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Morning Ticker: Guzan wins again, Klinsmann nixes Bundesliga return and more

Brad Guzan 2 (Getty Images)


Brad Guzan got one of his rare starts for Aston Villa on Tuesday, playing in place of Brad Friedel in the Carling Cup quarterfinals, and he did not disappoint.

Having led Villa to the quarters with a heroic penalty shoot-out performance vs. Sunderland in the last round of the tournament, Guzan delivered again, making seven saves as Aston Villa beat Portsmouth, 4-2.

Aston Villa's win puts the Villains into the Carling Cup semis along with Manchester United, which beat Tottenham on Tuesday. Manchester City faces Arsenal and Blackburn plays Chelsea in today's quarterfinals.

Here are some more stories to help get your Wednesday going:

No Bundesliga return for Klinsmann

Former Bayern Munich coach Juergen Klinsmann has ruled out the possibility of making a return to the Bundesliga.

Klinsmann, who was fired earlier this year after only nine months in charge of Bayern Munich, said he is not interested in coaching in the Bundesliga, but that he is open to coaching opportunities following the 2010 World Cup.

Corinthians signs Roberto Carlos

Brazilian club Corinthians is turning into the Brazilian national team's retirement home.

The club agreed to a two-year deal with Fenerbahce defender and former Brazilian international Roberto Carlos, whose current contract with the Turkish club expires on on Dec. 20. At Corinthians, Roberto Carlos will rejoin former Brazilian national team player Ronaldo, who he played with in Brazil's 2002 World Cup victory. Corinthians is also being linked with Juan Roman Riquelme.

Cannavaro asks veteran duo to return

Italian national team captain Fabio Cannavaro has asked AS Roma attacker Francesco Totti and AC Milan defender Alessandro Nesta to come out of international retirement, and help Italy in the 2010 World Cup. The pair of veterans have not played for Italy since its World Cup triumph over France, and only Totti is expected to consider returning.


What did you think of Guzan's performance vs. Portsmouth? Where will Klinsmann wind up? Eager to see Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo play together again? Do you see either Totti or Nesta playing for Italy in 2010?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. He’s been here since 1998 (minus his stint for Munich) He knows everyone he needs to know here. I don’t think he should be our next USMNT coach, but we should involve him in the program.

    Another American coach would be a disaster for the program.

  2. Hire Klinsey as the Technical Director of US Soccer.

    Find a coach of NON-American heritage. You are fooling yourselves if anyone thinks an American coach can move our progression forward. Our wheels have been spinning since 2002.

  3. Hiddink is the one coach I’ve wanted for the USMNT for some time now. But methinks he’ll be a club coach long before WC2010 expires.

  4. To bad he performed like crap before he transfer out of MLS, maybe he just wanted to go to Europe really bad, & didn’t really care anymore. As a Chivas USA fan seen Guzan progress every year when he was in the club, we all knew eventually he would go to Europe.I’m glad he is finding success & wish him the best of luck.

  5. I believe 2014 Guzan will be USA’s #1. He’s more technically proficent than Howard, but Howard has more experience and is a very gifted and Instinctive athlete. 3 to 4 years from now the experience gap will be closed and being technically proficient will put Guzan Level if not ahead of Howard.

  6. To be honest I was in favor of Klinsman getting the US job about three years ago – or whenever that dance was. Now, let’s keep it American. Klinsman may do well in MLS though…he’s spent some time here and must sort of know the rules…no?

  7. Klinsman is garbage.

    And why on earth would you give him control over all of the soccer aspects of USSF? What has he ever shown to demand such control? In Germany it is understood for the WC ’06 that while Klinsman was the motivational leader, Low was the tactical and architect of the team.

    If somebody said bring in Low, I’d say fine. But Klinsman? Come on.

  8. Juergen wanted to be able to control the development system. He wanted to be able to hire all of the coaches and provide a unified coaching system to the entire US Youth Programs. He believed that was the only way for him to be a successful coach for the USMNT in the long run. Gulati and the USSF did not want to give up their power.

  9. Not likely. Gulati wanted Klinsmann for this go-around, but they couldn’t agree on Klinsmann’s demands (whatever they might have been). I’m sure that hasn’t changed.

  10. I’d be willing to chip in $5 bucks to sign Klinny to the Fire. If other Fire fans will pledge the same we may be able to cover his airfare (first class) to come and interview with us.

  11. Truly a talent…for stating the obvious. Guzan will be the USA #1 someday. The question is whether he bumps Howard off the spot before 2014.

  12. for being such a “young” keeper, he certainly is improving at a great rate. Ives, any thoughts on the tradition of strong american keepers? personally, i think it’s because they all grow up playing other sports like baseball, basketball (tim howard), and football which are much more reliant on hand-eye coordination.

  13. Certainly not concerned if Timmy gets injured. (Not saying I wouldn’t be upset, but Brad is a beast in the making.) His move to Villa is probably the best move for an MLS player moving abroad I’ve seen. Under guidance from Friedel and O’Neill gives him the perfect upbringing.

  14. Wonder if Guzan has done enough for another team to grab him as their number one. I love what I’ve seen of him lately.

    (SBI-I can’t see Villa giving him up. Friedel’s getting up their in age and I’m pretty sure Friedel has stated he’d like to finish out his career in MLS.)


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