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Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary

DaMarcus Beasley (Rueters)

This is going up a bit late, but since there are a handful of matches on tap today (including several involving Americans), it's only right to have a running commentary post.

Here are the matches you can watch today:

2:30pm– FSC- Aston Villa vs. Sunderland

2:45pm– Setanta USA- Manchester United vs. Wolves

3pm– Setanta Xtra- Bolton vs. West Ham United

3pm– Setanta Premium- Dundee vs. Rangers

If you are watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Not sure that Dempsey/Altidore is a good match. I would definately put Dempsey at F but mostly keep him on the same side as Donovan so he can get near post chances from Donovan and far post chances from Holden, who I think has the best service. Depending on Altidore’s form, might look for someone else to start to give Donovan-like speed on the right because Holden doesn’t have the breakaway speed. Having dangerous subs is very important, especially subs with speed so I hope Beasley gets his form back (and having Altidore available as a sub is not a bad thing). I don’t think Bocenegra has the speed to play outside so I am hoping that maybe Edu can play outside back. That would get both he and Torres on the field which would increase overall skill level. Unfortunately, with few meaningful games before the World Cup, I think SBI is right that Bradley probably has most of the spots already filled and is looking for 2 or 3 fringe players and/or players to fill voids left by injuries. Still fun to speculate. I totally agree with Cherundolo at right back, though.

  2. Never thought I’d see the day when having Beasley play great felt like an added bonus to the team. He used to be so depended upon, I think it’s a great sign for us that we can thrive when a player hits a bad patch and then bring them back when they are proving themselves.

  3. The thing about Beasley playing on the right that’s different between him playing on the left this summer and on the right back in 2006 is that he’s now a bit more inclined to slow the game down. Back in 2006 he was only 24, and placing him on the right made no sense because his main objective was to stretch the field, push down the flanks, and bombard the box with crosses. On the right, he could really do that, and when he cut centrally, he tried to use his speed, and that doesn’t really work when trying to move through the center, at least if you’re not counter attacking.

    Then we played him on the left for the remainder of the time until the present, which was fine until he slowed a little bit, lost some of that dribbling ability, and he couldn’t really beat players down the flank as much as he used to.

    NOW, would be the appropriate time to play him on the right. He slows the game down, helps his team dictate the pace and play of the game, and is able to face the field. That’s the common misconception with players like Donovan and Beasley; They can play at a high pace, but they also have the ability to help the USA possess, which is why Landon is having such a good time at left midfield and Dempsey is having such a, lets face it, crappy time at right midfield. Dempsey is expected to get up and down the flank and provide service when he hasn’t got the pace to get their, or the workrate to try. Pushing him central and placing Beasley out wide puts him closer to goal, gives the outside backs good cover, and allows us a lineup that will be able to beat players at speed, and help us keep possession.

  4. Castillo?? Really? Over Bocanegra? A proven defender for Rennes and for the Nats? wow. And Spector over Cherundolo? C’mon man. My South Africa lineup:

    ————Altidore Dempsey————-

  5. I like Beas, but he deserved most of the abuse that came his way at the Confed Cup. He looked lazy, tentative, and slow (for him), and his first touch and passing were absolutely atrocious. And that’s not even mentioning his misplay of the corner in the first Brazil match that led straight to their second goal. I knew he could do better — he has in the past — but the way he was playing, no way on earth did he deserve a spot in the 23.

    I’m delighted to see that his form is coming back. I hope it keeps up and that he pushes his way back into the squad. And I’m not so convinced he’s out of position on the right wing — isn’t that what he’s playing today?

  6. NOW, we’re getting carried away. While I understand that maybe Beasley shouldn’t have been played at left back against Costa Rica, Beasley had been in a slump of form before being played there. Spector played at right back has been a success, and playing him in the center actually allowed us to posses out of the back. Why would you play him on the left when his crosses are so tremendous? There were other quality forwards that could have been played before Dempsey next to Jozy. Bradley probably didn’t want to mess with the obvious chemistry between Jozy and Charlie. It’s become obvious now that Dempsey is scoring that he’s more comfortable near goal, but before then, he wasn’t really showing us too much.

  7. I don’t know what you were watching or what you mean. Beasley was a horror show in South Africa. If you mean he was played out of position, so it wasn’t his fault, I suppose there’s a little logic there, but he’s still gotta be responsible for not stepping up. He’s too small to play physically, and he wasn’t showing any speed or ability to beat defenders and create chances. If he’s doing better, that’s great. I’m still not sold. When I see him do this against better, faster and more skilled defenders than you find in the SPL, I’ll be singing his praises.

  8. Great to see Beasley has fought his way into the lineup and earned playing time with Rangers. Hopefully he’s creating and now scoring goals. It gives Bradley a veteran with world class speed on the flank and the freedom to push Dempsey into a more advanced position.

  9. WOW this what I like to see from Beasley. I always thought it was not beasley fault at the confederation Cup and what happen in Costa Rica either nor was Torres fault either. This always been Bob Bradley fault for trying to put players playing on places where they don’t supposed to unless they are great players playing different position. Bob Bradley has done it with Beasley playing him on left back or right wing. with Torres, Castillo in the friendly playing on the left wing. When we all know that he is a left back. J. Spector playing him on the right back or middle defender when we know that in West Ham he play left. Dempsey playing on the right wing when we know that he be a foward with freedom to move left n right. And with Donovan a players that really Bob Bradley doesn’t know what really his position is. Is he a Foward or Midfield I really don’t think anybody know that. So now that DM Beasley is getting in form is a great for the world cup cause he was the missing link to our team. Say goodbye to Robbie Rogers if Beasley come back.







