Henry's Infamous Handball

Henry's Infamous Handball

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Henry's Infamous Handball


Thierry Henry (Reuters)

Thierry Henry helped France into the World Cup with a handball that won't soon be forgotten in Ireland (or anywhere for that matter).

Here's Henry's Diego Maradona impression:

We'll take part of the blame for jinxing Henry by running the above photo with the Wednesday Commentary post, but in the end, the French star cheated and won't live it down any time soon. It should make for a fun introduction when he joins the Red Bulls this summer (okay, we're half kidding on that one).

What do you think of Henry's handball? Think he's a villain? Don't blame him for taking advantage? Are you more angry with the referees? Do you think UEFA and/or FIFA should step in and demand a replay or penalty kicks?

Share your thoughts below.

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