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Red Bull Arena to be new home for Big East men’s Championships

Red Bull Arena has yet to open, but the best soccer specific stadium in the nation has already begun adding major events.

The New York Red Bulls and the Big East Conference announced that Red Bull Arena will be the new home for the men's Big East Championships for the next three years (2010-2012). The 2010 Big East Tournament semifinals and championship match will be played at the Harrison, New Jersey facility from Nov. 12-14.

“The BIG EAST is thrilled to announce the partnership with Red Bull New York and their new world-class facility,” said Jim Siedliski, BIG EAST Associate Commissioner for Olympic Sports. “We feel Red Bull Arena is the ideal location to hold our men’s soccer championship, and will allow our student-athletes to play in a professional atmosphere and in a major metropolitan market that embraces the sport of soccer.”

What do you think of this news? Excited to attend your first event at Red Bull Arena? Like the idea of being able to make the trip to the New York area for the next three years to see the Big East championship?

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  1. Since Red Bull has resisted installing crappy field turf, this is a giant thumbs up.

    I wish a grass only movement would start where events shunned any turf stadium. Owners might think twice about installing that crap if they knew they would have no chance at any soccer events. Field turf must be stopped, it is ruining the game

  2. About $2 Dollar train ride from the 33rd or WTC area. The stadium is across the street from the train station.

    It they can get a competitive team together, they’ll get people, but that’s the real problem.

  3. Ives – Since the NYRB staff got the boot from (the old) Giants Stadium, where are they posting up before they get the into the new stadion next month?

  4. You clearly have zero idea what you’re talking about. Far far easier to get to than it was to get to Giants Stadium via Secaucaus from NYC.

  5. Stupid, Stupid, stupid. The old stadium is a pain in the ass to get to. This will be an even bigger one for all the fans in the City. I guess their fan base is rural NJ instead of the 8 million in NYC.

  6. Expect Red Bull Arena to get one of the send-off series matches this spring for the USMNT. It will be another great opportunity to showcase RBA, especially right before the World Cup in SA. Chester, PA should get a send-off series match as well to show off their new digs.

  7. Speaking as someone who’s viewed the stadium: Unless they screw up the pitch, it really is the best SSS. The most money invested (by far), best design, most accessible by public transportation, most extra amenities. And yes, this is all before a game has been played. Can they screw it up if the grass doesn’t take or there’s poor drainage? Sure. But even as it stands right now it’s a revelation for US Soccer.

  8. Perhaps other college conferences will do the same:
    Big Ten @ Toyota Park
    Big 12 @ Dick’s or Pizza Hut Park
    PAC 10 @ Home Depot Center or Quest Field

  9. The RBA looks fantastic, even from the construction webcam. I agree that it seems a bit premature to call this facility the best SSS in the nation, seeing as how it hasn’t actually opened yet. That said, apart from the location, it is a near perfect
    facility. Just imagining the sight lines from the second tier makes the heart beat faster… now let’s hope New Yorkers will actually make the trip to Harrison.

    Nice to see the ACC on board. Let’s hope RBA becomes a central destination for more college & other championship games… the more the merrier.

  10. If the politicians in Prince George’s County or in the District of Columbia had any real vision, DC United might be building its new stadium, which would probably replace (or, at least rotate with) Cary as the home for the ACC championships. I don’t expect that the Big East tourney will be a huge draw, but the new Arena might help bring in some additional funds and prestige to the conference.

  11. can’t beat florida for the conference tournament… sure this is better geographically, but in a climate sense, florida is better in november

  12. Can’t wait to take in a game there next year. It looks like it is going to be a much better experience than Giants Stadium and I have to admit seeing the Red Bulls there was one of my favorite recent sporting event experiences.


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