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Afternoon Ticker: Benitez threatens Liverpool, Brazil wins again and more

Benitez Torres 1 (Getty Images) 


Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez has warned the club he would quit if striker Fernando Torres were ever sold without his consent.

Speculation has surrounded the Spanish international's future with the club due to its largely-publicized financial debt. Benitez is adamant about keeping Torres, claiming that he would walk if Torres was ever sold without his permission.

Benitez's statement is just the latest chapter in a Liverpool season filled with turmoil. The club has struggled to perform, and currently sits in 7th place in the Premier League's table.

Here are some other Tuesday soccer stories to keep the day going:


Brazil continued its string of impressive performances by defeating Oman, 2-0, on Tuesday. A fourth minute strike from Nilmar coupled with an Oman own goal paved the way for a Brazilian victory.

The win comes just three days after the Selecao's 1-0 blanking of England. Brazil is among the favorites to lift the World Cup trophy next year.


Fiorentina defender Juan Manuel Vargas has recently been linked with a move to Spanish giants Real Madrid, but Fiorentina insists the Peruvian international is not for sale.

Fiorentina sporting director Pantaleo Corvino has shrugged off reports of Vargas joining los Galacticos, stating that only unhappy players will be allowed to leave the club, which is currently in fourth place of the Serie A standings.

Vargas has played in all but one of Fiorentina's 12 league games this season, and has scored two goals and assisted on three others.


Arsenal striker Robin Van Persie is ready to try anything and everything to heal his injured ankle, and it may includea rather odd treatment. He is going to have his ankle massaged with horse placenta by a Serbian doctor who has had success with the treatment in the past.

Yes, you read that right, and yes, that sounds as gross as you think it does.


What do you think of Benitez's threat? Do you consider Brazil to be the favorite to win the World Cup? Will Vargas eventually make the jump to Madrid?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Hey… 50 percent of the people on here don’t know where Iraq is… or Afghanistan…

    or for that matter, how about World Cup finalists Slovakia, or South Korea, or New Zealand, or Cameroon… or…

  2. “Brazil continued its string of impressive performances by defeating Oman”

    I can’t believe you just said that. 50% of the people on here don’t even know where Oman is.

  3. Just looked at the Brazil fifa ranking page and found this.

    Lowest FIFA Ranking
    8 – August 1993.
    Best Mover
    7 – September 1993
    Worst mover
    -5 – August 1993

    So Brazil went from 3rd to 8th to 1st in one month? What the heck happened there?

  4. Sorry, I am not impressed with Brazil beating Omen and an under strength English team. Brazil has the ability to beat any team, but they do not deserve to be 1st in the FIFA rankings with 7 ties during qualifying.

  5. Misleading British tabloid headlines annoy the daylights out of me. Every third article on ESPNsoccernet is “[X player] Launches Blistering Attack at [X manager/ref/federation],” and the extent of the “attack” is usually something like, “I hope I play more.”

  6. Took the words out of my mouth. Why echo the headlines of journalists trying to sensationalize one little piece of a press conference or interview?

    “I’m confident it will never happen,” he said. “If it did, I’d resign.”

    That’s all. Fair enough!

  7. Rafa didn’t threaten anyone. When asked if the team would have to sell Torres he smiled and said they wouldn’t do that, and that he’d quit if they did. Not a threat; it was a moment of levity. Everyone connected with the club have stated time and again that Torres is not for sale.


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