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Preki leaves Chivas USA

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In a move that was long expected, Preki has left Chivas USA after three seasons as head coach.

Preki took over as head coach for Bob Bradley before the 2007 season and guided the team to the playoffs all three seasons. a trio of first-round playoff exits marred Preki's time with the club, with the most recent playoff loss coming to the arch-rival Los Angeles Galaxy. That lack of playoff success was at least part of the reason for Chivas USA's decision not to sign Preki to a new contract, though the club's announcement of Preki's departure called the split a mutual agreement.

What is next for Chivas USA? Former LA Galaxy and Bayern Munich assistant Martin Vasquez is considered the front-runner to replace Preki. Former Kansas City Wizards head coach Curt Onalfo is another possibility.

As for Preki's future, he had been linked to a potential move to the Chicago Fire if the Fire parted ways with Denis Hamlett, but with Hamlett winning his second straight first-round series as head coach, it would be tough to imagine the Fire not re-signing Hamlett once the season ends.

Another possibility for Preki is to join Bob Bradley as an assistant coach for the U.S. national team. Bradley lost assistant coaches Peter Nowak and John Hackworth to the Philadelphia Union.

What do you think of this news? Surprised to see Preki go? Think Vasquez could be a good head coach in MLS?

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  1. an expansion coach with a timbers team that make the rest of the USL look like punks, I’ll take it. that is if the prek isn’t the natty coach.

  2. I’m sure he already has his choice of any available coaching job in MLS, why be an assistant for one summer? TFC , DC, and CHI are all likely to be filled by 2011, leaving only the death trap that is being an expansion coach in this league. It makes no sense.

  3. Your comments are idiotic in my opinion. Not only do you probably know nothing about soccer, but preki probably forgot more than you know about the sport. Soccer is driven by passion for one. Number 2, this passion and nonsense goes on in every league in every country except the US. Number 3, get off your high horse and realize what a good coach he is. Once you and every other MLS fan that agrees with you realizes that, soccer might start to get better here.

  4. Wait, Nurse and Burling were Bradley’s boys? How, when Bradley was long gone from the organization when they came to Chivas USA? If I recall, Nurse was out of shape, Cuesta was far better than Burling and Lawson spent the past two seasons injured.

    As far as Jazic is concerned, he actually played a serviceable role at left back.

    Regarding signing MLS players, well, what do you expect an MLS coach to do, especially one who probably had considerable pressure to take the team beyond the first round?

  5. Nat’s assistant for the next summer. after a strong showing in SA he has his choice of any MLS job in 2011; including TFC, PDX, VAN, DC, CHI

    for now i am excited to see Vasquez and some new blood in the MLS at Chivas; perfect fit.

  6. Sorry, but trying to start a physical confrontation with an opposing player – regardless of whether any blows were actually thrown or not – is immature and unprofessional. And this wasn’t an isolated incident. Preki has been involved in similar after-match altercations so many times before it’s almost become a habit. When you let your emotions take over, you are no longer in control. That’s the mindset of a loser. You don’t see Wenger, Benitez, Mourinho, Ferguson, or even fecking Phil Brown pulling that kind of crap. Maybe you should move on . . . to Mexico where this type of BS is considered okay.

  7. Wenger hasn’t won any hardware in over for years. he must suck as a manager according to the standards set by the preki haters on here. I used to look forward to the day that soccer would become a more popular sport in this country, but now I realize that these novices are just diluting the collective intelligence. Our league and national team have been advanced by his involvement in the past and we will continue to benefit from his genius if we can preserve this vital resource. Those who know the game and who want to see its continued success in this country seem to understand this…

  8. Preki is a man, he’s just not the man.

    Only Chivas USA fans know what he really did and didn’t do for the club.

    As a season ticket holder, I can tell you that he did as much as he could do.

    If he ever develops a way to reach out to young attacking players that speak Spanish, he will be “The Man.”

    He’s too Lou Dobbs for his own good.

    I think he will have learned that when he coaches again in this league.

  9. b-o-o h-o-o

    nothing happened… words were thrown, not punches… you are making a small incident into a larger one in your mind… time to move on

  10. scott47a,

    Not bamouthing, just presenting some simple facts. Don’t forget the it was BOB BRADLEY that turned this franchise around, not Preki. Preki was given his firt coaching gig because of Bob. His best season was in 2007 with Bob’s roster. When he tried to put his own fingerprint on the team, he faltered. He never blamed himself for first round playoff exits, loses to the Galaxy, multiple injuries that were caused in training not during the games.

    He prefered to play with vets than play younger players. Not a racist, but he did prefer “certain” kind of players. Never bridged a line with Guadalajara system for its players, either.

    Just sayin’.

  11. Preki is the man, and if you can’t see that, you have no business being involved in a serious discussion on the matter. That superclassico was crap, and the MLS should do a better job of hiding their will to have Becks and Donny win the title, or we’ll be having the same discussion as the NBA. Preki will become an assistant for bradley and then should take over as head of the USMNT after the world cup.

  12. Those players came out of necesity. We needed defense and scoring.


    We traded Esky for nothing. He dumped Burling, Lawson, Nurse, and others because they were Bradley’s boys. He made insane deals to land Harmse, Jazic, Vitctorine, Stephanovic.

    His brother rep’d some of these players whom we found out later were some of the highest paid players on the roster.

    I pray we re-sign Cuesta (lame ass fouls aside) and Maicon (a bit inconsistent, but more creative)

  13. you guys are a bounch of bafoons! Preki is not a good coach thats why Chivas is letting him go! Santos and Cuesta were brought in by Carlos Llamosa. Us Chivas fans have lived with Preki for the last 4 years and know that he has been the main problem in the club.

  14. Double the talent of Chivas midfield and Braun’s strike partner and Braun’s numbers would approach Jaqua’s. Its not really fair to compare Klestjan (who has been terrible this entire season) with Ljundberg. Having Freddy Montero as a strike partner also adds another dimension to the attack, and created more opportunities for Jaqua. Chivas attack didn’t exactly strike fear into opponents this season cause their midfield play was pretty much non-existent.

  15. Pricki should go to Mexico then. I’m sure his “passion” would fit in there just fine. Then if he tried to kick an opposing player in the nuts as he came down the sideline or if he bitch slapped an opposing player in the tunnel after the match they could call it “ardido” instead of stupido. Any so-called manager who physically lashes out at opposing players during or after a match is bush league and puts the “ass” in passion.

  16. Preki is one of US soccer’s Greats. He will find a coaching job with zero problem. Heck he would make a great national team coach. I hope the USSF doesnt lose this guy. And for entertainment value, nothing beats his facial expressions of dismay and disgust.


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