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Beasley stays hot with another goal, assist for Rangers

Damarcus Beasley (Getty) 

American midfielders hoping to make the 2010 U.S. World Cup team next summer had better beware. DaMarcus Beasley is back and has every intention of being in South Africa this summer.

Beasley continued his recent blazing hot form today, scoring a goal and setting up another in Rangers' 6-1 smashing of Motherwell. The match was Beasley's second straight with a goal and third straight he helped contribute to a goal.

While the level of competition in the Scottish Premier League isn't as high as some other European leagues, U.S. fans must still be encouraged by the way Beasley is looking these days. He looks fast and he looks confident, not to mention his touch and passing are looking as sharp as they have since his PSV Eindhoven days.

Here are Beasley's goal and assist from today's match:

What did you think of Beasley's latest goal? Starting believe that he will play his way onto the World Cup team? Anxious to see what he does in the Old Firm match-up vs. Celtic on Jan. 3?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. That’s simply untrue. His first touch has betrayed him in big spots over the past year, but it’s not actually that bad. Not that his touch is silky smooth, but no one ever considered it notable one way or the other until the past year. But of course, USMNT fans don’t really remember anything beyond the past 6 months. As a matter of fact, we used to channel offense through him down the left side. His skills ARE superlative, as far as the US goes. Don’t think so? Name a better left winger we’ve ever had.

    Also, as an aside, we Americans overvalue possession. The USMNT will square pass the ball a dozen times until someone turns it over. We don’t have the creativity to take chances. This is why we get killed when teams sit back and let us possess (see: USA vs. Czech Republic, 2006 World Cup). Players who can make threatening crosses like Beasley and Spector are incredibly rare (and rarer still are the likes of Feilhaber and Torres with the vision to make incisive passes in the midfield).

  2. It’s intereting that you say that and I’d like to hear from others but one reason I’ve always been driven into near homicidal rages by DMB is that he is the original poster boy for the USMNT player with the “poor first touch”. And here I was thinking all you guys valued possession.

    See DMB, pass the ball to DMB, see the ball bounce off DMB to the other side. See other side run down the field and score.

    Some games he’s better, some games, he’s worse but to say that his skills are “superlative” is pure, unadulterated, dog poop.

    He has been effective it’s true, but he has to be “on”, otherwise the USMNT would be better of with you in midfield.

  3. This may shock you but Jozy is actually not the best proven option for Hull to score consistently.

    Say what you want about Phil Brown but if he thought for one second that having Jozy out there was better than not having him out there, he’d be out there. Relegation fear will do that to you; as will fear of being fired.

  4. You can’t be right.

    Everyone knows that Bradley is a moron and couldn’t possibly know anything about motivating players or getting good performances out of them.

    Beasley’s good form is not a coincidence. It is a conspiracy by the USSF to convince us that Bradley is legitimate. They must have bribed the SPL teams to lay off of DMB. There must be a bonus in there for Rangers to play him as well.

    Everyone knows that anyone on this blog can coach better than Bradley.

  5. I don’t think he should be back on the national team. I remember the last time he played he missed a pass on a corner kick, then watched a Brazilian player take the ball and move up forward for a goal. I don’t like his attitude, I don’t like his playing. It seems like he plays a couple good games every year, and that keeps him going to leech onto the national team squad. I hope I’m wrong and the DBM of 2002 is back, but I doubt it.

  6. Okay, I’m picturing Adu in midfield.

    Rusty, short, slow, weak and easily dispossessed (just knock him down). Trying to move the ball quickly? Well it dies as soon as he gets the ball.

    Enough of this picture. Possession is about a lot more than good ball control. Holding the ball means nothing if you don’t do anything with it.

  7. Right Now I’ve got the following players as our Starting 11 (pending recovery for 2)

    GK-Howard, LB-Boca, CB-Gooch (R), CB-DeMerit, RB-Spector, LM-Donovan, CM-Bradley, CM-Jones (R), RM-Holden, F-Jozy, F-Dempsey.


    LB-Bornstein/Castillo, RB-Dolo, CB-Marshall, CM-Torres, CM-Feilhaber, RM-Beasley/Rogers, F-Findly,

    F-TBD, GK-Guzan, Hahnemann/Perkins


    Edu, Clark, Tracy, Grella, Goodson. However if you drop one/two of the “/” players from the Sub Rolls you could pick from the Alternates. And obviously if some of the injured players aren’t back to form/fitness pick an alternate and move them up. Left off Davies because I just can’t see him getting Healthy and playing in time.

  8. Right now neither Edu/Jones is playing. We might need to start adding Clark into the mix. Even though I know he’s not everyone’s favorite.

  9. Brooklyn…

    I like the 11 man line-up based on Current play and form. But Considering there are still 5 months until the WC there are still roster spots to fill and a lot of time for people to regain/improve form and health. All the players need to keep pressuring to improve and stake claim to positions/options

    The USNT needs to think of everything in terms of depth and plan at least 3 to 4 deep to cover issues of Form/Fitness/injury. Therefore I propose the following….

    ST = Jozy, (who else?)

    CF = Dempsy, Donovan, Findley(?)

    LAM = Donovan, Castillo, Beasley, Torres, Rogers

    RAM = Dempsey, Beasley, Holden, Donovan

    LDM = Jones, Bradley, Edu, Feilharber, Clark, Torres

    LWB = Bocanegra, Bornstein, Castillo, Simek

    CB = Gocanegra, Oneywu, Demerit, Marshall, Spector

    RWB = Spector, Cherundolo, Pearce (?)

