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Jozy Altidore’s Wooly Road Block

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We all know about Jozy Altidore's well-publicized suspension and fine for being late for a recent Hull City match, and his punishment for mentioning it on Twitter, but now we get our first evidence of what may be a conspiracy to make Altidore late again.

The U.S. national team striker was on his way to practice (we think) and was halted by a flock of sheep. Having learned from his past transgressions, Altidore recorded the wooly traffic jam as evidence in case he was late again (we think he made it this time). Here's the video:

We have a feeling that was Altidore's first encounter with a herd of sheep. Let's face it, there aren't many herds of sheep in Boca Raton, Florida, or New Jersey for that matter. And no, that wasn't Phil Brown preparing for a new career in sheep-herding.


  1. This kind of thing even happens near London. Last time I was in England the Heathrow Express train I was on was stopped for 20 minutes while the police herded a pair of swans off the tracks. Back home in Jersey they would have just run them over, like they do with the poor unfortunate souls who trod along the tracks and get killed every month or so.

  2. Jozy rumored back to Villareal early due to Hull’s problems. Article from not available because the link keeps screwing up.

    Apologies when / if this gets posted 5 times.


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