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FC Dallas puts Van Den Bergh on trade block

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FC Dallas has spent a good part of this off-season completing new deals and exercising contract options on most of the key figures that helped push the club to the brink of the playoffs.

The key word being most.

SBI has learned that FC Dallas declined to pick up the option on midfielder Dave Van Den Bergh's contract and has been actively shopping the Dutch midfielder around the league. One potential destination is New York, which Van Den Bergh helped lead to the 2008 MLS Cup Final.

Van Den Bergh finished the 2009 season, his first in Dallas, with three goals and eleven assists, a total good for third most in MLS.

So why didn't Dallas re-sign Van Den Bergh?

With Jeff Cunningham, Dax McCarty, David Ferreira and Daniel Hernandez all either earning new contracts or having large option years picked up, FC Dallas was forced to make a salary cap decision. With young prospect Brek Shea as a potential replacement, and with rumors circulating that FC Dallas will sign midfielder Lee Nguyen, Dallas may have no choice but to part ways with the 33-year-old winger.

Where could Van Den Bergh wind up? Sources tell SBI that he is interested in returning to the Red Bulls, where he spent two successful seasons. New York can certainly use him considering the club has no natural left winger on the roster (though Jeremy Hall is an option there). Van Den Bergh became a fan favorite with the Red Bulls after being one of the key figures behind the team's MLS Cup Final run.

If you're a bit confused about Dallas trying to deal a player who's option it failed to pick up, it is one of those MLS rules where a team can maintain the rights of a player as long as a "reasonable" offer has been made on a new contract. Whether Dallas and Van Den Bergh's definitions of reasionable offer are the same remains to be seen, but all signs point to Van Den Bergh being dealt.

What do you think of this development? Disappointed to see Dallas parting with Van Den Bergh? Love the idea of him returning to New York?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Would love to have him at DC United. He could fill the leadership roll from Benny and provide a true wide player for the first time in years.

  2. Apparently, VDB did not want to leave NY. I don’t feel like looking up the NY Post article, but the real reason he left was that Osorio/Agoos wanted to cut his salary in half.

    His salary in 2008 was split between NY and Salt Lake City (?) and NY didn’t want to pick up the full amount in 2009. Stupid for how well he played.

    The wife/son to TX thing was a sub plot.

  3. Van den Berg is one of my favorite players. When he is moving the ball up the left side, you sit up straight in your chair and pay attention, because you just know something is gonna happen. He is one of the most accurate crossers in MLS. I’m sure Angel would love to see him back on the Red Bull.

  4. Dave, someone knows something. Because you don’t sign Donovan without that information either.

    Just because we don’t know it doesn’t mean the teams don’t know what they plan to do.

  5. VanDenBergh is class, a polished player who is ‘good enough’ for on D for an attacking oriented player. He’s made an impact wherever he has played. He is not a superstar, true, but he is the kind of player all MLS clubs need. A guy who can score, drop in a FK into the mix, cross from the left side, I don’t get some of you guys who would not welcome him to your team.

    At what salary is a fair question and one that Dallas has answered for itself, but I can’t imagine DVD won’t have at least a couple of options to mull over.

  6. I agree, if Lee Nguyen is truly headed to MLS I’m excited. I’d love to see more Asians in MLS, especially Asian-Americans such as Nguyen.

  7. Bring the flying Dutchman back to New York!!!…If he really does come back to NY then it will show how stupid Agoos and JCO really were in getting rid of VDB…Making up an excuse how he wanted to be close to his family, when really Agoos and JCO didn’t want to offer him a new contract…Really hope he comes back…

    Forca Dave VAN DEN BERGH lol

  8. Doesn’t recent signing Marvin Chavez play Van Den Bergh’s position…? If so, I would imagine he is a better option being younger and cheaper.

  9. Come back home to MLS, Lee Nguyen! Though i would love for him to come to the quakes, anywhere in MLS is good enough for me! He’d easily be the next Mark Chung Lets bring some more asian footballers to MLS! Speaking of which, why isnt asia scouted enough…

  10. I’d take him on our left at DC. Emilio has the worst first touch in the league so he needs all the help he can get with cherry pick goals!!!

    Impressed me last season and his stats speak high enough to warrant a solid contract elsewhere. If NY do get Henry, they could be a killer combo…

  11. Damn hardworking player but slow as hell and with no defensive abilities. Looked totally gassed in the second half of most games. When given time on the ball makes the killer cross but doesn’t have the technical abilities, i.e. Blanco, to compensate for a total lack of speed. I appreciate what he did for my team but given how cheap FCD is they need to cut him to keep the other young talent. MLS is going fast and physical and he’s neither…

  12. Wow, so a team that lacks a fair amount of leadership is going to give up on a guy who offered it? This seems to be another powerplay by Hyndman, as I think DVB was the leading assist guy for the team, despite never having someone on the opposite flank to attract any type of attention. He is getting old, but he doesn’t make that much in the grand scheme of things, and as someone pointed out, to make a decision before the CBA is signed seems odd. I can see saying we decline the option, and will look to revisit this once the new CBA is signed, but to put him on the block sounds like they are ready to move on. Then again they put Dax up last year, and that didn’t play out.

  13. To LA Galaxy please we could use a midfielder on the left Magee is better up top or as attacking midfielder and Lewis is getting to old

  14. I don’t like his defensive ability & don’t see why New York would want him. They should go for the speedy Khano Smith typeof left mid.

  15. Off-topic, but really kind of interesting: I’m watching FSC’s “live”telecast of Tottenham vs. Manchester City. Wasn’t much happening in a scoreless draw. So, I flip to ESPN News to see if there’s something there about Donovan. On the scroll/ticker thing below, there’s news about a couple of baseball trades. I’m about to switch back, when they start showing EPL scores. The score comes up for the Spurs-City match, showing Tottenham up 1-0, almost 37 minutes into it. My brain registers confusion, and I say “Huh? No, it’s not.”

    I switch hurriedly back to the game. It’s just over 36 minutes into the game, and don’t you know it? Spurs scores a few seconds later!!!

    Somehow, ESPN News is controlling events…..

    Or, the game is rigged — choreographed, even…and ESPN blew it by putting up the 1-0 score too early….

  16. If the guy is hell bent on Texas because of his wife, is Houston an option? Also, does he have the skill to go south of the boarder if there are no suitors. Also, if the guy likes NYC so much, how much a two hour detour to my Union. You can’t have too many good midfielders.


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