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Americans Abroad: Monday Rewind

Tim Howard 2 (Getty Images)


Everton's season has not gone quite as expected, but on Monday, Tim Howard helped the club do something it hadn't done in its past seven games: Win.

Howard helped Everton end a seven-game winless streak that dated back to Nov. 8, making seven saves in the Toffees' 2-0 victory over Burnley. The win pushed Everton to 11th place, four points away from the drop zone.

Jonathan Spector and West Ham United are also trying to avoid relegation, but they took a step back in accomplishing that goal. West Ham lost 2-0 to Tottenham, and Spector came off the bench and played 71 minutes, his first appearance for the Hammers since Dec. 5.

Howard and Spector were just a couple of several Americans Abroad in action on Monday. Here is how the rest of the Americans Abroad did:



  • Tim Howard started, played 90 minutes and made seven saves in Everton's 2-0 win vs. Burnley.
  • Clint Dempsey started and played 90 minutes in Fulham's 2-1 loss vs. Chelsea.
  • Eddie Johnson did not dress in Fulham's 2-1 loss vs. Chelsea.
  • Jonathan Spector came off the bench and played 71 minutes in West Ham's 2-0 loss vs. Tottenham Hotspur.
  • Marcus Hahnemann and Wolverhampton Wanderers play Manchester City on Monday afternoon.


  • Jay DeMerit started and played 90 minutes in Watford's 2-2 draw vs. Bristol City.
  • Frank Simek and Sheffield Wednesday's match vs. Blackpool was postponed.


  • Zak Whitbread did not dress in Millwall's 2-0 loss vs. Bristol Rovers.
  • Ian Joyce started, played 90 minutes and made six saves in Southend United's 2-1 win vs. Leyton Orient.
  • Mike Grella dressed but did not play in Leeds United's 4-2 win vs. Stockport County.
  • Jemal Johnson did not dress in Milton Keynes Dons' 1-0 loss vs. Huddersfield Town.
  • Jon-Paul Pittman started, played 90 minutes and scored a GOAL in Wycombe Wanderers' 5-2 loss vs. Brighton.  


What do you think of these performances? Think Everton and Howard are ready to distance themselves away from the drop zone? Do you see West Ham and Spector fighting relegation all season long? Glad to see Pittman represent with a goal?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. how many midfielders do we have? can we rank them in order? donavan, dempsey, bradley, torres, clark, beckerman, holden, kljestan, edu, jones, adu, beasley, maybe rogers, pointius, pause or someone else, hopefully not. why are we so plagued with midfielders and goalies, and weak with defense and forwards? would we be too weak defensively to run 3-5-2? maybe annex altidore and davies/casey for

    donovan dempsey

    torres beckerman holden

    clark bradley

    spector gooch boca

  2. You assume that against teams that have more possession, we need less. That makes no sense. Brazil would have had a MUCH harder time coming back from 2 goals if they didn’t have the ball the entire second half. We would have scored far more goals against weak opposition if we actually wanted to hold the ball and deprive them of minutes on the ball.

    Against Slovenia and Algeria, Bradley and and Clark (or possibly Edu) will Still be starting, because that is how Bradley lines up every time. It is wrong.

  3. Spector has been a pro since 2003. He has about 96 games in the Premiership and 23 caps for the US. It’s past time for him to be making “a couple of inexperienced flubs”

    They were experienced flubs.

  4. I dissagree. Spector played ok today. When you consider how Lennon has been torching teams lately this is a good thing. I counted 5/6 times in the 2nd half alone where he was isolated against Lennon and he never really caved. Of course Lennon got crosses off but all were affected by his d.

    If you want to be harsh he could have recovered quicker to prevent the goal but in reality I think few backs in the epl make that play.

    For me he has to be penciled in as the left back for June for the experience and composure at this level alone. Not to mention two of West Hams best chances were a cross sent in and a run forward of his.

  5. The Torres-Bradley and Feilhaber/Clark combination worked when we had possession. What happens we don’t have players who can WIN possession against teams who will clearly have more possession? The reason the USA did so well against Spain was because they had the appropriate combination of players who could win possession(Bradley/Clark/Backline) and players who could take advantage of possession(Dempsey/Donovan/Davies/Altidore). Against Slovenia/Algeria, I meant to post that Feilhaber and Bradley will be next to each other, not Bradley and Jones. That way, the USA has players who can take advantage of the tons of possession they will get against those teams, assuming we get tons of possession.

  6. Thank you. I was going to say the same thing. The CB’s for west ham were horrible today. What games are guys watching on this site?lol Lennon has been burning most of the EPL this year.

  7. Hmmmm. Sounds like it might be tendonosis of the Achilles tendon. I’ve had that for a least 2 years. Tiny little micro-tears that keep recurring. The only real cure is total rest…put it in a boot for a couple of months.

  8. I am so freaking TIRED of people thinking that what this team needs is a defensive midfielder or more tackles. The problem we have is, we have too MANY! we make too MANY!

