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USA to face Netherlands on March 3 in Amsterdam

It took several months to finally become official, but the long-rumored USA friendly vs. the Netherlands in Amsterdam has been formally announced by U.S. Soccer.

The Americans will face the Dutch at Amsterdam ArenA on March 3 (2:30pm, ESPN2/Galavision). The Netherlands, currently No. 3 in the World, is the second World Cup participant the United States has secured a friendly with for 2010, with Honduras being the other (and with a rumored Mexico friendly in the works as well).

The match is being played on a FIFA international fixture date, meaning all players will be available for the match. It should be the last chance U.S. coach Bob Bradley has to see his full squad in action before selecting his 23-man World Cup roster.

What do you think of this news? Excited to see the U.S. team face the Dutch? Thinking of making the trip?

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  1. HH – About 2-3 days agp, the Shalke04 website had an update on Jones and he said his biggest goal in life is to play for this summer in the World Cup.

  2. Kaiser…haven’t heard much on Jones beyond the notice that he was back training with his club, but I agree if he can’t get into camp and on the pitch for this match he may well need to be left off the squad. This would be a huge blow for me, as I was hoping that he’d give us a bit more experiance and grit in the central defensive mid position. That being said I’ve also got me fingers crossed for Gooch & Edu getting some PT as well. I’m glad to see Beasely making a run…but if he doesn’t contine making an impact I’m fine with him being left off. Biggest concerns right now as I see it are the Striker partnership(s), and Gooch getting healthy and PT before the cup.

  3. I agree with this completely. Hopefully there is time and opportunity to schedule one or two more in addition to this.

    I’ve heard commentators say that Slovenia is (as DC Josh says) super organized and very difficult to breakdown. They play in a lot of 1-0 games. Algeria has been compared to Egypt.

    Likewise it is good to schedule games against familiar opponents of teams in your group. If you noticed England and Mexico scheduled a friendly. Undoubtedly England will review that match against our many to exam exposures and matchups.

  4. Yeah, another Civil War would wreak some havoc on our squad. But I call Jones for the North!

    “John Brown’s body lies a-mouldering in the grave, His soul’s marching on!”

  5. I think it will be a major eye opening event that will truly show exactly how ready we really are for the WC.

    This is not the first time we’ve played the Dutch just before the WC.

    I see no value in playing Honduras or Mexico again. We know them, know their style and it will not help us prepare for Euro teams. Maybe that’s the best we could get? Maybe we’re not an attractive opponent for higher profile teams? Why don’t we ever play France?

  6. Nick I hole hartedly agree with your line-up based on what we’ve seen/know at the moment. However if Gooch isn’t back at this time I’d expect to see Boca paired with DeMerit and either Castillo (my choice) or Bornstein out on the Left Defense. Additionally if Beasley continues to play the way he has the last couple days (big IF) wouldn’t be supprised to see him get the Start at R/L Mid-Wing (opposite LD) with Holden as the backup (although I think Holden is better defensivly than Beasley). Otherwise I agree 100%.

  7. With Gooch, Davies, Edu, Jones, etc. all possibly returning to full health, and throw in guys like Beasley possibly returning to top form, and the US squad will certainly improve over the next 6 months. How best to measure that progress half-way between now and then: They’ll take on the world’s #3 at their place. Excellent – especially when you figure the Dutch probably had plenty of others asking for a game. In prepping the team for the WC, I say Bradley and his staff are doing an excellent job.

  8. Sounds like we will be stopping in Tunisia on the way to SA.

    Also if we play Tunisia on the 26th that means the WC Send off may be shorter this time around. No tears shed here!

  9. The Dutch match won’t be the last one, no. Most likely Mexico or another regional opponent during the final pre-WC camp, but Mexico, since they’ve also qualified.

  10. ha! that’s why it was so high! my bad. But even for a flight thats high. Any way hope the info I posted about tickets price will be help poeple that are looking for tickets


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