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MLS adds trio of Colombian defenders

Major League Soccer has enjoyed some impressive success in recent years with the signings of quality Colombian defenders, and the league will be looking to strike gold yet again with the acquisition of three more defenders from the South American nation.

America De Cali central defender Edward Zea, Deportivo Cali central defender Pablo Escobar and Deportes Quindio central defender Hanyer Mosquera have been signed by MLS and have already had discovery claims placed on them by various MLS teams, including the Philadelphia Union, sources with knowledge of the signings told SBI on Monday.

Escobar, 22, Zea, 19, and Mosquera, 22, are all highly-regarded prospects who will be looking to follow in the footsteps of Wilman Conde, Jhon Kennedy Hurtado and Jamison Olave as Colombian centerbacks who came to MLS and impressed. All three players should be introduced by their new MLS clubs in the coming weeks.

What do you think of these signings? Glad to see some young international talent being added to the talent pool? Hoping your team can grab one of the prospects? Starting to think the Philly Union will grab the best attacking player available with its No. 1 overall MLS Draft pick next month?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I think it too bad that MLS coaches fail to see the talent they have right in front of their noses. There are many USA kids that posess the skills to play and have the athletic talent that comes from competing in other sports to make MLS exciting.

  2. Yes, he was absolutely brilliant, and it was quite like old times…just not the same level of professionalism, marketing, and talent level as MLS unfortunately. After numerous injuries and trades, sadly there was no replentishment due to lack of funding.

    Many Fusion fans turned out wearing his original #17 jersey, which he gave away after every Fusion game, or in replicas, as well as, #17 Miami FC jerseys. We had hoped Miami FC would step up and return to MLS, as other USL teams are trying to accomplish.

    It is splintered once again now, as the newly formed unapproved yet NASL/ USL-1 split is an ongoing drama…always a telanovela here in Miami, but we are truely passionate and love our #17 with new Miami memories to mix with our beloved Fusion memories.

  3. Dude C’mon…I’m Italian married to a Colombian.. are you going to say I’m in the Mafia? VIVA COLOMBIA Y BIENVENIDO A MLS !!!

  4. I Am Still a JCO fan…maybe I am alone here, lol !!! But he really is a smart coach, and bitter people please don’t respod here, hahaha

  5. VIVA COLOMBIA !!!… but Ives you forgot to mention other great Colombians like Mi Amor Diego Serna Lopera…yeah I know, he wasn’t any where near that position as he came in a Midfielder, and then excelled successfully as a Forward !!!…and what about that other famous mop top, Valderama?

    Maybe you could do a once a week column on a flashback, history kinda thing…like who was the best team? 2001 Miami Fusion…who was the best player? Diego Serna…who was the best fan group? aFUSIONados !!! hahaha…Yeah, maybe I am biased.

    But seriously, what about the best XI of all time? I wish it was Best 18 with a starting 11 and super subs, allowing for a strong bench (Like some European Club teams consist of today). Then along with Jaime Moreno and Brian McBride, you would have had Mi Amor Diego. Yeah, I am definately biased but so are 15,000 to 25,000 active MLS dreaming (UMMM…WE WANT OUR MIAMI FUSION BACK), passionate South Florida soccer fanactics down here… and P.S. He can still bring it like the Fusion days…hasn’t changed a bit.

    The Colombians have definately represented well historically, and probably have contributed more dynamic, talented players than any other country. Okay, obviously I am clearly biased, but I believe that last statement is true, and would make a nice column…maybe Best XI or 18 Colombian MLS team of all time?

    Congrats again on the Number One Soccer Site vote, you are one of the kind and without question, the best of the best!!!


  6. i guess we’ll agree to disagree. i’m def. not trying to be a d*ck w/ you but maybe futbol won’t ever be established here as a feeder league ’cause to many ppl. have your way of thinking? i would think that as long as mls teams can beat MFL or the bocas , sao paolo’s, of this side of the world then mls has no need to compete w/ europe or try to be like them.

  7. i hear ya, BUT those sporting leagues you’ve mention were invented in the usa, so it makes sense that they are the best(not sure ’bout hockey though). none of those sports are played worldwide(bball comes closest). it just gets very old always hearing europe this and that, when in all honesty it will never be like that here. no one in argentina or brazil wants to, or care to be like the epl or the like.look @ estudiantes , they hung quite well w/ barca and i bet most ppl. couldn’t name a player besides veron. i just think if we worry about our own league things will fall into place w/ time and no need trying to compete w/ this ridiculous overspending euro teams or their mentality.

  8. ^ Exactly, you’re on the right track.

    Right now MLS doesn’t even have feeder status. If they can starting putting guys through the pipe the league gets more money / talent … then hopefully can start retaining more guys long term.

  9. By “rejected” you mean “beaten senseless before he had a chance to play”?

    In any case, I’d credit Holden’s development not so much to MLS Played Development but to Dominic Kinnear.


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