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DeMerit completes comeback in Watford victory

Jay DeMerit 3 (Getty Images)

Jay DeMerit made a second half appearance in Watford's 3-1 victory over Queens Park Rangers on Monday, completing his comeback from eye surgery.

DeMerit was subbed in at halftime, and helped Watford post a scoreless second half en route to a 3-1 win that pushed Watford to sixth place in the Coca Cola Championship. DeMerit's cameo was his first appearance for Watford since a 1-1 draw with Swansea City on Aug. 29.

DeMerit's return from eye surgery comes as somewhat of a surprise after some initial projections had him missing as many as six months.

What did you think of DeMerit's performance? Happy he returned in a win? Anxious to see him back in the U.S. national team starting lineup?

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  1. Spector’s crossing ability is a weapon, but you can’t knock Dolo. IMO he’s one of our best players when it comes to covering the responsibilities of his position and he can cross it as well. We’ll need experience on the back line, and while both players have limited speed, Dolo has the experience to cover for the speed mismatches he’s going to face and is cool under pressure with the ball at his feet. It will be interesting to see who gets the majority of time on the pitch come June. Nice to have em’ both in the mix.

  2. For the us 2010 final squad the back line should be: castillo/ demerit who shows better in camp and friendlies leading up to the tournament ——bocanegra—–gooch–spector ithink people underate the impact of Spector. His crossing ability is crucial. And he’s A heck of a defender. Not a big fan of dolo. Can’t wait to see Jermaine jones he could have the strongest leg on team besides Landonhes going to be absolutely great hopefully he and the us can get revenge against the germans in the seconD round 😉 USA USA 2010:)

  3. -Jesus Hadroncollider, How do you really feel? (laughs)

    Listen Hadron take a chill pill and a deep breath…

    First, it was mere speculation on my part as to why Bradley won’t call him in. It was inteded to spark a discussion not a rant. Second, I dont think Bradley is an idiot, however, I do think there are oportunities with respect to his substitution patterns and tactical deviations (when called for). So yeah, i think he is in over his head. He has been out-coached constantly by teams and his weakness has been exposed for all to see.

    Second, I never said we had a bonafied option to lead us to the promised land. Thats a plight for Rooney and England. I was making a case for giving him a “look”.

    Second, His natural position is forward. Not midfielder. Take a look at what positions he played at Wake. And, by the way here is what he happened to achieve: Led ACC in scoring as soph, Led team in scoring junior season…having only played part of the season due to injury, Senior year ACC player of the year…For what? Scoring.

    He certainly isnt a target forward. However, he is a forward that happens to play MF for his club. Is that soo strange? I mean, there are folks advocating that Dempsey move up top as a forward…sounds silly to you right? No because guess what? (heres the Ureka moment junior) Some Players are V-e-r-s-a-t-i-l-e. Great concept right?

    And in regards to the Gold Cup…give me a break. That tourney was a joke. The reason why White wasnt on that team is the same reason why torres was excused from playing in it…the same reason why Adu was sent back to his club…why beasley was rottin on a bench in Scotland. Because it just was not important and he would rather have people winning PT than messing around in that tournament. Holden had already assured himself of a spot with his play in MLS, same thing for beckerman…

    Third…just because we have a few guys working their way into the mix…does that mean you are complacent with what you have in the player pool? Is EJ, Robby and cunningham the answer? Probably not. Right? Then why limit yourself to those three?

    In this business ” you snooze you lose” right?
    Castillo snoozed when he declared his love for Mexico right? back on the team…Torres snoozed by passing on Gold Cup and the euro trip..chances are hes back on the team in Jan…I bet if Rossi were uncapped right now Bradley would still try to get him into the next US camp…Beckham retired…gave up captaincy, guess what…back on the team.

    This business ain’t that black and white guy

  4. I’m curious how it is that you are absolutely certain you know why Bradley is not calling White up for a look?

    When I look at White I see a guy whose first full time pro season was 2007-8, plays with Benny Feilhaber, has 86 appearances in his time with the Danes and has 7 goals ( one goal every 12 games, not very exciting). Apparently he is either an attacking midfielder or a withdrawn striker. He doesn’t seem like the next Wayne Rooney.

    Who is White going to replace? Davies? It seems to me Cunningham,Findley, EJ and Cooper have better resumes for that position. Dempsey,Donovan, Holden or Torres? I don’t think so.

    I don’t know if the Gold Cup refusal is why White isn’t being called up but I do know this, the Gold Cup was an opportunity to impress that White turned down. If he had played in that tourney, maybe he impresses eveyone so much that Bradley never looks elsewhere again. Instead,in that tournament, Holden and to a lesser extent, Cooper impressed enough so that there was less of a need for a guy like White. And now, we have Cunningham, Findley and EJ working themselves back in the mix.

    I know you think Bradley is an idiot but his job depends on having ultra-dedicated performers. Cunningham, EJ, Holden, Findley and all those other guys apparently really want to play for the US. In my book, I go with the people who want to be here.

    Bradley can’t afford personal animosity in this business. After all he brought in that “known locker room cancer” Cunningham didn’t he? I’m sure if White was tearing up the Danish league and being rumoured for a transfer to Chelsea, he’d be back on the team, but he isn’t is he?

    In this business, you snooze you lose.

  5. Excellent news with the added little benefit that JD got just enough break from the day in day out toll playing would have taken on him in advance of the WC. At the same time the injury he had did not keep him from staying in physical shape. And, he’s coming back with plenty of time to get in a groove and shed any rust.


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