    Bradley, Clark, Mastroeni (he who shall never return), Edu, these are all defensive midfielders with varying degrees of skill, passing ability, and offensive/defensive inclination. Bradley and Clark do not play well together, (except against Spain, when all we did was mess with Xavi and Fabregas). The best combinations I have noted are combinations of attacking players and defensive midfielders. Note Clark and Feilhaber’s performance in the Gold Cup win, they complemented each other had responsibility was delegated. Same with Torres and Bradley when they were paired together. Bradley pushed up and down the field, making tackles, while Torres controlled and dictated the tempo.

    Problem is, we have never seen these obvious combinations, even though we used that model with Mastroeni/Armas and Claudio Reyna. It makes perfect sense. You shouldn’t HAVE to make dozens of tackles all game long. Aw well.

  9. I’m actually thinking injuries could (but most likely won’t) help us in the long run. Just like we would NEVER have seen Davies and Jozy (or Dempsey, for that matter) up top if Ching hadn’t been injured, Demerit’s return to play means that he will buck Bob’s clear favoritism of his competitors. I think Gouch will be back 2 months before the tournament. That is enough, at this point, to start for the national team. In short, we need Gouch and Demerit to be playing in the middle, or else we’re screwed.

    That will make Boca our leftback against the big guys, and we’ll try to survive.

  10. I think Spector will either be played like this(against England)


    This sort of backline did a good job in the Confederations Cup of holding up against teams that have the majority of possession. To be honest, with all the goals the USA conceded, the backline actually played well. It was really a matter of the midfield in the sense that in the Italy game, there was no real defensive midfielder for three-fourths of the game, in Brazil there was no defensive midfielder available to be played, and against Brazil it was just a matter of the defense being overloaded. For those confused, Bradley is not a real defensive midfielder; He covers ground, makes excellent tackles, and reads the game well but he’s better when he’s able to do all that and get into the offense, which is why Ricardo Clark should be behind him, or next to him, and Dempsey/Donovan in front of him so that Bradley can move forward and back without making a huge gap behind the forwards or in front of the centerbacks, where De Rossi and Guiseppi Rossi scored their goals. When the USA had Bradley and Clark in the central midfield against Spain and Egypt, they were able to withstand the pressure from the opposing attack because Clark was willing to sit back in front of the centerbacks, with Bradley making runs forward( hence the second goal against Egypt) and helping defensively with Clark in a dual holding role when needed( hence the defense holding up against Spain). When they only had Clark in the Brazil game(due to Bradley’s(ridiculous) suspension), it wasn’t enough to hold off some of the better players they had. had Bradley, and a right winger(Holden) that actually dropped back and helped defend been there, the USA could have handled Brazil better.

    My general idea is that the USA will play at least one team(England) that will, most likely, control most of the possession. The defense needs a midfield that can handle having to drop back at times and help them; they didn’t really have it all the time in the Confederations Cup. That’s why I think this lineup would be great against England:






    NOW, against Slovenia and Algeria we can put players out there who can handle possession.






    Castillo be the starting left back or may not be the starting left back I really don’t know at this point; Lets just wait.

  11. Than SPECTOR?!

    You’re nuts. He’s the best defensive back we have, that goes for either side.

    Castillo is not a very good defensive back, either, stick him in if you need an overlapping attacking back, we don’t even need that with Donovan on the left. Boca showed us just how slow and erratic he is when he’s on the outside.

    Spector IMO is a great left back, watched a few West Ham games seeing him in that position, and I didn’t see anything that would tell me otherwise.

    IMO it’s,


    Bornstein if you need speed, and Castillo if you need an attacking bite.

  12. Jozy is just 20 yrs old and basically has never really played. Scratched all of last yr with Xerex. With time he will learn the game and become a prolific scorer. Right now all you see with jozy are glimpses of what could be. In time the glimpses will turn in to sustained play. Charlie Davies was far further along in his development and hopefully he is on the road to recovery.

    Against England, I would pack the midfield and play Spector. Spector has good attacking instincts and touch.

    Howard, Spector, Onyewu, Bocanegra, Cherundolo, Torres, Clark, Bradley, Jermaine Jones, Donovan, Dempsey

  13. Landy is only used negatively when in conjunction with “Cakes.” Until the last two years, I thought LD was lacking in bite. He has proven me wrong, revealing his desire to take his game to the next level. Hence, the term “Landy” is used without the denigrating “cakes” and is actually affectionately used. 🙂

  14. Hull really are a completely different team with Jimmy Bullard.

    Unfortunately, he seems to be in an almost perpetual state of injury. Thus, the horrific, shambolic form of the Tigers.

  15. I try not to jump to conclusions. But by using the term Landy, which is generally a term reserved for those who like to denigrate him, it makes it difficult.

    I guess I’ll just have to take you at your word.

  16. Me too. Still not sure if Gooch will be healthy come the World Cup. And even if he is, what kind of form/fitness will he be in? Boca worries me too. He hasn’t played for like what, 3 straight games now? Definitely concerning that our friggin Captain isn’t getting playing time. Perhaps a transfer should be in order?

    Only thing that gives me comfort is that Jay DeMerit is healthy and playing for Watford, and that in my opinion we have 2 solid right backs (Spector and Dolo).

