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SBI European Club Top 25

Robin Van Persie (Reuters)

FC Barcelona has just one loss this season, and the defending European champions will get their chance to avenge that loss on Wednesday when they travel to Russia to take on FC Rubin Kazan on Wednesday.

The Russian champions cracked this week's SBI European Club Top 10 with its latest league victory, and on the strength of its 2-1 win at the Camp Nou and its draw vs. Inter Milan in Champions League group play.

The biggest mover in this week's Top 10 is Arsenal, which shot up from ninth to fifth after its mauling of Tottenham. The Gunners have been one of the most impressive teams in Europe over the past month.

Another major mover in this weeks rankings is AC Milan, which quietly put together an unbeaten October that included a memorable Champions League victory against Real Madrid. Milan's run has the club just two points out of second in Serie A, and a rematch with Real Madrid looms.

Here is this week's SBI European Club Top 25: 

SBI European Club Top 25

(Last week's ranking in parentheses, along with domestic league record)

1. (1) BARCELONA (7-0-2)

2. (2) CHELSEA (9-2)

3. (3) MANCHESTER UNITED (8-1-1)

4. (4) INTER MILAN (9-1-1)

5. (9) ARSENAL (7-2-1)

6. (6) BORDEAUX (7-2-1)

7. (5) REAL MADRID (7-1-1)

8. (8) SEVILLA (6-2-1)

9. (7) JUVENTUS (6-2-3)

10. (11) FK RUBIN KAZAN (16-5-5)

11. (12) Olympiakos (8-0-1)

12. (14) Werder Bremen (6-1-4)

13. (17) Lyon (7-2-2)

14. (10) Hamburg (6-1-4)

15. (18) Fiorentina (5-3-3)

16. (13) Dinamo Kiev (10-0-2)

17. (24) AC Milan (5-2-4)

18. (15) Sampdoria (6-2-3)

19. (20) Bayer Leverkusen (6-0-5)

20. (NR) Braga (8-0-1)

21. (23) Shakhtar Donetsk (8-0-4)

22. (19) Fenerbahce (8-1-1T)

23. (16) Benfica (6-1-1)

24. (NR) Ajax Amsterdam (8-1-2)

25 (NR) Panathanaikos (8-0-1)

OTHERS RECEIVING CONSIDERATION: PSV Eindhoven (9-0-3), Twente Enschede (10-0-2), FC Porto (6-1-2), Marseille (7-2-2), Bayern Munich (5-2-4), Manchester City (5-1-4), Aston Villa (5-2-2), Tottenham (6-4-1), Valencia (5-1-3), Galatasaray (8-1-1), Schalke 04 (6-2-3T), Hoffenheim (6-3-2).


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  1. What do you mean what’s my point? I’m saying that you can’t compare teams by “Team A beat Team B by such and such, but Team C only tied Team B, so Team A is clearly the better.” He didn’t even use that argument, I was merely covering my bases. Anyway, the loss to Burnley backs up my point. United lost 1-0 away to Burnley, but Chelsea won 3-0 to Burnley at home. You can’t really draw conclusions from that, just like you can’t when United beat Wigan 5-0 and Chelsea lost to Wigan 3-1. Try and keep up…

  2. I’m assuming that Milan’s run of form will end but hey, I was eating crow last CL date when they beat Madrid so I don’t know anymore. The German teams are so tough to rank because in the early season, there always seems to be some parity and then Munich storms up the table most years and wins. It will help the ranks of all German clubs if any of them survive to the knockout rounds in Europe.

  3. Chelsea should not be faulted for the group they were drawn in. They have done all they can do int that group and that is just dominate. I know that you know the the EPL is much more competetive that La Liga and that Chelseas record is more impressive given that they play in a better league. Also has Barca played anyone in the top 4 yet? Chelsea dismantled Liverpool.

  4. Very good picture of the moment. I believe after taking a brief look at the list and having seen at least one or two games, that Bremen, Hamburg and Milan will drop down before December.

  5. Indeed, this weekend should be great, I just hope United shows up and plays to their potential, I don’t want another showing like they had at Liverpool…

  6. Well if Benfica defeated Braga their rank would have been a little higher, but dam Braga are flying high this season…They have beat the three best teams in Portugal in the first nine matchday’s of the season!

  7. Actually, I was thinking that you make good points about the 3 home games. The two road losses that everybody makes such a big deal about was one terrible performance at Wigan and two set plays, against the run of play against a very tough opponent. I’m not exactly shaking over the defeats. 😉

    It’s actually interesting to see Chelsea destroying weak teams. ManU were always the lamb slayers in that regard, padding their goal differential against the Bolton’s of the world.

    Wow, just having this discussion makes me look forward to this weekend.


