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Toronto FC to introduce Preki as head coach on Thursday

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Toronto FC has informed its fans, and the Canadian media, that it will reveal its newest head coach at a press conference on Thursday. You already know who it is.

Former Chivas USA head coach Preki will be introduced as Toronto FC's fourth head coach, and will have the task of guiding TFC to its first playoff berth in its fourth season of existence.

Preki led Chivas USA to the playoffs in all three seasons he was head coach, but he will be looking to improve on his playoff record, which consisted of three first-round defeats.

Preki will inherit a talented Toronto FC roster that boasts a strong collection of young players including first-year standouts Stefan Frei and Sam Cronin, as well as established veteran standouts such as Julian DeGuzman and Dwayne DeRosario.

What's our take? Preki has proved to be a tough coach for some players to play for, but there is a strong consensus that he's a sharp tactician who knows the game better than most. With the talent he'll have at his disposal, Preki should be able to shape TFC into a playoff team in year one.

Preki's hiring leaves three teams without head coaches heading into next week's MLS Expansion Draft. Chivas USA, D.C. United and New York are all searching for head coaches, while rumors persist that a change might be in the works in Chicago, though Preki's hiring in Toronto FC might hamper Chicago's plans to replace head coach Denis Hamlett.

What do you think Toronto FC hiring Preki? Like the decision? Were you hoping for someone else? Think Preki can lead Toronto FC to the playoffs?

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  1. Preki will make winners out of TFC. That I am sure of.

    As far as pretty soccer, unless he hires a no.2 with an attacking rep, highly doubtful.

    That’s not a bad thing, Toronto has a good core of players AND talent.

    Nevertheless, you will have a 2-3 year window for all the planets to align for TFC.

    After that, the Preki meltdown will overshadow all of the players and fans.

    That I am also sure of.

  2. Well, its easy when you have David Beckham. If no one cared about Chivas USA why are so concerned about it, if you are or aren’t a galaxy pathetic fan. Just imagine if Chivas USA had the LA name, i am certain Chivas USA would have gotten more media attention, like their overpriced, pub cheeter team, galaxy. 3 yrs no playoffs, then now your in the MLS cup. Sure makes MLS pathetic. Then again, thats what happens when MLS referees make stupid bad calls.

  3. You may think ELAC is negative or biased, but he is absolutely right when it comes to Preki. Preki is a pretty good coach with a high soccer IQ, but his attitude and temper wear down players. He will win in Toronto, especially with all that talent in the midfield that suits his style of passing game, but I don’t see him being there more than 2 to 3 years.

    Truth is, Preki would be an excellent coach in a national team program. He could challenge guys in shorter camps, and not wear them down over a longer season.

  4. At TFC Preki will have more raw talent in one year than he did in 3 at Chivas. Can he put the pieces together? I think he could, but I don’t know how the players will react to his “style” of coaching and game. There are at least two big ego’s on TFC that he will have to work with in DeRo and Guevara, luckily for him they are very talented as well. Should be exciting for TFC.

  5. Well, I hope this doesn’t get in the way of Chicago making the right move and letting Mr. Hamlett pursue other options.

    Did Denis get the Fire to two straight Eastern Finals? Yes. Did Denis squander a highly talented club by playing some players out of position? Yes. Was Denis able to produce one trophy in his two years with a highly talented club? No. Did Denis make any additions to his team during the trade window to help his injury injured team? No. Did Denis’ players respect him? I don;t Hamlett wants to hear that answer.

    Denis is a good enough guy but has not produced enough to stay on. Since the Fire will no doubt be in a rebuilding phase, why would anyone put stock into a guy who couldn’t win hardware with a good team and think somehow he’ll be good with a rebuilding team?

    Let Denis go as soon as contractually possible Andell Holdings.

  6. Thanks for informing us of your blatent negative bias.

    I will be sure not to listen to your post.

    Preki is a good coach that has seen success. At a professional level of play a temper is necessary to get the job done. The amount of patience when dealing with professional athletes should be at a minimum, the job is to manage, not to develop.

  7. Preki will make Toronto more legit than ever.
    Toronto might even win a playoff game or two.

    Preki is not pragmatic and doesn’t learn from his mistakes. He has a temper and very little patience.

    Toronto will have oldest player age average, too.

    Congrats from a Chivas USA STH,

  8. I have no doubt that Preki will get that team in the playoffs.

    They could use better defenders, of course, but if they play anything like the style CUSA played, Preki will make up for the lack of quality defenders in coaching and style.

  9. He got Chivas to the playoffs but they never went anywhere (nor did anyone notice). we’ll see how he does in a more intense media market. No one cares about Chivas in LA, everyone pays attention to Toronto in T.O.


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