Commissioner Garber issues State of League Address

Commissioner Garber issues State of League Address

Major League Soccer

Commissioner Garber issues State of League Address


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MLS Commissioner Don Garber gave his annual State of the League Address on Monday and covered a wide range of topics, from expansion to the Collective Bargaining Agreement to the Designated Player rule.

Here are some of the highlights:

Garber downplayed talk about a potential player's strike or lockout, but was also clear in stating that MLS wasn't going to cave in its CBA negotiations simply to avoid a work stoppage.

"We, the league, will not agree to a CBA that will negatively impact our ability to continue to grow this sport in the United States and Canada," Garber said. "We've been very committed to doing that and quite successfully, I might add, for the last 14 years and we're not going to compromise any of the key issues that we're discussing confidentially within this agreement in order to avoid a stoppage."

Garber also revealed that MLS was in talks with Montreal about becoming the league's 19th team.

"We've had productive conversations with Montreal to be our 19th team," Garber said. "We have not put a timetable as to when that team would join the league if we're able to reach agreement with them. We do not have any active discussions going on of note for the 20th team and certainly don't have any timetable for the 20th team."

Garber revealed that MLS is considering having the host the MLS Cup Final be determined by regular season record.

"There's support here in the league to really strongly consider moving MLS Cup away from a designated site and into a market where the team that earns the right to host it does so," Garber said. "We obviously have a lot of logistical challenges we're working through to figure out if we're able to pull it off."

Garber also touched on topics such as the Designated Player (MLS is happy with it, though he wouldn't say whether a second DP slot per team was happening), the CONCACAF Champions League (Garber stated that MLS teams need to start winning the tournament) and single table (MLS won't be going to it in 2010).

What did you think of Garber's comments? Like the idea of a top seed hosting an MLS Cup Final? Disappointed that Single Table isn't coming? See Montreal being a successful 19th MLS team?

Share your thoughts below.

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