  8. Oh yeah, and before you mention that United didn’t get similiar results against Blackburn and Bolton, you’ll notice that while Chelsea lost away to Wigan, United crushed them 5-0, so you can’t rely on those comparisons…

  9. Actually I’m pretty sure it does matter. I know they aren’t newly promoted, but maybe you’ll notice that Blackburn is below all three promoted teams right now, and Bolton is only above Wolverhampton. Yeah, those are some quality teams. Oh yeah, and Atletico is also in the relegation zone. And yes, they all were at the Bridge except for the most recent game at Bolton. Maybe you’re confused with the fact that before the Bolton game they lost their last two games away from home to Wigan and Aston Villa. I’m just saying, they’ve played total crap teams and crushed them at home. I’m not exactly shaking. And again, the United game is a home game for Chelsea, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Chelsea win, as they are great at home. The reverse fixture at United I would definitely say United would win (like last year when they won easily 3-0)…

  10. Jeez, Kbone, when a team has 4 games in a row and wins by a combined 17-1, it doesn’t really matter if the opponents are cream of the crop. They aren’t newly promoted squads or anything and it all hasn’t been at Stamford Bridge. “Unstoppable” might be a bit strong but they are certainly scary right now. Who do you bet on this w/e? ManU or Chelsea?

  11. We’ll see this w/e. I can’t see ManU dropping out of the top-5. For example, even if Chelsea wins this w/e, does that drop ManU out? Depends on the score and the CL game this week, etc.

    What a season is shaping up in Europe!

  12. While I’m a Blues fan, it WILL take a win vs. ManU(re) for them to deserve to be above Barca. This top 7 seems very correct and I can’t quite put Inter over ManU yet.

    The increased depth of the English league this year is going to make these rankings a bit tougher.

  13. As a United fan, I feel it is important to point out that United is having an excellent start to their season, at least in terms of results. Second in the league and 3 wins out of 3 in the CL, two of them away in Russia and Turkey. That sounds pretty awesome to me, considering United rarely hit top form early, if ever. If United continue their trend of playing their best late in the season, can you imagine how good they’ll be then? I certainly admit they are lackluster, but that is usually case for them every season this time of year, but they are still getting results. And as for Chelsea, they destroy three awful teams (Blackburn, Bolton twice, and Atletico Madrid) in a row, and they are unstoppable? Certainly if they beat United handily, then yes I will agree, but as for now, I’m not buying it. The last good team they played they lost to…

  14. Went to SI this morning and saw the headline, “Rangers interested in Bradley”. Of course I clicked, but it turns out it’s the Texas Rangers, who are interested in bringing back Milton Bradley. Talk about your Morning Jolt.

    Back on topic, I hate to say it as a fan, but Manchester United haven’t exactly been playing inspiring soccer lately. I almost feel like they don’t deserve 3rd. But, then again, who goes in front of them? Inter is the only team I’d consider, and they haven’t made a very good case for themselves in Europe.

    Other than that, looks about right to me. Thanks Ives.

  15. I gotta agree with BurlingtonChelsea. I’m not a Chelsea fan, but a footy fan. Chelsea is unstoppable. They’ve had a slightly easier path in the Champions League, but if they were to play each other today, I’d tip my hat to Chelsea. I also think Manchester United has been shaky lately. Berbatov has been in form for once, but they are obviously missing Ronaldo. I wouldn’t be surprised if they drop out of the top 5 soon.

  16. not sure, but i think the ranking may have taken into account the three team’s performances in the Europa League, in addition to the domestic league.

  17. I think that Chelsea should occupy the #1 ranking becouse their Champions league form is enough to put them past Barcelona right now. I see the records next to the team, but IVES do you consider Champions league or Europa League form in these rankings? Goal differential? Those two alone have Chelsea sitting on top of the rest.

    (SBI-Of course European competition is considered, and while Chelsea has been great in the Champions League, they’re also in a pretty awful group. I almost put them ahead of Barcelona, but decided to wait. If Chelsea beats Man U, then it will move up to No. 1.)

  18. As an Ajax fan, it’s nice to see Ajax ranked ahead of the two clubs that are in front of them (although the ranking is maybe not warranted for that reason). The Eredivisie is tough this year.

    for the week ahead: Go Manchester United, Go Ajax, and Go Galaxy!!!

    (SBI-I know Twente and PSV are ahead domestically, but right now I feel Ajax is playing better overall. That said, I can certainly see an argument for PSV to be ahead of Ajax more than Twente, which hasn’t exactly impressed in the Europa League. Twente’s loss to Sheriff Tiraspol and home draw to Steaua Bucharest in Europa in October are the main reason they aren’t higher.)


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