    In my opinion if Gooch isn’t healthy/up to speed come World Cup time, and if Boca is rusty and rotting away on Stade Rennes’ bench, then our starting center backs should be Jay DeMerit and Jonathan Spector, with Dolo at right back. I’d rather have Spector at CB, than Chad Marshall/Jimmy Conrad/Clarence Goodson/Michael Parkhurst/Danny Califf.

    I’m hopeful that Gooch can get healthy and back in form, and that Carlos can start getting some playing time again soon, but you never know.

    As for left back, it’s kind of whatever. Not really any great options. Bornstein is up and down. I’d like to see Spector get some action there, but if Gooch isn’t ready and Carlos is not in form, then he might be needed to provide cover at centerback or even start there. Hopefully Castillo gets more time in the Mexico, Netherlands, and Northern Ireland friendlies, but I don’t think he’s really any better than Bornstein defensively. Heath Pearce is dead to me.

  17. agree with part of this – Spector had a lot of help on his side, made a couple of inexperienced flubs, but all-in-all, when it came down to man-to-man he was solid enough. They ran Lennon and Palacios at him the whole first half and he didn’t cave, until they finally started pushing down the right.

    Got involved offensively a bit as well.

    Still, not completely convinced he’s the answer there against England – I’m not sure we can afford to have a MF helping so much, but I’m no tactician.

  18. Probably because Wycombe are in season. Most, if not all of the guys called in were in the off season. Pittman is still young he will get his chance. He has hinted at a move to MLS to get some exposure with the Nats.

  19. I finally caught yesterday’s Hull-Man U match today … and man, Hull is TERRIBLE.

    Also, Jozy tweeted today that he wasn’t cramping — he’s had some sort of tweak in his leg for two years. But I agree with what everyone was saying yesterday, he didn’t have enough spark up top.

  20. ahm, I’m not saying that Jr. is bad, I’m just saying that’s the only thing you can count on with BB.

    I happen to like Landy, and am glad to see him ply his trade at Goodison.

    Don’t jump to conclusions, buddy.

  21. What’s up with Jamal Johnson? Started with MK every game in the beginning and now doesn’t even get on the bench? An injury not being reported?!

  22. he was burned by boiling water as a kid – boca jrs tried to pay for plastic surgery, but he felt it is a reminder of where he’s come from

  23. just used wikipedia to learn a little more about javier garrido after he scored on a free kick in the match which is still in progress. someone had already updated the page to mention not only the “stunning, low-curling free kick” he scored 20 minutes ago, but then said “he later went on to hand in a transfer request due to lack of playing time.” so he scores the goal and apparently during the next stoppage of play handed in his request? gotta love wikipedia

  24. did some argentine scientist make tevez like frankenstein.

    I ve alwats noticed the scar on his neck but today an HD he must have been a science project. does anybody know how his neck became to be.

  25. wolves down 2-0 but really have been pretty good on possession, much better than hull and hull have had an extra year to gather themselves in the top flight. it’s too bad jozy couldn’t play for a team of this level of quality has he would likely still COMPETE for playing time but have a much better quality of service

  26. ya dude, BB is a real idiot for playing our best CM every game, what a clown. also, he really seems to love that donovan idiot, he can’t play at all but BB will play him nonetheless, when will he learn?!?!

  27. y couldnt pittman be called up for the friendly in Jan?

    by the way i saw The Damned United and it was an excellent movie. I recommend every soccer fan to see it.

  28. Arrived in St. Lucia last night and it is football heaven here! The British version of espn has epl soccer on all day and there is fsc and setana as well and of course if cricket be your fancy…lots of that too…..and most of the soccer is over by beach time…perfect island.

    (SBI-Checking in from St. Lucia, huh? That’s dedication.)

  29. In order to assume jr. plays 90 every game you have to assume he doesn’t get sent off early for a miss-timed tackle. I, for one, don’t see that happening.

  30. yep….of concern. Who knows whether Gouch will make it back; Boca is not playing;

    Spector is having difficulty with the speed of many of the EPL players and struggles for starting 11 playing time and Borenstein just doesn’t have the speed and ability to go up against the worlds best players.

  31. i watched the game and not once did lennon flat out beat spector

    spector did very well, he distributed well, and contained aaron lennon better than most EPL defenders have this year

    the second goal definately wasnt his fault either, he was in the perfect position the whole time and Green made a horrible parry to a perfect position for Defoe to put it in

    by no stretch of the imagination is it Spector’s fault they lost….i thought diamanti and kovac were pathetic for West Ham today

  32. Omar, the only thing we can “assume” about BB is that Jr. will play 90 EVERY game…. remember that BB LOVES Borny.

    That said, I hope you’re right, because I’d much prefer to see Spector line up at right back than Jonny B. Hell, I’d rather see Boca, Dolo, and Castillo before Borny.

  33. Gotta say, Spector looked shakey in the back today. The Spurs outmanuevered him all game and his positioning on the last goal probably allowed Defoe to capitalize. That being said, his passing and delivery were quite good and for once, his throw-ins actually got to his team members. Again, showed that he might be a better option at left back than Borenstein.


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