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Barcelona defeats Estudiantes, wins FIFA Club World Cup

Lionel Messi 1 (Reuters)


Barcelona suffered a little more than it would have liked in the FIFA Club World Cup final, but the Spanish club finished a dream year with another piece of hardware to add to its already crowded cabinet.

Barcelona came back from a one-goal deficit to dispose of Estudiantes, 2-1,on Saturday. A first half strike from Mauro Boselli gave the underdogs the lead, but Barcelona would equalize two minutes from time courtesy of a goal from substitute Pedro.

The goal pushed the game into extra time, and with penalties looming, Lionel Messi chested a Xavi cross into the back of the net for the game-winner in the 110th minute.

The Club World Cup victory capped off a remarkable year for the Spanish giants, who won six pieces of hardware in 2009. Barcelona also won the Spanish league, Champions League, Copa del Rey, and the European and Spanish Super Cup titles.

Messi's game-winning goal can be seen after the jump:

What did you think of Barcelona's FIFA Club World Cup win? Surprised Barcelona was pushed to the limit by Estudiantes? Were you hoping for the upset? Consider Messi the world's best player?

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  1. ah the famed “septua” the Spanish table, Champions League, Copa del Rey, the European super cup, Spanish Supercopa and world club cup!

  2. Think about this fun fact: if the ref in last year’s CL semifinal wasn’t bought and paid for, then the mighty barca would not have 3 of the 6 pieces of silverware, no CL, SuperLeague, or this joke of a tourney.

    Amazing the power one crooked ref can have on the power structure of the game.

    (SBI-And if Roman Abramovich hadn’t bought Chelsea then Chelsea would be Tottenham Lite. Amazing what one Russian billionaire can do to the power structure of the game 😉

  3. Estudiantes played a great first half against Barcelona, but could not maintain the pace and basically run themselves into the ground. Barcelona not only displayed their superior skill in the end but also better conditioning.

    So far we have seen opponents in all competitions play different styles against the Catalans but they are falling short somehow. Maybe Chelsea is the only one who can plan a game like Estudiante’s first half and have the physical endurance to maintain it throughout the whole game.


  4. He’s basically the equivalent of Kenny Cooper. Excellent skill, touch and passing. Tall, but wouldn’t rise for a header if the ball was tagged with a hundred dollar bill, and wouldn’t turn his back to goal if Megan Fox was butt naked behind him.

  5. Awesome finish. The best part was the timing as Messi was just a split second off of being offside. Guess that’s why they’re the world’s best…

  6. Soccernet shows Estudiantes La Plata took three shots total, one a goal. I didn’t see any shots from them in second half.

    They did shutdown the middle making Barcelona go high and wide, not their strong suit.

  7. Veron had a nice game. Messi one of the smallest scores on header? Ibra doesn’t appear to be good in the air. Has that always been the case? Glad the attacking side won once more, good for soccer.

  8. Messi thought, “Alright, time to win our 6th title of the year with a freakin’ diving chester! Yeeaaahhh!”

    Crazy brilliant improvisation.

  9. I’m sure if the Argentine side was to lose, they would rather be at the hand of Argentina’s greatest player, and absolute legend.

    Could SuperLiga by a tournement where CONEMBAL teams were invited??

  10. bizarre/dirty? haha, I’d go more w/ absolutely brilliant. Cracking match, Estudiantes are a quality side w/ some great players. Magic winner from the little genius.


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