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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Jozy Altidore 2 (Getty Images)

Jozy Altidore's quest for his first English Premier League goal will take him to City of Manchester Stadium, where he and Hull City will face off against Manchester City in one of the more intriguing matches on Saturday.

Altidore is coming off a strong performance in Hull's recent 3-2 win vs. Everton and will face a stern test from Man City standout defenders Kolo Toure and Joleon Lescott.

The match of the day will feature Brad Friedel's Aston Villa against high-flying Tottenham, while Clint Dempsey and Michael Bradley will also be playing on games being televised in the USA today.

If you will be watching any of today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's soccer TV schedule is after the jump):


10am– ESPN2- Portsmouth vs. Manchester United

10am– Setanta USA- Manchester City vs. Hull City

10am– FSC- West Ham vs. Burnley

Noon– Udinese vs. Livorno

Noon– Setanta USA- Carlisle vs. Norwich

12:30pm-FSC-  Aston Villa vs. Tottenham

12:30pm– GolTV- Borussia Moenchengladbach vs. Schalke 04

12:30pm– ESPN Deportes- AZ Alkmaar VVV Venlo

2pm– ESPN Deportes/ Valencia vs. Mallorca

2:45pm– FSC/RAI- Genoa vs. Sampdoria

3pm– Setanta USA- Lens vs. Olympique Marseille

4pm– GolTV- Sevilla vs. Malaga

4pm– ESPN Deportes- Sparta Rotterdam vs. PSV Eindhoven

5pm– Setanta USA- Fulham vs. Bolton (Delayed)

5pm– FSC- Udinese vs. Livorno (Delayed)

6pm– Azteca America- Cruz Azul vs. Puebla

6:30pm– GolTV- Junior vs. Pereira

7pm– FSC- Wigan vs. Sunderland (Delayed)

8:15pm– GolTV- Deportivo Tolima vs. Atletico Huila

8:30pm– Setanta USA- Blackburn vs. Stoke City (Delayed)

10pm– Telefutura- Club America vs. Monterrey

2am– FSC- Sydney FC vs. Newcastle Jets


  1. Read the Laws of the Game. “Ejection” does not appear; “Send off” is the correct terminology. This isn’t a euro/non-euro thing–just accuracy.

  2. Never did I say that grabbing was illegal. I don’t think there is anything wrong with grabbing unless it is really severe. If every grabbing was called, there would be more than 5 penalties a game. Portsmouth should have had another penalty then when Dindane was pulled by Neville on O’Hara’s cross.

    “…and yet sometimes they do call it precisely because it is illegal” Why are they called only sometimes if it is illegal? It should be called everytime if it is illegal.

  3. Agreed, if not a foul remove the offense from rule book. Some football leagues are calling it more frequently than others and in those you see it less.

  4. i like you claiming how it happens all the time makes it somehow not illegal. Holding happens all the time in football, and yet sometimes they do call it precisely because it is illegal.

  5. I agree Rob. Dempsey and Duff were head and shoulders above everyone else on attack. Dempsey was constantly fouled, but still looked good.

  6. Dempsey looked good in the minutes I watched. Although Bolton fouled him constantly he had some nice touches and a shot or two.

    Gladbach beats Shalke 1-0, they are just 3 points behind Bayern. Michael Bradley played very deep, no attacking runs at all.

    In the minutes I saw, Jozy had one bad touch, and could have had an early assist.

    Would like to see Friedel come out of USMNT retirement and challenge Howard, who will be shell shocked by end of year.

  7. another great win for bradley and gladbach. they are a lot more fun to watch this year vs last year. If they can get a decent striker to work with arrango, reus, and bradley in the midfield, they can be a stable mid tabl team

  8. I disagree regarding Dempsey – I watched the entire game and he was probably the best player on the field. I am not sure what balls you are talking about that he gave away, nothing in the midfield. He had a few up near the goal which you could blame just as much on the person he was passing it to for not being on the same page as him. I think he can see what is going on better than other players and many times puts the ball in an opening space where he is expecting his own player to be moving towards. It is amazing how much more he is involved with Fulham then with the National Team. He never seems to be lost and slowly running around with Fulham like he does with the National Team.

  9. altidore had a great game, very impressed with what he did with limited service. As long as he keeps getting minutes, the better he will be.

  10. I really didn’t see anything wrong with the grabbing. Yea Vidic did grab his jersey but it happens all that time. I agree with you on the Giggs part.

  11. LOL…I am actually a Spector fan but think he was the weakest link in the back line today. He did have a pretty good middle third of the game and his run resulting in the PK was terrific but Zola is going to make a change and my bet it is him.

  12. I thought it was a pk and I thought gigs shoulda been called for a push leading up to his.
    On the first one vidic had hand full of jersey that did effect the jump for the ball..and the ball played only inches above his head. The commentary was wrong to downplay it so much. At worst it was a 50/50 decision.

  13. So I really have hardly watched any Bundesliga games. I’m watching Schalke v. Monchengladbach now — it looks a lot like EPL as far as style of play: lots of pace, very physical. Is that typical?

  14. Is your last name “Cherundolo” or “Faubert”, by chance? ha jk.

    I agree it’s terrible to give up 3 at the end like that, but with your logic the entire back line would have to sit out next week!

  15. so I can’t spell…Spector partially responsible for another Burnley goal in stoppage time. Zola can’t be happy with the defense this game and I predict that it is back to the pine for the yank next week.

  16. Anovato, good to hear someebody speak their mind. Although i disagree with much of it. Good luck tomorow against madrid. At least this match day comments section wasn’t devoted to which tv somebody should buy.

  17. West Hamm and Spector having a rougher 2nd half. Spector partly responsible for both Burnley goals and not for nothing but 9 times out of 10 his throw-ins go to the other team. He may well not start again next week.

  18. Pete may be a manc by birth for all I care, but he doesn’t need to come here and instruct us to speak cockney. This is an American board and we are free to call ourselves soccer fans and not football supporters, say field instead of pitch, etc. if we wish, without being annoyed by Austin Powers here.

    Semantics aside, Fulham and Hull both score tying — I mean, equalizing — goals.

  19. i love all the manu “fans” on here, how many of you have ever lived in England or even been to manchester. and i agree about sir alex, today he wont say anything to the press. but just wait for the next loss or tie, he’ll cry like a baby

  20. Get off it, anovato. Don’t you have two players on your team who have intentionally handballed goals (or plays that led to goals) in Henry and Messi, and these were obvious and intentional plays.

    Yep, that United team is sooo dirty compared to squeaky-clean Barca and their non-cheating ways.

  21. to the europoseur who admonished another poster to use “sent off” instead of “ejected” … You are what we in section 8 chicago call a “jagoff.” But if you prefer to call yourself a “wanker,” fine by me.


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