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Jimmy Bullard’s clever goal celebration

JimmyBul1lard (Reuters)

Comedy is all about timing and for Hull City midfielder Jimmy Bullard, his choice for a funny goal celebration could not have been better timed.

Last January, Hull manager Phil Brown made headlines when he had his team sit down on the field at halftime of a game against Manchester City so he could read his squad the riot act for a 4-0 halftime deficit against Man City.

Phil Brown Half-time Team Talk on the PitchAwesome video clips here

The teams met again in Manchester on Saturday and Bullard scored a second-half penalty kick equalizer, which he followed up with his own ode to Brown's infamous half-time on-field team talk.

If you're wondering how Brown took Bullard's celebration, he apparently enjoyed it thoroughly.

What did you think of Bullard's celebration? Get a good laugh out of it? Glad to see Jozy Altidore establishing himself as a starter at Hull?

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  1. But they’re a different team with Bullard. They’ve got more possession of the ball, more confidence.

    Geovanni probably has the best technique in the squad, but Bullard’s clever passing has been crucial. (And I’m sure he’s the king of the locker room!)

  2. I don’t see why Phil Brown doesn’t play VoH and Jozy in a pairing. Who is Jozy paired with at the moment? Ghilas? I mean, it just seems like an intimidating strike tandem. Two big players, one of which plays off the other.

  3. I think the reason why VoH replaces Jozy in the last 15 is because VoH is not so fast and is able to come in fresh against defenders who, if Jozy is doing his job, has worn them down.

  4. Hysterical.

    Good on Jozy. Hopefully he continues to work hard. The goals will come. Glad he seems to have turned the corner and is getting starts. Wish he had better service but it is what it is.


  5. hull needs an upgrade on one of the flanks. Hunt is solid on the left. Hull should look into gettng Donovan on loan or buying Holden. Hunt on the left and donovan on the right with bullard pulling the strings in the middle? a move like that would keep them up for next year

  6. I have 1 concern with Jozy getting playing time. He has been starting which is GREAT, BUT—-Ven of Hes comes in and plays 15 minutes a game, gets an asst. or scores. I know the other team is tired, but it happens alot. How soon is it until the roles are reversed, and Jozy is the one playing 15 minutes?

    And Alex -you are correct, the service to the forwards is crappy at best

  7. The best part about this celebration though is the Man. City player idly watching the other team celebrate with what I can only assume( with his face turned away) was a “WTF is this?” sort of look.

  8. Fir-…..F*** you Adam in berkeley….

    Anyways, thanks for this post Ives, because I was kind of wondering exactly what was so funny about this celebration. Jozy twittered about it and I was like….”OK”


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