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Segares out, Conde still a doubt for Fire’s playoff decider


If the Chicago Fire were hoping for reinforcements to bolster their chances against New England in Saturday's second leg playoff match, they'll have to look beyond Gonzalo Segares. The defender is currently listed as out for the upcoming do-or-die encounter set for Saturday at Toyota Park. Segares reportedly re-injured his right knee in his 20 minute cameo on Sunday.

"The only thing you want is to play and it's frustrating to not be able to," Segares told But that's football and now I have only to focus on recovery because I doubt I'll be able to play anymore this year."

Having Segares out is a huge blow, as Mike Banner was unable to contain the Revolution on the wing. Further compounding Denis Hamlett's defensive misery is the potential absence of central defender Wilman Conde, who is listed as questionable. The Fire missed Conde's presence in central defense in game one as the Revs' speedy forwards gave Fire veteran C.J. Brown problems.

What do you think of the latest injury news in Chicago? Will they beat New England on Saturday? Will Conde make an appearance?

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  1. I think they’ll b switching him between depending on the situation. Right now he’s their best scorer. Jankauskas is good too.

  2. Unfair to compare Pappa and Mapp. Pappa has better skill, same quickness, and 1,000x more confidence on the ball than Mapp has ever shown in his drawn out disappointing career. I think we should give Pappa a little credit for at least trying to make things happen. Especially with the crap midfielders like PAUSE!!! Mapp has been a total waste the last few seasons. I will be glad to see him go.

  3. Except that he let his man get away from him on NE’s first goal.

    As for Segares, what a chit-sandwich. He gets sent out to get some P/T to be a little more match fit for the next game, and boom, he’s done for the season.

  4. I seriously doubt that Shalrie will be playing as a striker when all the Revs need is a draw to advance. Maybe if they go down he’ll move up there, but they really need him to distribute from midfield.

  5. Well, in a perfect world, the Fire would have its best players available to play the Revs best players, but…
    The Revs haven’t had its best players together in any game this year. It’ll be a tough, nasty game on Saturday, and I think there’s more pressure on Chicago. Here’s to a Revs result which puts us through, and in this unlikely season, why not an Eastern Conference Conference final in Foxboro!

  6. The would be great news. Fire lose to New England so Hamlett would get the boot. Please hire Preki…..come on Klopas, BRING HIM HERE TO CHICAGO! The Fire has not had a good coach since Bob Bradley left Chi-Town. If not Preki…hire Tom Soehn (former Chicago Fire). Anybody but that dufus Hamlett.

  7. the revs will win it, whether in PKs or just in regular time. shalrie will be playing up front with jankauskas and they will dominate.

  8. Mobido: Pretty frustrating to think what the team could have done had McBride not gone down and the defense not been chronically on the trainer’s table, huh?

    Anyway, Ives I just read on Goff that Hamlett might be gone if Chicago doesn’t go deep in the post-season. (ie, screw up this weekend and he’s gone.) I know you had said that he may leave regardless at the end of the year. Any news on this front? If he goes, who looks like the best bet to replace him. Goff mentioned Preki, and even though I like that he’s turned Chivas into winners despite crazy injuries some of the stuff I hear from Chivas fans makes me worried about the roster and who’d be on it, and with all the speed the team possesses, I don’t think the squad suits the really defensive ball Preki’s played lately. Maybe that’s a function of the injuries though… So… yep, thoughts?

    (SBI-Chris, there’s no news in any of those revelations. I’ve been writing about Hamlett’s inevitable exit for weeks now (even if Chicago makes a deep run, I still don’t see Hamlett staying because then he can go to the highest bidder and Chicago’s ownership has never shown him much love), and we were the first one to peg Preki as the leading candidate to replace Hamlett. Actually, I first wrote that for ESPN about a month ago. As for Preki being a good fit in Chicago, I’m not so sure about that one.)

  9. I remember with fondness the flank play of Ward and Segares from the beginning of the season… ahh, such memories!

    Goodbye June 2009!

  10. Yeah, Banner was fast enough, but his lazy back passes led to some very, very dangerous turnovers. At least two of Brown’s fouls were due to Banner’s inconsistencies. Getting Tim Ward back might help.

    A bigger problem is Marco Pappa showing a Mapp-like lack of focus in the final third.

  11. I am not totally convinced that Conde hasn’t quit on the team–his recent excuses have been a sore hamstring, the flu, and last week a migraine. While I guess those are all possibilities, I just have a sneaky feeling that maybe he doesn’t want to be on the field for the Fire anymore. I am not sure about Segares because I know a knee injury can be pretty tricky but why risk further injury? Could be (and I hope I am) wrong but I just get the feeling that a number of guys unfortunately are just playing out the string.

  12. I went into this post season expecting my Revs to lose. Face it, we were terrible down the stretch. Then, on Sunday, they gave the gutsiest performance I’d seen them give in two months. I’m alright with losing to a team that has a better night if we are giving our all on the field. Last Sunday we did that, and came out with a win to boot. If we give the same kind of performance on Saturday, we can definitely win.


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