite Altidore and Adu with the dangerous runs he made.

    It’s a shame too, I thought he’d go to Europe and become a quality winger. He’s still young but he needs PT and MLS time is better than not even sniffing the field in Europe.

  5. He should come home, only to Birmingham, and Dr. James Andrews.

    Goff says over 21,000 tickets sold, but on ticketmaster you can pretty much only find mezzanine and upper level, so I’d expect the final number to be upwards of 30, like it was in Nashville.

  6. It’s funny because I follow the Bundesliga somewhat religiously and I’ve never seen this guy play. On the other hand, the article was EXTREMELY positive about his development and the probability of getting a lot of playing time before the injury.

    Just bad luck– hope his club can afford that Steadman guy in Vail. He’s supposed to be the best.

  7. – 22 and healthy = not playing.
    – 23-24 w/ a sort of healthy knee = still not playing

    its not rocket science, he needs P/T. Come home, its not gonna be permanent if he’s as good as we thought he was a couple years ago. Or go to another lower league in Europe, I don’t care. I say MLS b/c I guarantee there is interest. I can’t guarantee that about Holland/France/Portugal/Belgium/etc.

    I would love to have him on the Red Bulls

  8. i think for us saying that he; and others should return, is only hopeful dreaming that we can watch very talented professionals join our local teams. it is not necessarily that I “know” what he should do with his career now knowing that he has been injured.

    I, and many others, will always remember the 2007 u20s and how Stezela, Adu, Zizzo and others have yet to show that much impact since. it would be a dream if the MLS was the place that those players could return to and play that kind of game.

  9. Only in football do professionals have thousands of people that don’t even know them telling them where they should seek employment.

  10. yeah ive torn two and they arent very fun. my legs arent half of what they used to be. hopefully sal heals better than mine did. no doubt he will have a better doc and therapy facilities ha. id love him to come back so i can watch. and ltada no way man the vics and norcos were the way to go ha

  11. What does the injury have to do with coming to MLS. He never made the bench last year and this season he has and has even seen the field. Heal up, Sal. Continue to earn it. Stay. Good luck.

  12. too bad.. ACL; a common problem for soccer players. He would be a great fit for any MLS team, would be great for LA or NY. hope he can get his game back. 2007 seems so far away right now.

  13. TIME TO COME HOME SAL. 22 and haven’t broken into the lineup, MLS is the place to be for him… Look at what it did for Rogers, Cooper, Holden after stints in Europe

  14. Eric – I don’t see anywhere here that calls him a defender.

    The link calls him “Offensiv-Talent” in German, and although my German is pretty limited I’ll take a hunch and guess that doesn’t mean ‘defender’. I’ve been wrong before though..


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