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LA Galaxy issue statement regarding Donovan/Everton move

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The Los Angeles Galaxy issued a statement on Thursday afternoon regarding the Landon Donovan loan move to Everton that we reported earlier today as being a done deal. The Galaxy has denied that a deal has been reached.

Here is the team's statement:

“We are aware of Everton’s interest in Landon Donovan, as they are one of a number of clubs who have contacted the Galaxy about the possibility of a short term loan agreement for Landon.  The Galaxy, MLS and Landon’s representative will work together to determine if and whether an arrangement with Everton or any other club would be beneficial to all parties.”

I will stand by my earlier report that that the sides have reached an agreement on a deal.


  1. I would say historicially Rangers are better but if the current squads squared off Fulham would win. Rangers have crashed out of Europe pretty spectacularily and Fulham is posed to move on to the next stage of Europa with another win. They have beaten Liverpool, Arsenal, and Man U in the last year. I am sure it has been a long time since Rangers beat any of those teams.

  2. Do you all really think that Hodgson would try the experiment of Beasley at the back when that experiment already failed for the USMNT? A top flight manager has more options to shore up a back line than that. Never gonna happen.

  3. Fulham play in the English Premier League and Rangers play in the Scottish Premier League.

    Rangers (and Celtic) have tried for a few years now to be accepted in the EPL as it is the more difficult, higher regarded league. They have both been turned down on numerous occasions.

    Is Rangers a better club than Fulham? How can they be compared? Rangers is a big club by any stretch of the imagination. Fulham are a middling club in a bigger league.

    Head to head I would expect a close call game. Perhaps in a one off, Rangers would be on top. But I would not like to risk betting on the outcome.

  4. For US soccer, ESPN rarely updates daily unless it’s major news. They are a great site for blogs and opinions on the US game, but not so much for news.

  5. There hasn’t been any official word on Clark signing anywhere. But he’s also dropped pretty far off the radar after the Dynamo’s season ended. I have to believe he has a deal planned out though for a couple of reasons. 1st, the Livorno gm claimed he was going to come in once his contract was up. Now, there has been a lot of flux at Livorno and Italian managers seem to like to say whatever which makes that not a sure thing, but Livorno are in dire straits atm and need something to turn it around. So, it’s very possible that they still believe Clark could be that. 2nd, Clark is at this time the US starting cm for our World Cup team, but he has to know that his spot is in real danger from several people coming off injuries. Simply put, he cannot afford to lose playing time. And yet, he has already said he would not be renewing with MLS. No way he takes that chance without having something planned.

    According to Chris Canetti of the Dynamo Holden, Garber, and he were in NY today meeting about Holden’s future. The comments I’ve heard are that Garber is trying to make Holden the new face of the league, which makes sense on a lot of promotional fronts for MLS. Aberdeen dropped out of the hunt after Ranger’s manager said Holden was their #1 prospect to bring in. However, Rangers ownership is broke and trying to sell the team. Holden knows like Clark that he has to have playing time to go to World Cup, so expect him to make a decision before the new year. The ideal plan for Holden would be to sign a 1 year type of deal with MLS (or some other guaranteed out) and go to SA since showing there would yield the biggest payday for him. Canetti implied as much on Glenn Davis’s radio show Tuesday.

    As far as Rangers/Fulham, current form would say that Fulham is better than Rangers. That’s mainly due to that fact that Rangers and Celtic just don’t have the money to keep up with the EPL player pool right now and it’s been showing in their tournament performances. That has not been the case historically as both teams were solid mid table quality as little as 2-3 years ago. I personally can’t see Fulham picking up DM from Rangers if they are about to drop another American bench warmer in Eddie Johnson to make payroll room.

  6. Anyone else see Tommy Smith’s comments on I always get the feeling that Tommy Smith HATES saying anything positive about American soccer or players.

  7. Already a bunch chiming in, but this is a blog and I like getting the inside info reported when SBI hears it and I don’t need to know who the sources are since they obviously want to remain anonymous and naming them would probably kill SBI’s relationship with them. Even if Donovan doesn’t end up with Everton, I like hearing the rumors and SBI’s opinion since I have no sources (other than SBI) and SBI does.

    Are Rangers considered better than Fulham? I don’t watch much European soccer but I was under the impression that Fulham is considered a better team. If Beasley is struggling for playing time with Rangers, it is reasonable to think he would get it with Fulham?

  8. Apparently Aberdeen dropped out of the race to sign Stuart Holden.,19528,11789_5721697,00.html

    “It’s likely we’ve missed the boat on that one now because there is no way we will be able to compete with the type of wages he is likely to be offered.”

    Too bad. Seemed like an ideal transfer and I wouldn’t have bet against him getting a starting place almost right away, and even if he didn’t have hometown rep status.

  9. I hope that transfer happens. It makes sense; I remember Hodgeson saying that he wanted a real left-footed player, and even though he bought Duff, he seems to be exceling on the right, the same way Dempsey seems to like playing on the left. Moreover, if Beasley plays at left back, not only do they have the chemistry, but Dempsey cuts inside the way he normally does and allows Beasley to move up the flank.

  10. So, is there really not that much happening in the world of Soccer/American soccer, because ESPNsoccernet has had the same headlines for like 3 days.

  11. I don’t check any other website BUT SBI for updates on the football world. I understand that might be close-minded but it’s such a good site that it’s normally everything I need.


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