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Report: Greek club Aris Salonika eyeing Eddie Johnson

Eddie Johnson 1 (ISIphotos)

Eddie Johnson has played in just two league matches for Fulham since returning from a loan spell with Cardiff City earlier this year, and Johnson might find himself loaned out again this winter in order to find minutes, only this time he might move to Greece.

According to this report out of Greece, Johnson is being tracked by Greek club Aris Salonika. Aris, which currently sits in 5th place of the Greek League, is hoping to land Johnson to boost an offense that is averaging just a goal a game through its first 15 matches.

The only road block to Johnson's possible move is that the club must first release Uruguayan international Sebastian Abreu in order to open up a foreign player roster spot.

The news of Johnson's potential move to Aris comes on the same day that U-20 national team midfielder Jared Jeffrey signed with Bundesliga club FSV Mainz from Club Brugge KV.

What do you think of Johnson potentially playing in Greece? Like the move as long as he gets playing time? Think Jeffrey to Mainz is a good fit?

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  1. Hector Raul Cooper(ARIS coach) wants Eddie Johnson to be the one of the 2 offensive players in the 4-4-2 system that he is prefer. Cooper does not want Abreu because he is not defending ay any time during the match, he is “lazy” in the pitch..
    ARIS has a problem with the “easy” goal. Can you thing that Johnson will solve it? What fans of ARIS will expect from him?
    The new home of Eddie Johnson “Kleanthis Vikelidis Stadium”

  2. Jared looks to be in a much better place than EJ. Sounds like the coach at Mainz is giving him a good shot to succeed. If Aris actually need EJ (to play) then he has another (maybe last chance in Europe) to shine. Jared is really just starting out and his future is now in his own hands…prediction: EJ fails and returns to MLS (and is successful) Jared has modest success in Germany, and follows this up with greater success in EPL/Championship. (probable minor US national team player)

  3. To try to answer your question… I’m not a Mainz expert, but I follow the Bundesliga pretty tightly.

    Mainz is doing exceptionally well for a newly promoted team.

    Their coach is a young, positive thinking, smart, youth oriented guy groomed for greatness.

    But defensive midfield (where they see Jeffrey playing) is their most stacked position. They’re so deep at defensive mid that Eugen Polanski (a German talent of some repute) cannot get into the lineup.

    Unless he can play other positions well, like maybe right full back, I doubt he will see much playing time this season.

    All the press seems to interpret this move as one for the future.

    But they’ve got some good players– like former Austrian national team captain, Andreas Ivanschitz, and African striker Bance (not to be confused with Biancee).

  4. OK…I really don’t want to start sounding like an EJ apologist here but what makes you think he is not improving everday despite not playing regular first team football? He trains under one of the top managers in the best league in the world… He is a regular fixture in the reserves and scores goals to boot… People get so excited about Jozy playing but guess what… he plays for a crap, crap team under a dilusional manager…what is Jozy learning except how to not train hard enough to last 65 mins these days? I think so many of you are too hard on EJ… he works with a team that drilled Manure and darn near took a point of Chelsea @ the bridge… EJ should go somewhere to find first team football but it is not like he has been in some Mike Leach garage somewhere not training… he has been scoring regularly in the reserves… which IMHO may be just as good as Jozy doing PHUCK ALL and if Charlie Davies does not make it back you may very well see EJ in the WC squad so lay off the guy… Here is a clip from the reserves against his old mates @ Cardiff that some might find eye opening.. There were 5 regular starters playing for that Cardiff side that evening…

  5. Jeffrey signing with Mainz should be the headliner here. Johnson lost his chances with the US MNT.

    I for one, will be in the stands watching Jeffrey this season. He is a good fit for Mainz. Hope he is confiding in Bradley and Dolo on what it takes to get PT and become a regular in the Mainz Mannschaft.

  6. Ah yes, I remember Clint’s half-season in Crete. When he signed, there were those awesome photos of him holding up the Ergotelis jersey with some club officials — bushy Cretan mustaches and black leather bomber jackets — standing proudly next to him an already paunchy, balding former World Cup and Bundesliga star. He scored a goal or two in somewhat limited action and they avoided relegation, if I recall correctly. They say he was living it up on the waterfront in Heraklion.

  7. No disrespect but this is the exact comment that solidifies a misconception in American fans mind’s who only casually pay attention… Fulham has played only 1 domestic cup match this season… a 2-1 loss to Man City in the Carling Cup for which Eddie played 90 mins and recorded an assist… Eddie also played and recorded an assist in the one Europa League match he was able to participate in before the group phase where the home grown player restrictions enter in… he and several other Fulham players who see some action were left off the roster as well…

    I just think it does a disservice to those not in the know when comments that are only half truths are left unchallenged on here… The fact is Eddie is not good enough at this moment in time to break into a very good Fulham side but I feel very confident that he could play for the likes of AHEM Hull, Bolton, West Ham (with Cole injured)… he really has improved. Greece would be neat but I would like him to go somewhere in England and make an impact that will garner a little more attention…

  8. Instead of returning to MLS,I wish more americans would play in the Argentine league, Brazilian league or even the Mexican league. these leagues are technically superior to MLS. if europe isnt a good fit, try something else. EJ has the physical attributes to be a threat, just needs more skill, drive and humbleness.

  9. This would realistically be saying goodbye to his World Cup chances.

    Asking the guy to move to Greece and pour in enough goals almost immediately with teammates he doesn’t know in a language he doesn’t understand, when he hasn’t scored a meaningful goal in eons for anyone…is simply not going to happen.

    Even in MLS, it would’ve been iffy, but against mostly tougher competition in Greece, not a chance.

    He could go on to have a fine career at Aris, but if he goes, he won’t be on the plane to South Africa.


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