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Everton finalizes loan deal for Donovan

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Landon Donovan's loan move to Everton has been completed, sources confirmed to SBI on Thursday.

The U.S. national team star and Los Angeles Galaxy captain will join the Liverpool-based club when the transfer window opens on Jan. 1.

Donovan is being brought in to provide cover for an injury-depleted Everton offense that has struggled to produce goals this year. He will join U.S. national team goalkeeper Tim Howard on an Everton side that will be competing in the Europa League and FA Cup during Donovan's loan spell.

No details on the deal were available, but Donovan is expected to join Everton on a short-term loan deal that would see him return to the Los Angeles Galaxy in time for the start of the 2010 MLS season.

What do you think of this move? Think Donovan will make an impact at Everton? Anxious to see him match up against teams like Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal?

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  1. Thanks for your observations. I’m glad you can read the table. What you can’t do is provide any real insight. I also can read the table, and see that they are only 8 points–one good run–out of the European spots. Perhaps that’s optimistic, but they dug themselves out of a pretty big hole last season to finish fifth.

    Yes, Everton’s having a terrible year defensively. And if you look at their last 3 seasons, its not at all in keeping with their record. All I was saying was that there is no way Donovan becomes the scapegoat because it is no secret that the club’s problems run deeper than one man–especially one that might arrive midseason. Like I said, money and injury are at the root of their problems. Money and the departure of Lescott and no funds to bring in a replacement. Injuries to Jagielka and now to Distin and Yobo. Injuries and money are at the root of their defensive problems. When you’ve got two right backs in the center of defense and a really young and untested player at right back, that’s going to cause some problems.

    If you’re going to say something about a team, at least know what the F you’re talking about. The point is that everybody (except you, apparently) knows the Toffees current woes are way beyond Donovan and there is NO WAY he would be a scapegoat if the rest of the season continues this way.

  2. Real? Their back line is terrible, get Real. A dose of Reality for you,
    15 Everton
    16 Hull City
    17 West Ham United
    18 Wolverhampton Wanderers
    19 Bolton Wanderers
    20 Portsmouth
    And 27 Real goals conceded.
    Enough Reality?

  3. Get real. He’s not going to be the scapegoat. Money and injury are the causes of Everton’s current poor form. It’s not a secret.

  4. You have no idea what you’re talking about. If Donovan plays from day one, it’s only because of all the injury problems–the same reason Gosling is on the pitch (and he’s 18 btw, so he’d not be playing if Moyes had the choice and has far more upside than Donovan). He’s not going to play forward, and as an attacking mid or winger on a completely healthy squad, he’s behind Arteta, Cahill, Fellaini, Osman, Bily, and, yes, Pienaar. Give me a break. Pienaar is heads and shoulders above Landycakes.

  5. You mean he’s going to one of the oldest teams in the world, with a fantastic history and fan base?!! This is a good move for both sides, we (Everton) are missing our flair players hence the poor season, they return at the end of January and you will see a massive improvement! You say you wouldn’t touch Everton with a 10 ft pole, I’m sure the same applies to you from us!!

  6. I love the Galaxy—but I hope that he shines so bright over there that a big money transfer is worked out (not likely for cash-strapped Everton, but someone). He has done so much for the development of the MLS and for the Galaxy—-he has earned this and I hope he makes the most out of it. Give em hell Landon!!

  7. I have a feeling that Landon could be scape-goated for Everton’s continued decline. I’m sure most Everton fans know that their immediate needs are at the back, and Landon won’t help there. The atmosphere is not as poisoned as at Bayern where Uli Hoeness told the world Bayern would not sign any more attackers while Landon was on trial, but the one similarity is that Landon is at another club with needs he can’t help.

  8. Onyewu hadn’t learned the system yet and Milan is notorious for bringing all players along slowly.

    Bradley was benched for disciplinary reasons.

    Donovan was Klinsi’s boy and by the time that loan went down, Klinsi was already in a death spiral with everyone else at Bayern.

    Adu. Are you serious? He was barely a regular player in America with DC and Salt Lake. Freddy is good for about 10 games a year then nothing. But obviously there is an international coaching conspiracy against Adu.

    Edu got his chance because Barry Ferguson got wasted and lost his mind. Mo played only a few games before his injury. The jury is still out on him.

    The question was where were American players who were better than their counterparts made to sit, even though they were better. I’m not naive enough to think that there isn’t a lot of prejudice against Americans players but your list isn’t a very convincing one. And there is a prejudice in most European countries against any foreigners looking to take jobs. Of course that doesn’t happen here in America.

  9. Everton are not in too bad a position given the terrible amount of injuries they’ve had this year. They’re currently at the same stage of European competition as Liverpool, have a relatively easy FA Cup 3rd round draw (a competition they got to the final of last year), and are only a few wins from the European places in the Premier League, of which there is still 23 out of 38 games to go. Many of their star players such as Arteta, Jagielka and Neville are coming back soon from long term injury, and many excellent players such as Pienaar and Yakubu are gradually getting back into match fitness after injury. Donovan is a fantastic signing for Everton, and I have no doubt he’ll be into the first team very quickly more than likely as an attacking midfielder. With the big games they’ve got, Donovan will get a huge amount of exposure in the US on ESPN2, FSC and DirectTV Europa League channels. If he does tear it up I think Everton will move mountains to try to buy him outright, as they bitterly regretted not doing that with Brian McBride a few years back. One thing is for sure though Melissa…Everton’s season is a long, long way from being effectively over.

  10. He’s gonna have to score some goals quickly there for such a short stint, Everton need the help. Hopefully he can pull a McBride over there.


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