    GK = Howard, Guzan, Hahnemann, Perkins

    the Problem with the USNT right now is viable quality players at the ST and CF positions and at CB. If Gooch can get back to the form he had at the Confed Cup then the 4/5 I listed above should be enough…if he can’t we need to find another quality CB fast.

  10. Great to see Beasley keep this run of form going!!! I really liked ho win his goal he used his body. This is a part of Beasleys game that has been lacking even in his best years. As far as the assist he had great vision but the striker did the work there.

  11. This is good news for the NATS. Having an in form Beas gives BOB another option in the cue. Let’s be clear, I don’t think Bob will roll out the same lineup in our first 3 games. Having an in form Beas, with the pace and his work rate tracking back, is a weapon starting or off the bench in S. Africa. I’m excited by the turnaround. I hope he keeps it up!


  13. I can’t stand this kind of revisionism. You clearly missed his initial run for Rangers. He was a key player until he got injured. Stop pretending he never did anything for them. He is the first American to score in the Champions League for two different clubs.

    You’re kidding yourself if you think it doesn’t matter that a 20 year old kid made a major impact in a World Cup run. It doesn’t mean he’s necessarily a great player now, but it means that there is no doubt that he CAN excel at the very highest levels, because he has. To me, that’s one solid factor in his favor over promising players like Holden who haven’t actually really shown anything yet. Also, using the 2006 World Cup as a reason why he should be discounted is silly. First of all, in case you missed it, it was his cross that led to our only goal. Second of all, players like Landycakes were LOST in Germany, but that doesn’t give us reason to discount them now. And third of all, even the best players fall out of form. The real issue is not whether they were bad at some point, but whether they were ever really any good. You can absolutely say that at one point, Beasley was the most accomplished international field player we had. Who else can you say that for on this team? Bradley, Dempsey… not a long list.

    I agree he’s definitely got a long way to go. He doesn’t deserve to go solely because of this resurgence. My point is that everyone who wrote him off and said that he would never regain his form is, frankly, an idiot. Here’s to hoping he keeps it up through next summer, because we’ve really never produced a player like him.

  14. Go ahead. Laugh your ass off, and I’ll laugh right back at you. Tied for 6th all time in goals for the national team, 2nd to Landon among active players, and had probably the greatest Champions League season any American has ever had – leading goalscorer on a team that reached the semis. Over the last 10 years – the strongest in the national team’s history – he’s the best winger we’ve had.

    Besides, I never said he was top 10. But even if he’s top 25, he doesn’t deserve a fraction of the derision he gets from people on this site.

  15. All I’m saying is he doesn’t seem like I’d be close friends with, and I have every right to think and say that. I don’t like the way he plays a lot of times, and I don’t like the things he says a lot of times.

    I don’t understand why you got your panties all in a wad. WTF, people will have differences with other people, it is life. Spend your time chasing after Jim Rome.

  16. Whether a DMB believer or non-believer, I think we can all agree that his form will spark more competition for spots on the National team. Any competition in midfield and attacking spots will help curb some of the attacking complacency that has plagued us on occasion.

  17. Our subs should be able to cover more than one position………. Spector(lb,rb,cb) Edu(cdm,cb), Holden(rm,lm,cm),Adu(rm,lm,cam,cf) (yes Adu), Castillo(lwb,lm),feilhaber(cm,rm,lm), and guzan
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  18. You seem to be arguing against a point I never made. I addressed Jack’s statement that it is laughable to include DMB as one of the top 10 most talented/accomplished players we’ve ever produced. I agree he has a long way to go. I agree he has been consistently awful for the Nats recently. All that said IMO he’s still one of the best we’ve ever had.

  19. pedigree? come on. He was great for PSV, but lets be honest with ourselves. Just because you sign a contract with a brand name club doesnt make your time there credible unless you get on the field and produce, which beasley hasnt for the better part of the last 4 years.

    Also, people citing his performances from 2002 as reason for why we should not discount him are kidding themselves. What about the 2006 World Cup? Did you miss that one? He was shocking.

    I’m encouraged by his performances in the last week or so, but let’s be serious, the teams are picked in MAY. he’s still got a very long way to go.

  20. I think consistency is more valuable than potential in a tournament with as few games as a WC. He has flashed his potential many times, but then will fade. You don’t want to go into a World Cup wondering what you’re going to get. Also, Beasley is famous for his brick wall-like first touch. Let’s not forget about that. He might be able to chase those down in the SPL but international defenders will jump all over those.

  21. I am glad Beasley is playing well…I wasn’t looking forward to seeing Robbie Rogers as either a starter or super sub. I think this will push him further down the pecking order. He may be ready sometime, but right now he’s not ready for international level.

  22. I love this one man! Now who do you have for the possible subs? Obviously everyone is wanting a CD return, but what about the midfield? Benny is doing good, Holden too…..but can anyone please try and picture Adu and his skills in the midfield? Holding the ball is what we need, countering cannot be the only offence!

  23. The PSV, Man City, Rangers pedigree, the 17 US Nat goals, the performance throughout the 2002 WC where the US advanced to the quarters, a feat not accomplished since 1930, all beg to differ with you.


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