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MLS Generation adidas squad to travel to South Africa

While most of them may be a bit young to have a realistic chance of playing in the 2010 World Cup, a team of MLS Generation adidas players are about to take a trip to South Africa for an experience they won't soon forget.

Stefan Frei, Patrick Nyarko and Chris Pontius headline a team of 18 MLS players that will travel to South Africa to participate in a series of friendlies and other events later this month.

Here is the squad (Omar Gonzalez and Steve Zakuani are NOT on the team as we first listed):

Chance Myers (KC Wizards), Brek Shea (FC Dallas), Anthony Beltran (Real Salt Lake), Ciaran O'Brien (Colorado Rapids), Patrick Nyarko (Chicago Fire), Josh Lambo (FC Dallas), Roger Espinoza (KC Wizards), Rob Valentino (Colorado Rapids), Bruno Guarda (FC Dallas), Eric Avila (FC Dallas), Kevin Alston (NE Revolution), Stefan Frei (Toronto FC), Jeremy Hall (New York Red Bulls), Peri Marosevic (FC Dallas), Rodney Wallace (D.C. United), Daniel Cruz (Houston Dynamo), Baggio Husidic (Chicago Fire), Chris Pontius (D.C. United)

The squad, which will be coached by Columbus Crew head coach Robert Warzycha, will play friendlies against reserve teams for South African clubs Ajax Capetown and Orlando Pirates, while also visiting the home of Nelson Mandela during the 10-day trip.

What do you think of this squad? Think this team would do pretty well in MLS?

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  1. Lets see what they an do. Baggio probably the most talented. Nyarko is worthless; he would be ok in the USl or a local Club team. I have some hope for Pontius.

  2. Anything that gives young players additional experiance is a good thing. exposing them to different styles of play and giving them a chance to showcase themselves is good for the players. Anything that improves the players improves the league so a good thing on both fronts.

  3. Every period adidas invites the modern GA categorize and preceding period’s GA categorize. As expressed above, Omar and Bowen off to Frg and Zakuani out with enarthrosis surgery. Heard a scuttlebutt that Nimo is actually future now


    marq thompson

  4. GA is a program that exists to get underclassmen and U-20 players into MLS early. Players stay in the GA program until they are deemed to be ready for the senior team. It’s usually based on the amount of playing time a player gets during the season, but it can also be based on the number of years they’ve been in the program.

    This year’s class will likely see just about everyone graduate (Alston, Wallace, Gonzalez, Frei, Zakuani, and possibly Hall). Cruz, Husidic, and Marosevic were fringe players at best, so they likely won’t graduate this year. I’d expect Nyarko and Myers to graduate to be the only older GA players likely to graduate.

  5. So how did Pontius manage to get a special invite? Not complaining, but he’s the only non-GA player on the roster. Hell, they could’ve taken Jakovic as well, as he’s the same age as Pontius and had just as much success this season for DC.

  6. I was under the impression that when you get significant playing time in a year, you’re typically graduated. GA is to protect you to help you develop. When you no longer need that protection for a roster spot, you’re forced to graduate out of GA. I don’t think it’s Galaxy’s decision to do it – it’s MLS that makes the call. But I’m sure somebody here knows the exact details.

    I expect Gonzalez, Zakuani, Wallace, Alston & Frei to graduate out of GA. Again, I’m sure someone here knows better.

  7. Hey Ives… do you think RSL fans should take the omission of Chris Seitz from this group as a sign that his Generation Adidas status won’t be extended next year? I know this a question a lot of us have.

  8. Why would Gonzalez graduate from GA? GA players sign a three year deal and don’t count against the cap. Mls owns him for two more years, why would they change that, only to make him less attractive to mls teams? And why would the galaxy change him from a free player (which he is now) to one that costs him money when he has two years of his protected status left? There are three teams having drafts in the next two offseasons, why make yourself protect him?

  9. Every year adidas invites the current GA class and previous year’s GA class. As stated above, Omar and Bowen off to Germany and Zakuani out with shoulder surgery. Heard a rumor that Nimo is actually coming now.

  10. I realize this doesn’t qualify as an answer to your questions, but out of this group I’d take Pontius, Alston, and (perhaps oddly) Husidic. Maybe Frei.

    Anyway, have you done a report on next year’s draft class yet, Ives? I hope it’s better than this year’s class (which would be awesome considering how great this year’s was–no sarcasm). I feel like you’ve done a couple. Maybe right after I hit send I’ll quell my lazy and use that search bar over there…

  11. Galaxy are doing a quick money-grab tour with Beckham after the season is over, so Omar Gonzalez won’t be available. But it’s also a safe bet that he’ll be graduated from GA.

  12. Does that mean Gonzalez and Zakuani have graduated from GA? Or is this completely unrelated?

    LA, Seattle and others should know by now who’s graduated from GA, correct? They have to submit their protected list on Monday.

  13. For comparison, since these guys are all 1985s or younger, here’s some better talent from MLS rosters in the same age range:

    85: S. Holden, R. Findley, O. Alonso, B. Evans, M. Kandji, G. Cameron, S. Franklin, B. Evans, A. Alvarez

    86: S. Cronin, D. Barnes, A. Hainault, M. Wynne, C. Ashe, E. Gaven, S. Lenhart, M. Lahoud, A. Moffat

    87: M. Pappa, R. Rogers, Y. Movsisyan, D. McCarty, W. Johnson, M. Besler, J. Braun

    88-91: S. Zakuani, O. Gonzales, S. Nyassi, the other S. Nyassi, G. Mayen, J. Flores, Y. Cuesta, F. Ibrahim

  14. Would have liked to see Alex Nimo from RSL. Really impressed in Portland the second half of last year. Freakish speed and a good handle.

  15. > “Think this team would do pretty well in MLS?”

    No. CB situation is a problem. I think even SJ and RBNY could beat this group. Best you cobble together would be something like:

    Nyarko–Pontius (Marosevic)

    Espinoza–Wallace–Husidic–Avila (Guarda, Cruz, O’Brien)

    Beltran–Shea–Valentino–Alston (Myers, Hall)

    Frei (Lambo)

    (Very true Socrates. To be fair, I asked that question when I thought Omar Gonzalez and Zakuani were on the team. Without Gonzalez, this team’s defense is extremely suspect.)


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