  10. The coach is working without a contract actually I believe going forward Jan. 1. Rangers are in such shoddy financial shape, there is no guarantee that DMB will stay.

    Who knows, maybe another side sees this performance and tables an offer for him. I highly doubt anything over ₤1.5 or ₤2 million would be turned down. Rangers are in dire need of cash.

  11. Beasley’s play is dependent on his confidence, like most players. Unfortunately, he gets down on himself when he sucks. Until he keeps this up for a couple weeks, I’ll keep the ‘put him in the starting XI for the Yanks’ to a minimum. Great to see him on fire though. I hope he continues in this form.

  12. if this is beasley’s current form, then what in the world was he doing on the bench for so long

    that raises some questions for me, does the coach have something against him?

  13. The loan move being “major” is kind of a joke…worst kept secret I’ve heard in awhile (thanks to this blog, at least).

    Is it possible there’s a curveball at all (e.g. a permanent move)? Odds are no, but it’d pique my interest.

  14. we play counter-attacking football, we bunker and then pick our spots going forward so to think donovan doesn’t have substantial defensive assignments on the wing, regardless of left back, is off-based. also you really think when bornstein is back there donovan thinks “oh well NOW i can kick my feet up cause we got jonny b back there!”?

  15. yes now, but he was keeping him on the bench for eternity

    he has decided to “shop” him around, and beasley is just lighting things up

    we obviously have no knowledge of beasley in practice, but if this is any indication of his true form than the coach should just be canned lol

  16. Very happy to see Beasley get an opportunity to play and show his talent. I speculate that the only reason Beasley is getting minutes recently is so Rangers can shop him around … or say “see, he’s not good and that is why we are letting him go”. Hopefully this means a transfer to a team that will actually play him … or perhaps Rangers will keep him and play him. Now if we can convince Adu’s team to play him …

  17. Beasley’s about to come off, but what an excellent game he’s had. We talk about DaMarcus’ speed, but that goal showed his ability to slow the game down, combine, and build up, and in tight spaces as well. He’s been fantastic.

    Beasley will come off in the 81st minute for Steven Naismith, to the sound of Rangers fans singing “USA, USA, USA”

  18. i like in that lineup that you put spector at CB and boca at LB. i feel bradley would never do but i would be VERY interested to see that in one of the spring friendlies (i think the winter one with Honduras is mostly fringe players right?). never understood the hesitancy to play boca at LB when it’s our position of need and he’s a regular starter in that position for his club side, he’s obviously comfortable there. i also was very impressed by demerit in the Confed. Cup and qualifiers, if boca wasn’t captain i think there would have been a much larger debate over who gets to start. and while spector looked good at CB and i think he could play there, i’m still going with Gooch IF he’s healthy (major IF i know). i like the idea of having spector on the bench and having the ability to plug him in anywhere on the backline and i guess i just like the imposing presence Gooch brings (tho his footwork is lacking sometimes i agree). the front 6 is what i would do as well, it makes no sense to me to put donovan up top and keep dempsey on the wing when playing dempsey up top is like getting “the best hits of the deuce,” getting his goal scoring and creativity, while sliding his defensive shortcomings under the rug.

  19. Bocenegra is way too slow to play outside back in the World Cup. He, and the US team, would be toast on counter attacks. The comment that he only got beat in Mexico because Donovan had the swine flu is wishful thinking. The best attacking player on your team shouldn’t be concerned about attacking because he has to cover for a slow fullback. Also, I’ve watched Bocenegra blindly boot the ball to the other team aimlessly way more than Bornstein and watched him misplay a ball right into the penalty area when under no pressure; that was against Ghana last Cup and it led to a penalty (terrible call, but shouldn’t have even been an issue). Glad too see Beasley is scoring and assisting and maybe he will regain his form and make the team. He could be a dangerous sub to bring in against tired defenders, but I would prefer to see Holden, Donovan, or Torres on the outsides because they hold the ball better. I want to see Dempsey up top because he scores when he is near the goal, but gives the ball away inexplicably when he plays in the midfield for the US.

  20. GOAL!!!! RANGERS!!!! 3-0!!! And an EXCELLENT ball from Beasley, working down the flank, combining with Miller, and finding him on the box, who took an excellent touch and finished near post. WHAT a goal.

  21. I watched it live on the streams online.

    Even the announcers called it a Wondergoal later in the game.

    Left foot from edge of the upfield corner of the box, curls it into the upper 90 on the far post past an outstretched hand of the goalie.

  22. Rangers with the gist of the pressure, possession and play. Beasley has been buzzing, unafraid to make the physical challenges, covering tons of ground, not just on his own flank either, and showing a more refined touch and control of the ball than we saw this summer.


  23. Glad to hear you agree with me about Bornstein. But, like you say about Jones, I’d rather see Castillo (sight unseen) than Bornstein. Also, I’m not sold on Gooch at center back…period. Yes, he’s good in the air, but (based on the last couple of games) that’s all he’s got. His feet are horrible! I know this is being hopefully optimistic, but I’d still like to see this:

    ———— Howard————

    Dolo —- DeMerit—Spector— Boca

    Holden — Bradley — Benny —- LD


    ————- Jozy————

    Spector showed VERY well at center back and is comfortable there…Demerit is healthy again, and (like you) I’d prefer to see Boca at left back than my buddy, Johnny B.

    If Jones is healthy, I’d prefer to see him play in front of Bradley, but considering the nepotism at stake, I have a better chance of growing a fourth nipple.


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